Win an HD Video Camera in a PRE-UBP Giveaway!

Ultimate Blog Party 2010
Scrubbing Bubbles

The Ultimate Blog Party is rapidly approaching — and so to get you all in the mood (and spreading the word!) we are going to have a QUICK giveaway. (Giveaway ends this weekend!)

kodak-zi6Yes, we are giving away a Kodak Zi6 in a PRE-UBP giveaway.

So, whether you already have a video camera or not (I mean who can’t use an extra video camera and if you really don’t need one give it to your Mom for Mother’s Day) you want to jump into this PRE-UBP action.

Here is how to enter:

We want to make sure that all the mom bloggers out there know about The Ultimate Blog Party and how they can find fabulous new friends and great reads, and also promote and grow their own site!

SO, we want to encourage you to INVITE your readers, followers, friends to come on out and PARTY at the UBP 2010!

Why do your readers WANT to know about the UBP??? Well, this is what Amanda from OhAmanda told us:

ohamandaWhen I started my blog, it was in a complete vacuum. I read one or two blogs but had no idea there was an interconnectedness to them—a community even.

Then I came across 5 Minutes for Mom.

Within two weeks of starting my blog and joining up with 5 Minutes for Mom, I saw a post about The {very first} Ultimate Blog Party.

I had NO idea what this meant (and assumed everyone else did) but I linked up anyway. I used the next five days to write about some of the best parties of my life—my wedding, my daughter’s first birthday and my best friend’s 30th.

As I immersed myself in the other blogs linked up with the UBP, I got comments from three very important people: Val, from Purple Valley; Deanne from Fragile Flower and Brandi from Will Blog For Shoes.

Val saw my wedding party post and offered to print some of my wedding pictures for free. (She’s a fabu photographer.)

Deanne was just returning the favor because I’m sure I left some brilliant comment at her blog. Heh.

Brandi was trying to be incognito but I outed her when she said she drank Milo’s tea. You can only get that in Birmingham, AL where I used to live!

PhotobucketAnd those first interactions blew into real life friendships!

Brandi has come to Atlanta to visit me, Val sent me a Christmas ornament that hangs proudly on my tree, I tried desperately to get to Deanne’s house while visiting California. We are honest to goodness true friends…and it’s all because of the Ultimate Blog Party.

My blog wouldn’t be what it is if I hadn’t stumbled across 5 Minutes for Mom and accepted their invitation to the wonderful community of blogging!

To enter to win, simply SPREAD THE WORD about the UBP 2010.

You can earn entries in the following ways. And don’t forget to leave a comment for every entry.

    Ultimate Blog Party 2010
  • Grab a button and place it on your sidebar
  • Write a post inviting your readers
  • Tweet and link to a UBP 2010 post. This is the best to link to:
  • AND for extra non-UBP related ways to enter:

  • Start or Reply to any video conversation at Say It Face To Face. Then leave a comment with the link to the conversation on Say It Face To Face. Your video conversation or reply can be about ANY topic.

This Giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents and is void where prohibited. It closes on Sunday, March 28th. We will announce our winner the same day Sunday, March 28th. Please watch your emails as we want to get your shipping address to ship Monday so you can get your camera in time for the UBP in case you want to add videos to your UBP party post! Please see our site’s Terms and Conditions of use for more information.


  1. says

    I have your button on my side bar and am really looking forward to UBP. This will be my second year participating. Last year my blog was only a month old! LOL

  2. says

    I’ve got a button on my sidebar too! I am so excited about the party. My birthday is in April so it’s party month for me!!

  3. says

    Is it bad that my own “testimony” brought tears to my eyes? I really do love my blog friends! Can’t wait until the UBP10!!

    Thanks Janice and Susan for making the blogosphere more fun!

  4. says

    I just wanted to thank Amanda for the sweet post and sharing the beginning of our friendship like she did. I’ve become so busy with my photography business that I’ve completely neglected my personal blog and reading my friends’ blogs, but I still love Amanda and cherish the Ultimate Blog Party because it did create a few very special friendships for me. Blogging has turned this world into a new place…I’m so thankful for the internet and what it brings, but mostly my dear friends who color my life the colors of the prettiest rainbow :) Love you, A. Gotta catch up soon. It’s been a while!! xoxoxo Have fun with the blog party, girls!!! :)

  5. rlvd says

    Q: Is there a way to follow this blog? Is that how my ‘name’ when i comment would show up with my pic and link?

  6. says

    I have been busy tweeting / facebooking and stumbling all about this since it was first announced over a week ago. Didn’t see this contest though….. :-(

  7. says

    And if I read the bottom I would have seen this contest expired. But it’s ok. I did all those actions BEFORE I even knew there was a contest because I think this is a great idea and I am thrilled to spread the word.


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