Happy Valentine’s Day from HP

Valentine’s Day is this weekend!

That was meant as a reminder for my husband and not all of you fabulous ladies. Of course you know it’s Valentine’s Day, you’ve been busy getting all those little cards and treats ready for your kids’ school parties this week!

What are you hoping for this Valentine’s Day? Flowers? Candy? A candlelit dinner? A printer? Yes, I did just say printer!!!

Sure, the rest of those gifts are nice but why not celebrate Valentine’s Day this year with something you can enjoy all year and something the whole family can use! The new HP Photosmart Premium with TouchSmart Web printer will have you and your sweetie (or little sweeties) accessing craft projects, coupons, recipes, maps and more on the web, all with the touch of a finger!


The HP Photosmart Premium with TouchSmart Web is the world’s first web-connected home printer. The extra large LCD touch screen offers easy and convenient access to the web and capability to print web content, photos and documents. Why is this so cool? Well, since the HP Photosmart can connect to the internet all on its own no PC is needed! So fabulous!


HP Photosmart Premium with TouchSmart Web Features:

    Print, Copy, Scan, Fax, and access the Web
    Print Speed: up to 33ppm (black) and 32ppm (color)
    4.33″ touchscreen
    Direct photo printing & memory card support
    Wireless capability

With the help of the HP App Studio and the HP Creative Studio, you’ll be creating amazing projects for any holiday from calendars and t-shirt decals to stickers and finger puppets — all for free!!!

So, this Valentine’s Day consider giving your sweetie (or yourself) something a little more practical, something the whole family can enjoy! Give the gift of HP and the Web!!!

Speaking of gifts…

We have one of these fabulous HP Photosmart Premium TouchSmart Web All-In-One Printers to giveaway to one of our lucky readers! In addition to the printer, the winner will also receive a full set of original HP printing supplies (a total prize valued at $500). Happy Valentine’s Day to you!!!

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post by Friday, February 26, telling us what you are planning to do our what you did for Valentine’s Day! We will announce our winner on Saturday, February 27th.

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* We did not receive any products or compensation for this post. HP is generously providing one HP Photosmart Premium TouchSmart Web printer and HP printing supplies as prizing for this giveaway.

Written by 5 Minutes for Mom Contributing Writer: Stacey Lynn


  1. says

    I want to do dinner and a movie with my hubby, but it will probably have to wait a couple of weeks. Such is life with older and younger kids, we have to wait until the timing is right. :)

  2. says

    I am subscribed to your feed!
    OH and my plans for Valentines include church, hanging w/ my family and giving my son a book (a yearly tradition) that has to do w/ loving him!

  3. says

    Hmm Im subscribed..always!

    This Valentines will be pathetic..but I have memories of great ones, in years past, to keep me smiling. Its not about the gifts anyway…I am making peanutbutter chocolate cupcakes though…THAT’s what it’s about! haha.


  4. Kirsten T. says

    We plan to go to brunch as a family on V-day. Hubby and I will have take out dinner after the child is down for night.

  5. Amy Bendall says

    What a great giveaway! My hub is a tax accountant so,as usual, we probably won’t be celebrating anything until April 15th together. :( But me and the 3 boys will celebrate with heart shaped pancakes for breakfast!

  6. says

    nothing, I’m not big on Valentines day, The day my dad left our family. So i’ve never celebrated it growing up.
    I want this printer so bad please!

  7. says

    Hubby has to work on Valentines. And our niece is celebrating her second birthday so having a party for her that day. BUT, I am making a video for hubby of us from when we were dating through to how we are today. “The Evolution of a Happily Married couple” 😀

  8. says

    My hubby and I are going out for a nice dinner on the 13th. My sister and two of my nieces are coming to town on Valentine’s Day, and they are going to stay the night. We will have heart shaped pancakes & love potion for dinner.

    I have you on my google reader and I subscribed to your newsletter.

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  9. Courtney says

    I am a blog follower! :)

    So far, I have managed to bake homemade, heart-shaped sugar cookies with my 4 year old son – some for us, some for my husband’s office. I helped same son make a card for him & his sister to give to Daddy on the big day. And as a family we plan to go out for dinner to celebrate!

  10. Michelle Andrews says

    For Valentine’s Day I am going to spend time with my three children, and then volunteer (as I do every Sunday) in the oncology ward of a local hospital. I bake for my family, and for the nurses and staff at the hospital every Sunday, so I plan to make chocolate dipped strawberries for everyone. Tomorrow we are headed to pick strawberries, so we’ll have large, fresh strawberries for dipping! It’s going to be a fabulous weekend.

  11. Danielle says

    I am surprising my husband with a date night out. My friend and I are babysit-swapping and planning dates for our husbands! We will also celebrate as a family by exchanging small gifts (my daughter made a picture frame for Daddy), reading books, and making cupcakes.

  12. crystal says

    I think that this printer sounds really great!! We are planning on spending the evening together and watching our favorite band concerts on dvd;)

  13. Amy B says

    My husband has to work that day but when he gets home we are going to order a pizza and cuddle while staying in and watching family movies. The kids will be home with us which makes it even better because I won’t have many more valentines with them but I hopefully will have more with my husband.

  14. amy says

    Not much. Not sure if my husband has anything planned beyond maybe some chocolate for my little one and I . We have talked about getting a Wii. He’s wanted one and I thought Valentines would be the perfect time, this holiday is about love, and love is from the heart, and I really want the Wii Fit package to have a healthy one. All I know for sure is that we’re spending a quiet day together at home. :)

  15. mmm619 says

    After getting blasted with two blizzards in one week, we are staying home and enjoying a yummy dinner (surf & turf) together.

  16. says

    Happy Valentines Day! I love sharing and showing love. I will be cooking a red dinner- steak,baked shrimp and red velvet cake ,red wine and red roses . We all need romance !!

  17. says

    Nice printer! Valentines is no longer a big thing in this house with the exception of getting a couple things for the kids. Son’s birthday is the 12th and hubby’s is the 17th so we typically do a lot of spending/celebrating between the birthdays. :-) I DID come home for Valentines Day when my son was born. That year (’01) he was our Valentines present for hubby and I. :-) Can’t believe he’s now 9!!

  18. Steph says

    I am planning on making a super fun day for my family. I got the kids some cute stuffed animals and made some homemade chocolates for them. For my husband I got him a big plush bear and a bouquet of chocolate hearts.

  19. says

    I would LOVE to have a quiet, romantic dinner out followed by a fun romantic comedy. But, alas, Li’l Empress is struggling with going to bed nicely for anyone beside Mommy or Daddy. So that likely will have to be a raincheck. I really don’t know what else The Boss has up his sleeve. I left it to him, having just finished planning and hosting an EPIC Olympics International Feast here with about 25 friends and family. We had a blast and I’m good with whatever happens the rest of the weekend. As long as I get a nap at least once before Monday!

  20. says

    I will be spending the day with our children, husband has to work valentines night,so we are celebrating tonight-dinner,movie and later candles and ..well you get the idea

  21. Patricia Hill says

    I made a great dinner and then we watched a movie at home that we have been wanting to see. Oh, and the kids were at relatives for the night.

  22. Kay M. says

    I let my hubby go to “Muddy-Gras” (a redneck mud-fest)for the first part of the weekend and then Sunday he is taking me to the Home & Garden Show. We usually pick up a little something for each other “from the kids” and have dinner out.

  23. mickeyfan says

    We’ll probably just grab pizza (hey, I don’t have to cook or clean up) because a week later we’re going on our “mid-winter break”…to Vegas.

  24. Jill L says

    We are going to go to church in the morning and then make a nice dinner and set a fancy table. Will probably do a chocolate fondue too. With 3 small kids, not too much romance at the moment.

  25. says

    My hubby and I are doing little things the days before Valentines {watching “chic flicks”, buying each other gifts, going out to dinner} and then for Valentine’s day {after church}, we’ll spend the time playing games and just being together.

  26. says

    Wow…awesome prize! I am in the process of looking for a wireless printer and this one would be great!!! I am planning a lovely day with my family including a “red” dinner. I love to make the whole meal red (drinks, food and dessert). The kids love it and it is great to be creative!

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

  27. Ann F says

    We will go out to dinner Saturday night and I will make a nice dinner for my husband and daughter on Sunday. Then we’ll exchange our Valentine’s

  28. Kathy Luman says

    My husband is in Afghanistan so For Valentines day we will share a loving phone call. It’s so hard to celebrate these special days when he is so far away.

  29. Margaret Smith says

    What a really wonderful prize. I’m drooling over this printer.
    For Valentines Day, I’ll be spending the day with my family. I plan on making mini heart shaped meatloafs and I just got done baking a heart shaped cake and I iced it in pink frosting.
    Thanks so much for offering this wonderful giveaway.

  30. Catalina K says

    We’re certainly planning a romantic dinner out in the town, since we are also celebrating our three year wedding anniversary.

  31. Ellen Ring says

    We’re going to get a heart shaped pizza from Abby’s Pizza. Then my husband is letting me pick a movie for us to watch. Then JUST the 2 of us will spend a quiet evening by ourselves. It should be heaven.

  32. Snowflake07 (Audra) says

    Hubby just got back from a long trip, so for Valentine’s Day we’re planning on spending a quiet evening at home watching the Olympics. We might get crazy and order some take out. :-)

  33. Annette D says

    I will be spending the day with my wonderful family. I am making heart shaped pancakes for breakfast with raspberry syrup!

  34. says

    I think we’re going to try and use a gift card that my brother gave us for Christmas to go out to dinner to a nice restaurant downtown. If we can find a last-minute babysitter, that is. Since we didn’t do a very good job of planning ahead. Sigh.

  35. says

    We will have a special breakfast on Valentines, other than that it’s low key, ending with a birthday party for a friend.

    On a side note I could totally use this printer as we don’t have one :-(

  36. Aura says

    I haven’t had a chance to look yet but I’ll probably check out gocitykids and mommypoppins to see what nice acitivities they have in the city for children and we’ll go on a family trip together

  37. Brenda Rupp says

    I had to spend valentines day at home in my jammies. I caught the pneumonia from my husbands mother while taking care of her. My husband has been taking great care of me, even though he just got over the same thing, we both got it, whatever it was. So please enter me into the contest, although I didn’t have anything fabulous to tell.

  38. Jennifer says

    Valentines Day will be spent this year with my precious baby girls and their daddy. Dinner and a special dessert, it’s a school night for us because of all the snow.

  39. MMW says

    Since I am recently divorced I am focusing all my v-day attention on my kids. They will each get a small heart box of chocolate. We had fun making valentines for their classes too. (not very exciting, I know.)

  40. Birdie S. says

    Im planning to have a romantic BBQ with my husband ….champagne & ribs salad & choco-pie & then a night in our Jacuzzi.. mmmmm

  41. Emily says

    I’m spending Valentine’s Day with friends. Love doesn’t have to just be the romantic kind…it can be the strong bonds of friendship.

  42. Crystal W says

    I work in the niceest restaurant in my city (or state for that matter ) so for Valentine’s Day I plan on being so busy I won’t even know my name!! Last year when I got home my husband had a long hot bath drawn for me with candles because he knows how hard I work on that night..this year…who knows!!!

  43. says

    Valentines day changed me forever ten years ago when I gave birth to my first baby!
    So today we are celebrating his tenth birthday. I often tease him saying “all i asked for was chocolate, instead I got a stinky, smelly boy!”
    Since we live in bush Alaska there isn’t much else to do!

  44. Kristi C says

    I am staying in with my children because my husband had to work last night and again tonight. Tuesday he is taking me to my favorite restaurant to celebrate.

  45. says

    I am planning on making my husband go out for coffee and doughnuts when he gets his butt out of bed. And then I plan to make him make dinner. :)
    weird chick online at gmail dot com

  46. Pamela Callahan says

    We will have a nice dinner at home and watch the Daytona 500. It’s just too expensive to go out with the entire family

  47. Jacob says

    I paid attention and bought my wife the ring she said she loved 5 weeks ago. They didn’t make it in her size and she was upset because she doesn’t but much jewelry adnd finally found something she liked. So I secretly bought it and had it resized. She has no idea!

  48. says

    Wow, what an amazing giveaway! I have an old old old HP printer, and have always liked it!

    My family exchanges cards and candy at breakfast on Valentine’s Day morning (a little chocolate for breakfast, anyone?!) Valentine’s Day is also my daughter’s birthday, so we’re celebrating for that as well!

  49. Kate says

    We are having a quiet Valentine’s Day at home, my husband has promised a massage later 😉 Would LOVE to win this printer, thanks for the chance

  50. mary simonton says

    we have a grandson that lives out of town and is coming to spend the weekend so the rest of the grandkids are planning a sleepover so they can spend some time together


    i follow on Twitter @Bigcat59 Valentines Plans have none i am single and not seeing anyone so just me and the Cats

  52. Rose says

    Was planning on a romantic day with my Valentine, but he got the flu, so it’s more like a pampering day for him, instead!

  53. Deborah R says

    We exchanged cards and candy, and we went for a short walk outside. Later, I’ll make us a nice dinner and we’ll try to outdo one another saying why each loves the other.

  54. Jennifer Miller says

    We are planning a nice night in with our fur-babies! Our two cats got some special treats to keep them occupied while my husband and I get our favorite indian food delivered to our house, so we can eat our favorite food while we watch our favorite movie together. :) I’m pretty excited!

  55. paige chandler says

    I’m all snuggled in and watching the Olympics with my sweetie and puppy this V-Day. Later we’ll order a pizza. May sound boring, but for me it’s Perfect!

  56. Suzanne K says

    I talked to my sweetie (in another state) and then went out and planted a bunch of red geraniums in honor of Valentine’s day!

  57. Jill H. says

    Well since I’m sick with a fever, chills, and a sore throat….we’re postponing Valentines until next week, and then the kids will go to a friends house for a sleepover, and I’ll make hubby a nice dinner, and we’l have “grown-up” time. :)

  58. says

    I surprised my husband with a steak dinner he wasn’t expecting-I hid all the ingredients in our downstairs fridge that he thought was empty, heehee! He was so surprised when I came upstairs to start dinner and had everything he loves all ready to go!

  59. says

    we don’t celebrate Valentine’s day, but dh takes me to dinner every Monday night for date night, so we will have a nice dinner tomorrow night.

    please enter me into the contest!

  60. joni says

    My husband, my daughter, and I went to dinner. Then we walked around the mall, rented a movie, went home and watched it. My daughter went to bed, my husband fell asleep in his chair, and I went on the computer.

  61. Sheree Warner says

    Today we took our son out to eat for his birthday which is also Valentine’s Day. He recently broke up with girlfriend and he was going to spend today alone so we invited him out. It turned out to be a good day for us and for him!

  62. says

    My day started off with a migraine – but I made the heart waffles and chocolate milk for the kiddos. Then went horseback riding with my daughter – then came home and made risotto (once you find out how to make it, YUM!) and ended with a desert my 11 year old made, chocolate cream pie :)

  63. Kimberly says

    Hubby and I cooked a special Valentine’s dinner together and shared a bottle of champagne.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  64. Tracey says

    My hubby, daughter and I spent most of yesterday at home together. I got to watch my husband and daughter play outside in the snow – talk about true love! And then I took my daughter to a birthday party while hubby stayed home to do some painting in our new nursery (we’re expecting our second baby on April 1st.)
    We will get a night out alone, but it will have to wait a couple weeks until the timing is right and our babysitters (my parents) are back from vacation. :)

  65. Jennifer says

    This past Valentine’s Day we didn’t do too much since we are low on money but we did have a nice home cooked dinner which we prepared together and then spent some time with our Westie since she didn’t have a Valentine this year.

  66. Katherine D. says

    we had dinner with a friend – we’ve been together 5 years now and haven’t seen this friend in several months – was happy to spend the time with her and still have alone time after!

  67. Fayra K says

    A dear fried surprised my husband and I by taking us out to dinner and a movie :) My husband and I are trying to buy our first home so we’d planned a quiet evening at home. But for our kids we’re having a valentine’s day themed sleepover tonight with a few of their friends. The kids will do crafts and have valentine themed food… we’re so excited! :)

  68. says

    We went out to dinner on Friday night to a really nice restaurant – that we had a gift card for! My husband turns 39 this week, so it was a combined V-day/bday celebration. Then we came home & watched a movie, and I fell asleep, like normal. Oh, and my parents took our daughter for the night, so it was just us.

  69. Christine says

    My husband took me to Zombie-A-Go-Go where we had some drinks, listened to some cool bands and looked at very cool art and then out to a very nice dinner at Bourbon Street Grill! Had a fabulous time! Thank you!

  70. says

    We took our girls to the Children’s Museum, and after they were both put to bed that night – my husband had made a special candle-lit dinner for just the two of us. It was a great day spent with those that I love most!

  71. Kristen says

    For Valentine’s Day we have a fun family day, heart shaped food, little token presents for the kids, and then of course my husband and I exchange gifts and generally (not this year sadly) have a quiet dinner at home after kids are sleeping.

  72. says

    Sadly, my girlfriend called me from the other coast and it was all sad news. Family bad news and surgery gone wrong bad news. But I said what I could to cheer her up and give her all my support and told what she has meant to me all these years. I only wish I could afford to go see her for a while or get her back her for a bit to give her a chance to get away from it all for a moment.

  73. Carol G says

    Had a quiet day, but did have a visit from my grandson, and we sat and talked for quite awhile about what was going on in his life. When the kids come by to visit,it is always a treat.

  74. Brandy Byrne says

    I spent my V-Day being pampered by hubby. Got breakfast in bed, a HUGE box of chocolates and a beautiful card. Ahhh….

  75. says

    My husband and I stayed at home and didn’t really do anything particular for Valentines day. He did however buy me assorted chocolates about a week before Valentines day. He also ended up doing some dishes for me to.

  76. katklaw777 says

    not sure if this is a duplicate, sry if it is. Hubby had to work overtime, had nice dinner and a cuddle afterwords. Great giveaway, thanks.

  77. Timothy Pedersen says

    We stayed in and cooked dinner together and had a very nice bottle of wine. Then we watched a movie on the couch.

  78. says

    We really didn’t do much for Valentine’s. So that I didn’t have to cook, we ordered in pizza for the family and had dinner in front of the TV all watching a movie.

  79. says

    On Valentine’s Day, we did exactly what we wanted! Nothing. No running errands, no working, just staying home with the family enjoying each others company. Those days are few and FAR between!

  80. Ashlee Robinson says

    Well since Valentine’s Day is already done and over with, I thought I would enlighten you with what I DID do for Valentine’s Day.

    I woke up bright and early to go to my boyfriends flag football game to two dozen roses on the kitchen table along with a card and a box of chocolates. After the football game which turned out to be not so victorious, we had breakfast. Came back home and watched movies all day together. :)

    I would really love this prize!

  81. Selene M. says

    On Valentine’s Day, I was camping at the Orlando Hamcation (hamfest). The morning was spent looking around and talking with friends. That night we went to Logan’s Roadhouse for dinner, then back to the RV to watch the Olympics with our laptops on our lap.

  82. Shellie says

    WEll, I planned a nice cozy, cuddly evening with a box of chocolates with my hubby. What I actually did is get into a fight with a snowplow. I lost and have to get the car repaired.

  83. says

    Hubby and I stayed home because we were snowed in and the restaurant we had reservations for was closed due to snow complications. Fortunately, 2/12/10 is our wedding anniversary and he took me out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary, so this year was not totally wasted. He also drew me a wonderful bubble bath with rose petals and candles and music as a V-Day suprise. It was a very nice suprise.

  84. Jill Myrick says

    For valentines we fixed a wonderful dinner together including a lavish chocolate cake with strawberries and watched movies.

    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  85. spring says

    We took a spontaneous day trip to Chicago to visit the museum, and then ate dinner at our fave Mexican place when we got back home.

  86. Karen M says

    My husband and I enjoyed breakfast out on Valentine’s Day and then spent the day lounging around the house. Thanks for the giveaway.

  87. says

    We usually don’t celebrate valentine’s day… but this year I woke up at 10am…. and if that wasen’t great enough, I found my husband had done the laundry, dishes, swept the house and made a huge breakfast with the kids!

  88. Katy M says

    We had friends in town and cooked steaks at home. The romantic part was exchanging our hand-made Valentines. :)

    Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!!! :)

  89. Debra F says

    What a great giveaway….we could really use this.

    For Valentine’s Day this year I made some heart shaped pasta and a heart shaped cake and we just had a mellow celebration with our kids.

  90. Carla says

    Well, since Chinese New Year, my dog Minnie’s 2nd anniversary, and Valentine’s Day were all the same day, I gave my dog her special dinner, had Chinese food for dinner, and Valentine’s dinner around 9 p.m. I made heart-shaped pizza, a heart-shaped cherry cheescake, pickled beets and boiled eggs, and fruit punch juice.

  91. Erin Walsh says

    Valentines day is always a pretty quiet holiday around here. I gave my teenager a card with some money, which is always a favorite and of course some chocolate. And I received a beautiful vase full of red and white roses with fern and heather mixed in.

    Other than that, a normal day.

  92. Benita G . says

    Since my husband is very ill, we stayed at home. I prepared a meal with all the trimmings. We had champagne.


  93. Olias Sunsparkle says

    Me and my fiance both had to work on valentines day so we kept it real easy as she is pregnant so we had a simple breakfast and went out and enjoyed the beautiful beach.

  94. Lauren R says

    I spent my Valentine’s day with the most perfect Valentine ever, my boyfriend! We went out to eat at TGIFriday’s, our favorite! Then, we hit the mall, and ended our night by watching the movie Valentine’s Day!

    Food, shopping, and a movie! A perfect night! :)

  95. denice p says

    hubby made me a nice dinner for valentines day and he also went to gamestop and got me the new zelda game for my ds. he so know what i like!!!

  96. says

    I did not do a lot on Valentine’s Day but I enjoyed spending time with my husband and sons. We stayed at home and watched the Daytona 500. I helped my boys make fried sugar biscuits and my husband gave me beautiful diamond ring. Thanks.