You would imagine that she is having a dream vacation…

A month tucked away in the Italian countryside on a cozy little farm with the spring sun warming each day – it sounds magical doesn’t it?

But poor Susan isn’t quite having the vacation of her dreams. Instead she is having such a severe hay fever attack she is in agony. Her eyes, itchy and inflamed, are pouring with tears, her face is swollen and her sinuses are completely blocked off. She can barely breathe, let alone sleep and get some much needed rest. And for a cruel twist – she forgot to pack her Flonase prescription!

Stepping outside makes it even worse. When I talk to her on the phone I feel so bad for her. She sounds just terrible!

She is heading to the doctor today to try to get a Flonase prescription (or something similar) – but being pregnant, there isn’t too much relief waiting for her.

Susan’s allergies are usually pretty bad here at this time of year. But apparently the Italian countryside is tormenting her beyond anything Canada has ever thrown at her! I hope that somehow her allergies calm down a bit and she is able to enjoy her vacation. What a shame to have allergies ruin such a wonderful trip visiting her in laws.

She has learned one thing for sure. The next time she visits her in laws in Italy – it won’t be in the spring!

(Want to know something interesting? Although we are identical twins, I do not suffer from hay fever.)


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    Oh Susan, sending you big hugs and prayers for quick relief. Hopefully the dr. can get you all taken care of so that you can enjoy the remainder of your visit.

    Love, Michelle

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    That’s so sad for her! And it could be anything from olive trees to grapes vines to just ordinary trees and grass! Poor girl!! Hope she feels much better SOON!!

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    If she can’t get Flonase, there are always other over-the-counter remedies (sinus pills, other brands of nasal sprays, benadryl-type allergy medicines) that can at least take her out of agony and reduce the suffering to more tolerable levels. (Annoying chinese water torture is better than pure agony, lol.)

    Janice could you grab the Flonase from her house and fedex it to her? It might cost a fortune, but I’m *sure* she’d feel it was worth it if she can’t get a prescription. :)

    I’m pulling for ya Susan, hope you feel better!

  4. Janice says

    Carrie – yes we tried to send her Flonase, but when we went to send it we found out that you are not allowed to send medications in packages. And since she is pregnant, I think most OTC meds are not allowed.

    I haven’t talked to her yet since she went to the doctor. Hopefully he gave her something to help!

    Thank you all for your kind thoughts – I am sure that will make her smile!

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    I was watching Oprah yesterday and she had Dr. Oz on her show answering a variety of questions. One of the things they highlighted a “Neti Pot”. It’s a pot used to put warm salt water through your nose to clean out our sinus’. I know it sounds gross and weird but they said that it can really help with allergies and sinus. I don’t know if Oprah has video highlights on her website but if she does it would be worth watching. Either way I’m sure you can find out more about using a neti pot on the internet. Just a suggestion since Medication might not be an option.

  6. Janice says

    Thanks for the tip Aimee. Steph from Adventures in Babywearing emailed me to tell me about that too. I had never heard of it before. I need to tell Sue about it! Thanks!

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    Jehova Rafa (which means the Great Healer) thank you for your servant Susan. Please grant her healing or sustain her as she suffer’s allergies and hay fever. May she experience a healing that only you can perfectly provide. May you be glorified in her vacation in Italy with her in laws.

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    Aww, I hope she feels better soon!

    Some of my best friends growing up were identical twins, and one had very severe allergies, but the other did not!

  9. Ant says

    I’ve used just about everything, sprays, netti pots and homemade stuff, and found nasal washes to work the best. She should pick one of those up. I’ve tried a few, but found a brand called SaltAire Sinus in particular to be my favorite as it has a built-in pump, so I’m not dumping into my nose, but rather shooting up into it. The angle makes a huge difference in clearing sinuses, plus it’s so much easier to use. I recommend to anyone with sinus problems.

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