I can’t find my Belgian Waffle maker. And you know – when a pregnant woman has a craving, she wants it now!

I have searched everywhere! But really the last time I know I had it for sure was years ago before we moved. I am not sure if I ever used it here in this house.

So I have been searching the garage to see if I can find it in a box or something. No

But, I did come across some of my old Lego and my Hot Wheels cars. I have been meaning to try to look for these for Jackson, but I thought they were lost long ago.

Jackson was so thrilled when I brought them into the play room. He was sincerely shocked that I was giving them to him.

j-old-hotwheels.jpgHe kept thanking me all afternoon, repeating over and over in an adorable, awe-filled, little voice, “Thank you Mommy for sharing your toys with me!”

It was so wonderful to see him loving my old toys – they were my favorite treasures as a kid. (Susan and I had a tom boy streak and loved Lego and cars!) Jackson had a great time playing with them and made me take pictures of him with each one of his favorite new cars. (The funny thing was that his favorites were my favorites as a kid too!)

So I didn’t find the Belgian Waffle maker. But I found something much more important. (Thank goodness for cravings!)



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    Those are great! I recently gave my daughter my old Little People dollhouse and houseboat and she thought they were fantastic!

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    The photos are great! Jackson is such a cutie.

    I remember when we found my oldest son’s huge stash of older Legos and passed them down to our younger 3…it was better than Christmas or birthdays.

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    Awww how sweet….it’s cool when you can give you kids gifts that mean so much more than just store bought gifts…I hope you get that waffle craving taken care of though cause pregnant women who don’t take care of their cravings could be considered dangerous…:o))!

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    aw!! LOVE it. i passed my old favorite toy to shiloh a couple months ago….
    my very special
    and very loved

    she’s a very good mommy.

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    What a great find! Maybe if you look for something else you’ll find the waffle maker!

    I saved some of my toys, but the headless barbies and blue Smurfs didn’t bring the same feeling as those cars and legos. I’ve started putting my kids’ toys away for the grandkids. I know my kids will appreciate seeing their old toys again, and my husband will appreciate not having to buy toys to keep at grandma’s house. Though he might not appreciate the space it takes up in the attic!

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    How fun!!! My parents saved quite a few toys from when we were kids that my son plays with – it’s such a joy to see him get the same happiness from them that I used to!!!

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    It is so funny that you were craving Belgian waffles this weekend, too! My wonderful husband made me some on Saturday at my request, since he knows way too well about my preggo cravings!! I’m sorry you didn’t find your maker!! Maybe if you were looking for the Leggos and cars you would have found it!

    But I am glad that you were able to share your childhood favorites with your son… My boys love Leggos and cars, too, and have a ball playing with my brothers’ stuff when at their grandparents. Fun times!!

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