HP TouchSmart 600 – Giveaway & Contest!

Enter to win a HP TouchSmart 600 for yourself and help us win another one for a deserving family!

Get ready to drool ladies…

We online moms appreciate technology — I mean a fabulous computer can make us shiver with love, and a slow, outdated machine can make us growl with frustration.

So we realize that when we show you what we are about to giveaway, it might make you REALLY excited… and really desperate to win it. You might turn green.

I know, cause I AM! I want this prize soooo badly!!!

Yes, we are going to give one of you a new computer. And not just any computer. We are giving away a fabulous HP TouchSmart 600 (valued at $1599.99)!!!


The HP TouchSmart 600 is a collaboration between Microsoft and HP to create best-in-class touch technology that melds with the power of Windows 7. This revolutionary desktop features some of the newest technology in home computing, including multi-touch which allows you to pinch, rotate, arc, flick, and press and drag to zip through applications, photos and more!

More reasons why we love the HP TouchSmart 600:

    The integrated hardware & software technology (including TouchSmart Live TV with optional TV tuner) allows you to view video, record TV, and play video games right on your PC.
    Windows 7 fast start up and shut down gives you easier access to your apps on the HP TouchSmart 600. This is HUGE for us busy moms who only have a few minutes before the kids wake up from naptime and every minute counts!

Just think how amazing the HP TouchSmart 600, with it’s sleek design, is going to look on your desk! OR you can even hang it directly on your wall!


SO, for a chance to win this amazing HP TouchSmart 600, we want to make sure you have LOTS of ways to try to win. Here’s how:

  • Leave us a comment telling us you want to win!
  • Subscribe to our Feed
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  • Write a blog post and link back to this contest
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Please see our site’s Terms and Conditions of Use for a complete list of our contest and giveaway rules.

Each of the entries mentioned above are optional. Do any or all of them. But don’t forget to leave us a SEPARATE comment for EACH entry method you do. Your comments are your entries. Every time you tweet, post, etc, come back to this post and leave a comment letting us know.

But YES, we mentioned a SECOND computer…

Not only is HP giving us this fabulous TouchSmart 600 to give away to a lucky reader, but they are also giving us A CHANCE TO WIN ANOTHER HP TouchSmart 600. Let me explain…

HP has selected 5 Minutes for Mom as one of nine blogs to “compete” for a chance to win their very own TouchSmart 600.


Now, as much as I am DYING to have this computer, (and my current laptop is two steps from the garbage!) we just couldn’t bear to keep this fabulous computer for ourselves — not when there are so many of our readers and our readers’ friends and families who really, really need and deserve this computer!

So, in the spirit of Christmas, if we are lucky enough to win, WE WILL GIVE THAT SECOND COMPUTER AWAY here at 5 Minutes for Mom to someone that you nominate!

Here’s how you can help make that happen:

Out of the nine selected blogs holding this HP giveaway, the blog who creates the most buzz about their contest wins!

We need your help to create that buzz!

We need you to comment on this post, tweet about this contest, and write blog posts. And all of those actions will count as entries to win the first TouchSmart 600 giveaway here.

Who gets this second HP TouchSmart 600 if we are the lucky blog to win?

Well, we want you to help us with that, too! We want you to nominate someone who you think could really benefit by receiving this new computer — a friend, a family member, a neighbor in need, a family down the street, or maybe you.

If you could bless someone this Christmas with an amazing HP TouchSmart 600, who would it be?

Leave your nomination as a comment on this post and it will also be included in the entries for the first HP TouchSmart 600. And you can tweet, post, etc too. Remember — HP wants BUZZ. And that is the way we will get that SECOND computer to GIVEAWAY!

So, what are you waiting for? Start commenting, tweeting, blogging, and nominating. This contest ends Tuesday, December 1!!!

Enter to win an HP TouchSmart 600 for yourself and help us win another one for a deserving family!

Because, as much as I would love, love, LOVE this computer in my house, we would love the opportunity to bless someone else this Christmas season!


  1. says

    I am going to RT the message now.

    I am also adding your button to my blog.

    I subscribed to your feed.

    And I am leaving you a comment!

    (So that’s 4 entries, right?)

  2. says

    What an amazing giveaway!! Thank you so much for the chance! My fiance is a MAJOR techie so if I was so lucky as to win, I would give this to him as an unforgettable Christmas gift!!

  3. says

    I want to win this! Ohhhh do I want to win this! I just got a shiver of excitement… wow, that sounds dirty. Moving on… Yeah, it would be a complete dream to win this!!!

  4. says

    I would like to nominate my husband. Our computer just got a virus and I have been having to share my laptop, one of the reasons, i got a laptop was to stop fightig over the computer so here we go again.
    My husband is a senior in college persuing a degree in Biochemistry and a second degree in Biology. college students with 3 kids as you can tell we’d never be able to afford a new computer. please please

  5. says

    I have never had a computer that cost more than $500 LOL This is the SEXIEST computer ever!! I am a tech freak and this is the most attractive piece of machinery I’ve seen in a looooong time :) I HAVE to have it. As a WAHM with five kiddos and a husband with two jobs, you can imagine I spend MOST of my time at home – and most of my time at home is spent on the computer doing my web/graphic design, writing my book, and working on my blog. From what I’ve heard about Windows 7 it’s PERFECT for people like me that run like 10 thousand programs at once and have a need for a computer that can keep up with my multitasking genius :) haha

  6. says

    Oh wow! You don’t even know how BADLY I need this! We always tend to spend every last dollar on the kids, so I never get anything for me.Ever. (and most of the time, that’s fine) But, my computer is OLD and now it’s dead… and I am using and old laptop that is just sad, sad, sad….

    So, pick me! Pick me!

    Ok, I am a follower here, on blog frog and twitter :)

    I subscribe to your newsletter (I don’t understand the feeds, although I am pretty sure I follow you on google reader, not that I ever read blogs there)

    I have your button on my blog and I am going to go post about this fabulous give-away and I’ll also tweet about it (which will also put it on Facebook).

    Hmmm, there is a fabulous blogger that I love, Cheryl from http://Twinfatuation.blogspot.com.
    I don’t know if she needs a new computer, but I know she & her husband both lost their jobs with the recession (they are now on one income)and although her husband had been in remission for 4 years from melanoma, they just found out a few days ago that his cancer is back :(
    I’d love for them to have a happy Christmas…

  7. says

    I’m unemployed and my husband has a seasonal retail job so there’s no extra money. We could definitely use a new computer so that we could pursue work at home opportunities.

  8. says

    This is an awesome giveaway! My family could sure use a new computer and we love the HP technology. In fact my husband was just looking at computers online earlier today, before I found out about this giveaway! How strange is that?

  9. says

    I would love to win this! I would also like to nominate my sister for the other computer. My sister has had a series of bad luck this year. She’s a single parent and she’s had to take a 25% pay cut. She also works another job. She’s had heart problems, she’s trying desperately to avoid foreclosure, she has car problems, the list goes on and on. Life is truly hard for her and her son and this would make a big difference in her life, not only in having a new fancy computer, but also in affirming that sometimes GOOD things happen.

  10. Tawnda says

    I want to win this beautiful machine because we recently ‘lost’ a computer and the battles are getting a bit intense… πŸ˜‰

  11. Robyn says

    If I could bless someone this Christmas with an amazing HP TouchSmart 600, it would be my daughter, she works her butt off helping sick babies but doesn’t make enough to buy extras

  12. Pamk says

    I would love to win this. we have 4 poeple that love playing the computer in our house and some really really outdated computers
    I left you a comment
    subscribe to your feed reader
    subscrbied to your newsleter

  13. DeAnna says

    wow oh wow, would I ever love to win this. Our poor computer is aging and may not be with us much longer. What a sweet give-away!

    Thanks for the chance to enter.

  14. Annette D says

    I would love to win this computer! Our computer is on its last legs (we have gotten the blue screen of death twice). I have two sons and we all share the same computer. This would be absolutely a blessing.

  15. Tawnda says

    I would like to nominate M.K. to win this also… he is obsessed with touchscreens and currently doesn’t have a computer at all…

  16. says

    If I could give this computer to someone, it would have to be my niece who could really use a computer. She is 23 years old and is having rather a hard time. She is working full time and is wanting to go back to school to get her 4 year degree. She is living on her own and takes care of all her expenses. She could really use this computer, the one she has is a hand me down and is 6 years old.

  17. Linda V says

    What a blessing it would be, our lap top is old and shared by 4 of us-but umemployment has a way of nixing any new purchases.

  18. Darla says

    I would bless my daughter with this computer, because she is a hard working, pay her own way college student whose computer is at death’s door but she keeps limping it along to get her by.

  19. says

    OMGosh! This would be a dream come true for our family. Our computer is so old and full that it is slower than molasses. I have 2 teens who constantly need it for homework, a busy seven year old who is learning his way around a computer, my husband and myself. I take classes online trying to finish my degree so we can hopefully get ahead of the finances eventually.
    A computer is integral in our life and we need a new one!

  20. says

    I would give this to my husband who is a technology junkie. Unfortunately we don’t have the money for him to get the toys he wants, so this would really make his whole year!

  21. says

    I would LOVE to have this for myself, but if I were to win I would want to give it to my parents who are still using a computer from ages ago!

  22. says

    I would love for my husband to win the second computer. He has had his laptop for 9 years now, and he’s doing good if he can even get it to turn on! He’s never once complained about it or even suggested spending the money to get a new computer. What an awesome surprise for him this Christmas if he were able to receive a brand new one!

  23. toni jensen says

    i would nominate my mom because she is getting older and it is hard for her to travel to see her kids, grandkids, and now great greatkids but all them have computer so she could stay in touch with them if she had a computer

  24. Melissa McKimmey says

    I don’t blog, but I do write for eHow. This would make a great present after losing 40 pounds since January and competing in my first 5K tomorrow.

  25. says

    I would like to nominate my husband’s cousin. She’s a freshman in college and her family can barely afford to send her to college with scholarships. She may not be able to go back next year if the finances don’t work out. I don’t think she has a computer and she is an English major/loves to write. This would be so nice for her!

  26. Diana Hill says

    I Desperately need to win this computer! Mine is running Win ME still and very slow! Thank you for the chance to win, count me in!!

  27. says

    I want to win. Why do I want to win? One computer + 3 teenagers + 1 mom + 1 dad = ‘are you done with that yet?’ and ‘mom…xxx won’t let me have a turn on the computer’ which = a grumpy mom blogging in the wee hours of the morning.
    Yep…winning that computer would make me happy :)

  28. says

    I need to win this for my daughter who has asked for Santa to grant her wish for a computer that has a touch screen and has the technology that will allow her to learn despite her disabilities. With school cutbacks she no longer has the use of a laptop from the school.
    Our desktop is not strong enough to handle her complex software and all the tools she needs to be independent in her learning. Becca cannot write, she has dyslexia and the computer has to read for her, she has to have word prediction software, but the biggest challenge is now the need for a touch screen.

    My daughter Becca is now 20 but is losing the coordination and strength in her fingers. She can no longer use the mouse for more than a few minutes without her hands cramping up and locking. She needs a touch screen and a desk monitor, with a large enough screen to be able to see straight ahead and enlarge the writing in the window due to eyesight issues.

    Becca has Noonan syndrome, severe learning disabilities and has limited neck movement. Looking down causes her neck to freeze and causes dizziness and migraines. She saw this computer this fall and researched that this is what she needs to be able to do her schoolwork and reach out to the only friends she has through the computer as she is on homebound school for now 7 years. The computer is her window to the world, and her learning.

    I would love to win this to make my daughters wish come true. Becca is a survivor young person, who has come so far, but her body is wearing down, joints are falling apart, her elbows locking. Everyday she is in pain, and the computer has been her escape, but even using it causes pain.

    I can’t believe that I found this giveaway, after she has spent the last week “showing” me the HP touch screen and telling me that Christmas is the time of miracles and her angels will find her one.

  29. says

    I would nominate my Mother-in-Law. She works at a Woman’s shelter and does tons of computer work but doesn’t have one of her own. Having a computer would wonderful. She could do her work at home AND keep in touch with the grandkids.

  30. says

    I would love to winthis.. wow, what a great giveaway! We so need a computer with no wires, our 1 year old almost died strangled in the cords the other day, but we found him right after it happened. phew!

  31. says

    I would nominate my sister and brother-in-law. They have one older computer that is very slow. They have a laptop too but it seems to act up a lot. He sometimes works from home, more so now that she’s on bedrest, and I think this would be amazing for them to have. They have a 12yo, 7yo, 1 1/2 yo, and one on the way.

    She is @sowingmom on twitter.

    I’m @bctripletmom on twitter.

    bctripletmom at gmail dot com

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  32. says

    I would love to win a new pc. Mine is so slow and freezes up all the time. It takes so long to load anything. It’s very outdated and I can’t afford to buy one.

    misty_labean yahoo com

  33. says

    I would like to nominate my own family for this because we need one desperately. I am a single mother of 3 teenage boys. Actually 4 now, my sons best friend just moved in a couple of weeks ago. I was laid off a few months ago. I recieve no child support for my boys. It’s hard enough trying to raise 3 kids on 1 income let alone unemployment. Of course we all have our own things we like to do online and the kids need pc for homework. We all share 1 very outdated pc my mom gave me back in 2000. This would absolutely make my boys christmas which would make mine in return because I really don’t know how Im going to even manage anything for them this christmas. It’s a sad world around here right now. I sure wish the economy would start picking up. I hope you will consider us if you win an extra pc we would be very greatful…

    misty_labean yahoo com

  34. says

    If you get that second one, I would like to nominate the lady with the daughter with the Noonan disease . poor girl.. I think her name was Anny.. give it to her!

  35. Angel S. says

    Wow!! I mean Wow!! What a wonderful prize for some lucky person! I am amazed by all the new technology. This sounds incredible!

  36. Ivy says

    We would love to win this. We need a new computer around here (one of our monitors is 7 years old!) Thanks for the opportunity!

  37. Angel S. says

    Hmmm – I would like to nominate my parents for hte computer. Dad had a stroke and is on disability (which breaks his heart because he misses work so bad) and mom was recently diagnosed with cancer and heart problems. They both have diabetes and seems like everyday is a struggle lately. They would love to have a computer not only for playing, but for looking up health tips, recipes and questions. They don’t get out as much as before and this would open another up another world for them!

  38. katklaw777 says

    This is an awesome computer!
    I say good luck to everyone and maybe me too! Thanks for the great holiday giveaway!

  39. katklaw777 says

    I would nominate my 26yr old son. He works hard, but doesn’t make enough to buy a new computer. He works at a library and is always helping people to find the answers to there questions or a source that will help. He built his own computer as part of a class in HS and even tho he has updated it some, it is woefully behind the times. He deserves a fantastic new one!

  40. Selene M. says

    I would nominate by 42 year old daughter – mother of 5, including two teenagers who are visually impaired. Both parents work very long hours to provide for their family, and computer needs are not always at the top of the attainable list, even with the computer requirements in education today. This computer would definitely help everyone in the family.

  41. Anita Yancey says

    I would love to win this computer. Mine is already nine years old, and I don’t know how much life its got left. Please enter me. Thanks!


  42. Anita Yancey says

    If I could give this computer to someone for Christmas, it would have to be my deserving husband. He is such a hard worker, and he loves computers.


  43. Claudia says

    wow !I would Γ’β„’Β₯ to win Computer because we dont have a Desktop . we only have one Laptop that we all have to share.Thanks for Opportunity :)

  44. says


    I would love to nominate my mom for the second computer because she so deserves it. She has sacrificed so much for our family over the years and still does to this day. Having me at 18. Then not only raising me but also taking on the responsibility to raise my dads two small children (from his previous marriage) when she was only 23. Which she did not have to do. But did because she knew it was the right thing to do. Then my younger brother when she was 24. Which made her a mother of 4 young children at the age of 24. And for staying with my dad even through the toughest of times (gambling problems, drinking, etc.) which in turn ended up leading us all to the Lord including my dad.

    The main reason I would love for her to have this computer is because about 9 years ago my dad had past away at the age of 53. That put a big weight on my mom’s shoulder. Not only did she have to deal with the grieving but she was now living alone. And although she did work she did not drive. So at the age of 48 my mom learned how to drive, left her job and moved to MD to live closer to my youngest brother leaving all her friends and some family members behind.

    Now she has been in MD for about 8 1/2 years and all of us kids that she had raised since we were little live here as well. My mom still does not work but instead she has been taking care of our children, her grandchildren. My son was 4 1/2 months old when I moved here. I was a single mom and my mom helped me out so much and even till the day she still does. Since I started working at my new job, my mom has been here at 6:30 am weekday morning so that I can go to work. (I’m a single mom). And she not only takes him to school but picks him up from the bus stop and watches him until I come home. She has been watching him for free since he was 2 years old so that I could work. When she easily could be working herself. She has also helped my sister as well because up until about 2 years ago she and her husband were both working and needed someone to watch her 3 youngest. So at times my mom had 3-4 kids at some point throughout the day. Still sacrificing every day of her life for her family. I love her so much and would love to see her blessed with this special gift.

    Anyhow, I would love for her to have this computer so that she can keep in touch with her friends from back home. And so that she can have access to the internet to do what all of us moms and grandma’s like too do. I can’t thank you ladies enough for the opportunity. Another blessing in the making. : )

  45. jackie says

    enter me now Hp is my only type of computer and that would make a wonder full christmas for anyone. Upgrade and donate perfict

  46. trishden says

    If I could bless someone this Christmas with an amazing HP TouchSmart 600 it would be my Mom. She has been using Web TV for years now and the few times I have gone on there to show her something I couldn’t beleive how slow and blurry it is. She will be amazed at how clear and fast a pc can be. Help me amaze my mom. Thanks!

  47. says

    I would like to nominate my husband for this computer.
    We have 3 little girls, ages 3, 2 and 9 months. I am a nurse, but my husband works hard so that I don’t have to work and can stay home to raise our children to be the kind of people we’d like them to be, rather than having a daycare raise them for us. He is a school teacher to 8th graders (so we don’t make the most money in the world). He spends his extra time helping the kids in an after school program to try to make a little extra money for our family. He also wants to try a side line of work from home, but we don’t have a computer that can handle the program and don’t have the money to buy one. This computer would be great for our family, and especially for him, so he can pursue ways to better provide for our family.
    I don’t want this to be a charity for our family, so please give it to someone else if more deserving than we are. He would probably be so embarrassed if he knew I was doing this. He is a great man and provider and we do fine, but I would love for him to have this computer.

  48. says

    I have to say your generosity is amazing and God will truly Bless you for your acts of kindness, I’m sure you know that. I would love the chance to bless and family in need with you and nominate a friend who is less fortunate.

  49. says

    If I could give someone an HP TouchSmart 600 it would be my cousin. She has been through so much this last year and this would really lift her spirits to be able to stay in touch with family without large telephone bills.

  50. says

    Could you please remove this and my last comment with my nomination for my husband (as much as I’d like him to have it). I feel silly nominating myself when we do fine and there are so many others more in need than we are. Thank you. And sorry for the trouble.
    You guys are great for hosting a Christmas for those in need. Such a wonderful idea.

  51. G Smith says

    Subscribed to RSS feed and email list. If I could give this to someone it would be my cousin in New Brunswick. She lost her home in a fire a few months ago and just about everything was destroyed. She cannot afford to get a replacement computer right now so I’m sure she would greatly appreciate something like this.

  52. says

    This would be so awesome to win. We are frustrated with how slow our desktop runs and are ready to upgrade, but the funds just aren’t there. This would be such a blessing!

  53. Tammy C says

    First, I’d like to nominate my parents. One is retired, while the other is disabled. Other than their TV, their computer is often their only form of entertainment. They had a good computer, but it crashed. They could only replace it with an inexpensive, low-quality computer. Thank you for offering something that I could only dream of giving them myself.

  54. Brian Pedaci says

    While this would be an incredible addition to the house (I wonder how gaming is affected by the touchscreen…), the second computer would make a world of difference to my mother. She’s still working hard at 60, and her ancient Pentium computer just isn’t cutting it any more, especially since neither of my sisters have computers at their houses and need hers for access as well.

  55. says

    As a mom of 5, I don’t often get new, exciting things. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I did. My kids always come first. That being said, my computer is in horrible shape, and I desperately need a new one. With a new computer I could finally have a place to store clients’ photographs, design work, and everything else I need to get my businesses where they should be. Thank you for the opportunity.

  56. kirsten says

    I would absolutely love to win! Something is always going wrong with our computer AND my husband needs it for work.


  57. Michelle Andrews says

    With three kiddos in school, and a student myself, this would come in very handy. For the second computer I would like to nominate my “adopted” mother. Her computer is a piece of junk, and she can’t afford a new one. This would be great for her.

  58. says

    For the second computer, I would like to nominate a dear young girl named Kayla. I teach Kayla on Wednesday nights, and her story absolutely breaks my heart. Kayla’s mom can’t stay sober long enough to take care of her children. (Kayla has one brother.) Their dad is always working, and Kayla spends more time with her aunt than she does her own family. Kayla recently had a birthday, and her parents refused to do anything for her, even after they had just given her brother a huge party for his birthday. The entire situation just breaks my heart. Kayla has the sweetest heart of any young girl I have ever met, and she deserves the world. Having a new computer to do schoolwork on, and to make her feel special is exactly what she needs. I would love to make her Christmas just a little more special this year.

  59. says

    I would love to win because I have had the same desktop computer forever! I would love to have a new computer. My husband takes classes online and he’s always complaining that our computer is too slow!

  60. Piroska says

    I would nominate a friend, a poet, who has had his computer crash. Kaput. Broken. This friend has done so much for a large online poetry community…he is selfless…supportive. He is house-bound, and a computer means everything to him.
    Boy, would that make his day!
    pippirose59 at gmail dot com

  61. says

    Oh my – wouldn’t this just be a dream for my teenagers! Our desktop is just steps from the garbage heap…. it only works when it wants to and even then barely. This would be a dream!! With one in college, two in high school, oh my how sweet this would be. What a WONDERFUL opportunity!

    Thank you so much and Merry Christmas to all!

  62. says

    I would give this to my dearest friend who is a single mom. Her computer bit the dust several months ago. It would also be fantastic for her children to do their special school projects and research on.

  63. Amy Brewer says

    I would keep the new one myself and then give my friend my old one that I am using. This looks like a great computer.

  64. Tiffany says

    would love to win this as my pc is ready for the dump and i cannot afford another 1.. i subscribe to newsfeed,and newsletter

  65. says

    I’d love to win this for my son! He’s working so hard and trying to get into grad school, as well as save for a trip (to further his education) to India.

  66. Ann A says

    I would love to win this great prize; our computer is on its last leg. We (a fmly. of five) are sharing one computer that sometimes freezes up and times out. WE NEED A NEW ONE, PLEASE!!! :) brownatural @ gmail dot com

  67. says

    I have never owned a touch screen. I love that this computer is so compact. I am also in need of a new computer. This looks like the one for me!

  68. says

    I would like to nominate my best friend, Sue, to win this computer. She has had a very rough year. This summer, she found a lump that turned out to be ovarian cancer. In July, they removed the mass (football size) and did a hysterectomy. She went through chemotherapy treatments, and lost all her hair with dignity! Now that her hair is finally starting to grow back, she’s developed some new problems and is going through testing to determine whether or not the cancer may have spread to her lymph nodes.

    I hate to see her going through all of this and having to suffer. She’s young (only 36) and has 2 beautiful daughters who are scared for their mom. I would love to see her family blessed with this special surprise.

  69. says

    I would like to nominate my mom to win the second computer. She is the secretary for a nonprofit organization that houses missionaries when they are on furlough. She communicates with the missionaries via email and it takes forever for her current computer to upload all of the messages. An updated computer would help her job tremendously!

  70. Shalitha says

    I would love to be blessed to receive this computer,it would come in handy for my familyand i truely believe we deserve it.THANKS AND GOOD LUCK TO WHO EVER IT’S INTENDED FOR..

  71. Linda F says

    I would love to be able to give this computer to my son. He graduated from college in May 2008 and has been unable to get a full-time job. He is constantly using his computer and the internet to help with his job search but his computer is old and at the minimum, the fan needs to be replaced. Since he does not work full time and he is paying back his student loans, he cannot afford to fix his computer nor buy a new one. It would help him so much if he had a new computer.

  72. Rachel G. says

    I subscribed to your feed. I am actually not trying to win this for myself, instead for a family’s daughter who has special needs and for her independence, this computer would be an amazing accommodation for her.

  73. says

    I would love to win the Touchsmart computer because I’m about to go back to school after a very long hiatus and could really use a new computer to write my PhD papers on!

  74. says

    I would nominate my dad for the Touchsmart PC giveaway. He was let go from his job in IT in February when the company downsized and because of his age he has been declined for every application he has put in for work since then and believe me he has put in A LOT! His job provided health insurance for my mom who has multiple sclerosis so currently she is off her meds because they cannot afford them. If he received a new computer I think it would really encourage him to start a business of his own, he has been toying with the idea of starting an ETSY shop doing homemade things just to get some money flowing in and, well, I think this would be a really great kick start.