Veggie Tales DVD Collection Worth $529


Big Idea, Inc. is releasing their first VeggieTales Holiday DVD in seven years, and we couldn’t be more excited!  Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving is a wonderful DVD, packed with humor and fun, but also explaining the origins of Santa Claus, and how we give because Jesus gave to us.

stNICK_cover600Bonus features include an original new song by critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Matthew West, “Give This Christmas Away,” performed by West and Grammy Award-winning artist Amy Grant.

In this movie, Nicky the Pepper (the first new VeggieTales character in five years) starts out as a young child, seeing his parents give to those in need, but not understanding or appreciating it. 

Through a series of adventures, he learns that they didn’t give things away to make themselves happy, but they gave because they WERE happy.  He comes back to his village to find it taken over by a cruel and selfish man who outlaws giving, so Nicky and his cohort, played by the ever-lovable Mr. Lunt, make disguises for themselves so that they can give to the poor.

This DVD is a great tool in teaching kids the importance of the real meaning of Christmas, and that giving is more important than receiving.

And Big Idea certainly practices what they preach! They are involved in several giving opportunities this Christmas season.  Everyone who purchases the Saint Nicholas DVD will receive a FREE VeggieTales DVD to give to a friend in need! Through this offer inside the DVD, you can log into a special website and select the free VeggieTales DVD that you would like to send to a friend with only $2.99 shipping and handling. Big Idea has also teamed up with Operation Christmas Child to help collect gifts for needy children throughout the world.

And for you, Big Idea is giving away a DVD Collection of VeggieTales worth $529!!! It includes 30 DVDs and is the epitome of presents for all VeggieTales fans everywhere!!

Veggie Tales Library Smaller

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* We received one copy of Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving to review for this giveaway.

By 5 Minutes for Mom Contributor, Rachel


  1. says

    I subscirbe, I posted and I think I linked back (I am so not techy) and I would love this as a gift for my children so that I can move forward and cancel our cable to give them something meaningful to watch. Thanks for these giveaways. This is amazing! Even if I don’t win, this is still awesome.

  2. says

    What a great collection! I would love to win this one! I have your button in my sidebar and am making sure to comment on those I want to enter to win. What does “link up” mean and how do I do that? Can someone let me know? I am technically challenged. Thanks!

  3. says

    I posted your button on my site and it will stay there all season. :-)

    WOW!! My son has just started liking Veggie Tales! He’s seen the Jonah story and we own the Pirates one, but I simply can’t afford to go out and buy a whole stack of them. What a wonderful gift these would be!

  4. Angel S. says

    Wow – We love Veggie Tales!! Stories with a message, can’t go wrong with that! Oh Where, is my Hairbrush??? Lucky winner on this one for sure!!

  5. Chrissy says

    All of my Veggie Tales movies are still on VHS and our VCR broke! This would be such a blessing for my kids to watch Veggie Tales again!

  6. Shawntele says

    I would love to put these videos under the tree for Christmas this year, we haven’t seen any the Veggie Tales but have heard them mentioned often.

  7. Birdie S. says

    The Veggie Tales R sooooo great/love the messeges each story sends…….love to have this 4 R Family !!!!!!!!

  8. Shari says

    My almost three year old is just now getting into VeggieTales a little… having all these DVDs would push him right over the edge, I’m sure. 😉

  9. says

    I think I love veggie tales more than my kids and they love Veggie tales. This is the most awesome Veggie Tales giveaway.


  10. Cheryl Lund says

    I first found out about these when a friend gave my husband one to bring home so the kids could watch it. We have since purchased a few of them but they are on VHS tapes.

  11. Jessica says

    My almost 3 year old loves “The pirates who don’t do anything”! It would be great to add more Veggie Tale movies to her collection.

  12. says

    My son LOVES Veggie Tales! This would be great for him, because we actually only own one of the DVDs – what a great present this would be!!

  13. Sarah Pacilio says

    My daughter still loves the Veggie tales and these would make great gifts for my friends that have little ones or are just starting out :)

  14. Tanya Moyer says

    My girls would so enjoy this collection! Plus it would be a great resource to use at my church!! Great giveaway!!

  15. Mary says

    This looks like something my kids would love (and me too because I would have hours of free time while they would be occupied with their new shows :) ).

  16. says

    What an amazing giveaway. My daughter would love to have the entire collection. Those dvds that we already own would be passed along to bless someone else. Thank you!

  17. says

    OMGOSH! This is WONDERFUL! WOW! 30 Veggie Tale DVDS! WOW!
    (I have SO many on VHS from my older kids and I need them on DVD for the twins…)

    ps I get your newsletter :)

  18. Marlena U. says

    These would be great for my daughter and to share with our friends who have little ones! Thank you for the chance!!

  19. Erica G says

    I would love to win! I would definitely give these to Grandma. She watches my baby sometimes and she watches my nephew 5 days a week. She could really use this and I’m sure the kids would love something different. thanks!

  20. Crystal Aguilar says

    I watch this when I was young and I would like my son to grow up watching these fantastic movies, I want him to lean about the stories in the bible.

  21. says

    I subscribe to the feed and want to comment because this is the coolest giveaway EVER. We have loved VeggieTales since the very first VHS many many years ago. Would love this!

  22. Julie Smith says

    Although my son and grandchildren are big Veggie Tales fans, if I win, I would donate this prize to a local church that runs tons of children’s/teen programs, including a weekly kid’s and weekly teen’s club, a two-week soccer camp during the summer for only $15 for the first child and $5 for each of the remaining children in the family, and other special programs. They have a sister church located in a more affluent area, and the children are treated to many things that parents here might not be able to provide due to little money or no transportation. For instance, at the beginning of the school year, they called each of the families whose children had participated in the teen and in the children’s programs, and took all of the children to Wal-Mart with $50 to spend on school supplies. They are giving each of the families of the children that attend their programs a Thanksgiving basket complete with turkey and all of the fixings (they also do baskets for people outside of the programs). Last year at Christmas, each of the children received LOTS of presents from the church – a brand new coat, hat, scarf, MP3 player, cushy blanket, remote control car (for the boys, I think the girls got something else) and lots of other stuff. This Veggie Tales library would be shared and enjoyed by many children there for a long time to come.

  23. Lorraine says

    My kids love Veggie Tales and would be over the moon to have an entire collection to enjoy! Thank your for this opportunity :)

  24. says

    We have a TON of Veggie Tales DVDs already. But this would be such a great gift to give away (or to give to a children’s hospital or something like that.) Thanks girls!

  25. Rhonda says

    Wow! We are Veggie Tale lovers. It is about the only cartoon out there I can stomach for my child to watch and I get a kick out of them as well. Would be extatic to win this.

  26. Snowflake07 says

    I adore the Veggie Tales. So nice to have cartoons without bratty characters! This collection would be beyond amazing for my daughter!!!

  27. Jennifer Konietzki says

    My daughter absolutely loves watching these videos and I love her watching things that are good for her!

  28. Janelle says

    We just love Veggie Tales ( I used to sing my daughter the theme song just to get her to bed)
    There aren’t many things out there that can make upi laugh AND teach a lesson.

  29. Kristin Green says

    We would love to have these fun and funny videos. Right now we own just one Veggie Tales video, and I know my daughter would enjoy these!

  30. Christine Henkley says

    I would like to nominate Angela Farooqui and her daughter Taniya. They are caring for 3 small children whose mother is hardly ever around. Taniya is 18 and a college student. The kids’ are a 4 year old boy, 3 year old girl, and a 18 month old boy. Angela is on disability and works as the apartmen t manager at her complex to get rent reduction. I know they go to food pantries quite a bit for food. Angela does not ask for alot of help because she believes there are people in the world that are worse off than her and her family. I am proud to say I know this woman because she is strong and determined.