The Ultimate Blog Party 2008 Prize Page

Ultimate Blog Party 2008

To See The Final List of Prize Winners — Click Here

The Ultimate Blog Party 2008 was packed with free stuff!

This party had so many prizes, we had to bring in our favorite party coordinator Pamela from Happy Panda to manage the giveaway madness.

It was simple to be eligible for the random draw.

The instructions were:
(Bloggers – sign the “Mr. Linky” at 5 Minutes for Mom between March 7th and March 14th, invite your friends via a post and put the Invitation Button on your blog’s sidebar and comment on our party post. Non-Bloggers – we want you to be able to have fun and party with us too, so we decided to include you this year in the prize draw. All you need to do is comment on our party post and attend some parties! Visit and comment on at least 20 blogs participating blogs – simply click on the blogs name on the list of links called the Mr. Linky to party hop – and you will qualify as a party guest.)

How To Win The Prize You Really Want

We’re going to let you choose which prize you want!

Here’s how it will work this year:
In your ‘party post’ include at the bottom a list of you top prize picks (you can even list the entire set of prizes in your preferred order.)

  1. Read through all the prizes and visit the listed sites.
    Take your time – you have until 12pm Eastern on March 14, 2007. Read through the prizes but also visit the blogs and spend some time browsing the sites.
  2. Prioritize which gifts you’d want most and make a list
    Each gift is numbered, so just make a list such as:
    10, 24, 30, 45, etc.
    The list does not have to include all the gifts. For example, if there are ten gifts that you know you’d really want, and besides that you’d be happy with any of the other gifts, you can list just the ten. It’s up to you… but the best idea is to make your list complete.
  3. In your ‘party post’ — that is the post that you link to in the Mr. Linky — include a hyperlinks to the websites or blogs offering your top three picks. And then list the prize numbers of the rest of your preferred prize list.
    (If you’re Canadian or International, only include the Canadian and International prizes.)

    For example, you might say something like…

    There are so many cool prizes to be won at this year’s Ultimate Blog Party, but my top three picks would be:

    And if my top three picks are already chosen, I’d love any of the following (in order of preference):
    5, 8, 20, 32, 12, 3 or anything else related to babies and young children since I have a 3 month old and a 2 year old.

    That is just an example. You can list more or less prizes… whatever you’d like to tell Pamela as she proceeds through the prize awarding.

To lower shipping costs, we’ll have a Canadian, International and an American draw. (International will be only downloadable or digital products.)

To See The Final List of Prize Winners — Click Here


Prize Winners will be announced on Monday March 17th.
To be eligible you must comment on our party post.

US Continental Shipping Only Prize List

1 — Rocking Horse
Provided by: A Rocking Horse To Love
As well as running “5 Minutes for Mom”, Janice and Susan also own two online toys stores: A Rocking Horse To Love and Pedal Cars and Retro Collectibles.

Prize details: A soft plush Black and White Rocking Horse that is perfect for children aged 2 to 4.

2 — Baby Candy shirt
Provided by:Baby Candy
Prize details: Baby Candy is offering one of their popular Customized Candy “Property Of” shirts (as featured in Us Weekly Magazine on Trista Sutter’s son). All shirts are wrapped like candy and sealed with a “nutrition” label.

3 — $15 gift certificates to Beady Queen
Provided by: Beady Queen
Prize details: Get ready to shop for your favorite beaded jewelry, beaded lanyards, beaded gifts or hair bow.BeadyQueen is donating two $15 gift certificates to be used in their online store.

4 — Cushie Pushie Pillow
Provided by: Cushie Pushie
Prize details: Cushie Pushies come in a variety of fun, colorful designs. Whether your style is pastel and cutesy or bold and vibrant, there is a Cushie Pushie for you. You won’t want to hide them in your diaper bag! Cushie Pushie is offering a breast support pillow ($15 value).

5 — Pro-breastfeeding onesie
Provided by: Cushie Pushie
Prize details: Cushie Pushie Company is launching its new line of fun pro-breastfeeding apparel and gift items. The gift items are geared towards nursing moms and their babies. The Pro-breastfeeding onesie offered is a ($12.99 value).

6 — 3-tier diaper cake
Provided by: Diaper Cakewalk
Prize details: Diaper cakes are a clever, stylish way to gift diapers at a baby-shower. Diaper Cakewalk will be donating a 3-tier diaper cake from their Diaper-Only category.
7 — Bead Dangle Photo Tile Necklace
Provided by: Elemental Memories
Prize details: Bead Dangle Photo Tile Necklace with heart charm (value $144). Keep your kiddies close to you heart without sacrificing your “cookie cutter free” sense of style. We take your favorite photo bake it onto a piece of hand pressed clay and finish it with hand wire wrapped semi-precious stone beads, sterling silver, and more to create hip and sassy custom photo jewelry.
8 — 50 Nights of Family Fun
Provided by: Essential Family Living
Essential Family Living is a website featuring tips, suggestions, and ideas for family fun nights and family games. This site is offering a great book called “50 Nights of Family Fun!” by Mark Whitlock which includes 50 creative ways to have a simple, cheap, and fun family night.
9 — $20 gift certificate to FeeFiFoto
Provided by: FeeFiFoto
Prize details: FeeFiFoto is happy to contribute a $20 gift certificate to their online store. For this amount the winner can design a photo mug, mousepad, calendar or any number of other personalized gifts.
10 — $25 gift certificate to Fun On The Ark
Provided by: Fun On The Ark
Prize details: Fun On The Ark is donating a $25 gift card to their online store.Use your gift card to purchase a great Noah-to-Goah kit for someone you love – or purchase outfits and accessories for the stuffed animals you already have living at your house. Great for Children of all ages – our Make Your Own stuffed animal kits make perfect gifts for birthdays, holidays, graduations, special events and more.
11 — $40 gift certificate to Good For The Kids
Provided by: Good For The Kids
Prize details: Good for the Kids is owned and operated by a stay-at-home mom who started her website offering products to nurture babies, engage children, and decorate women. Good For The Kids is donating a $40 gift certificate to their online store.
12 — $50 gift certificate to Happy Panda
Provided by: Happy Panda
Prize details: Find a better fit for the baby in your life! Happy Panda would like to donate a $50 gift certificate to three winners to be used at their online store.
13 — Toddler Wash and Bedtime Easy-Grip Toddler Sudzing Bars
Provided by: Johnson’s Baby
Prize details: Johnson’s Baby is donating their new products Johnson’s Bedtime Toddler Wash and Johnson’s Bedtime Easy-Grip Toddler Sudzing Bars. These products are valued at $14.
14 — 12X12 Custom Wall Canvas
Provided by: JuJu Beane Boutique
Prize details: The Ju Ju Beane Boutique features playful designs and casual styles for babies and toddlers from today’s most popular labels.JuJu Beane Boutique will be donating a 12X12 custom wall canvas by Hip Kid Art. You can see more in their product catalog.
15 — $50 gift certificate to Kids Magical Wonder
Provided by: Kids Magical Wonder
Prize details: Get ready to shop at their trendy baby and children’s boutique! Kids Magical Wonder is donating a $50 gift card to their online store.
16 — MomSpit Kit
Provided by: MomSpit
Prize details: MomSpit no-rinse cleansers add quality, convenience and sheer enjoyment to life’s daily activities. They are all about good, clean fun. MomSpit is donating a spitkit! This product is valued at $25.
17 — My Baby Can Talk DVD Set
Provided by My Baby Can Talk
Prize details: My Baby Can Talk is providing a set of their award winning My Baby Can Talk DVD series that includes three DVDs. They are inspiring early language development from simple gestures to first spoken words.
18 — Wrap-N-Mat and Chico shopping bag
Provided by: Nature Moms
Prize details: Nature Moms is donating two Wrap-N-Mat reusable lunch wraps and one Chico shopping bag. Both help promote a more eco friendly life.
19 — Klean Kanteen Sippy Cup
Provided by: Non Toxic Tots
Prize details: Non Toxic Tots would like to donate a Klean Kanteen sippy cup as a prize. This cup features a safe, non-leaching, BPA free, stainless steel bottle, adapter with 2 sippy spouts and is valued at $17.95.
20 — $50 gift certificate to Paperlicious
Provided by: – Hip Invites & Notes
Prize details: Stylish online stationer will give away 2 gift certificates at $50 each good for anything in their online store, like Momager Calling Cards™ and social stationery or custom printed party invitations; good for 1 year from date of issue.
21 — Foot Revitalizer
Provided by: ORNA
Prize details: ORNA is offering their amazing skincare foot revitalizer that has magazine editors in heaven! This prize is valued at $35.
22 — Nursing Cover
Provided by: Peekaboobaby
Prize details: Everyone knows that breast is best, but it’s not always the easiest when you’re out and about in public. With your new Peekaboobaby nursing cover, you no longer have to worry! Just grab your Peekaboobaby, slide it over your head, and it’s mealtime … easy as that! Peekaboobaby is donating one nursing cover in the fabric of your choice, valued at $32.00.
23 — T-Shirts
Provided by: PMKU
Prize details: PMKU is donating 10 of their favorite t-shirts. PMKU is a blog where learning never ends. Read about product reviews, Wordless Wednesdays, Thursday-13’s and more!
24 — Blog Design
Provided by: Sweet ‘n Simple Design
Prize details: Sweet ‘n Simple Design would like to offer a free blog design as a prize for this year’s Ultimate Blog Party! It will be a Custom Blog Design available for Blogger OR WordPress blogs!
25 —TBO Designs Services
Provided by: TBO Designs
Prize details: TBO Designs will offer the prize winner a free Postcard design and two free product edits if they own an online business. If the winner is not an online business owner the prize will be a free photo remastering job from the TBO Designs, Inc. Digital Photo Studio!
26 — Nursing Cover
Provided by: The Pitter Patter Boutique
Prize details: Sarah Ellis is bringing you a way to comfortably and discreetly nurse in public while still showing off your style and sophistication. The Pitter Patter Boutique would love to offer one of their Nursing Covers as a prize and with over 160 different fabric choices the winner can pick their favorite.
27 — Custom Tie Dyed Layette Set
Provided by: Twist and Shout Creations
Prize details: Stephanie from Twist and Shout Creations will be giving away a Tie Dyed Layette Set. Includes: Newborn Long-Sleeve Onesie, Newborn Hat and Receiving Blanket (30inx40in). It is a Custom Tie Dyed Layette Set and that the picture is just an example or something to that effect.
28 — Uncommonly Cute tees
Provided by: Uncommonly Cute
Prize Details: Winners choice of any t-shirt or onesie. These baby clothes are all the buzz in hollywood.
29 — $25 gift card to My Mommy’s Bracelets or Baby Girl Bracelets.
Provided by: Vanessa Younts
Prize details: Vanessa Younts is the owner/designer of and Baby Girl Bracelets. She is offering a $25 gift card to either store. The jewelry you will find at are designed with “girls” of all ages in mind whereas Baby Girl Bracelets is tailored more for babies, girls, and teenagers. Vanessa designs each and every item “made to order” paying close attention to detail using only the finest materials available. Shipping is always FREE and custom orders are welcomed.
30 — Winners Choice of Blanket
Provided by: Snuggy Bugz
Prize details: Snuggy Bugz would like to offer a winner their choice of either a Micro Cozie Security Blanket, a Sweet Animal Micro Cozie Blanket or either the Pink or Blue Minky Brocade Blankets!
31 — $20 gift certificate to Announcements Galore
Provided by: Announcements Galore
Prize details: Announcements Galore offers announcement photo cards for every occasion! The winner can use their $20 gift certificate on any product at Announcements Galore.
32 — Living The Dream Mom T-Shirt
Provided by: LtdChix
Prize details: LTD Chix is offering one winner their favorite “Living the Dream Mom” design on a t-shirt. There are 8 to choose from!
33 — Porcelain Easter Egg
Provided by: For Such A Time As Now
Prize details: I will be giving away a hand painted porcelain Easter egg from The China Painter valued at $25. Some of her work can be seen at her blog.
34 — Custom Tutu
Provided by: Live~Love~Dance Boutique
Prize details: The winner can design their own children’s tutu size newborn to size 6. Visit Live~Love~Dance Boutique to see tutu designs.
35 — $25 gift certificate
Provided by: Jus Shar Designs
Prize details: Jus Shar Designs is giving away a $25 gift certificate to their online store. Heirlooms for today and tomorrow. Visit Jus Shar Designs to see custom crochet products.
36 — Marketing for Entrepreneurs
Provided by: Lis Garrett
Prize details: This prize is for entrepreneurs who are looking for someone to endorse their business, whether it is a part-time hobby or a full-fledged career. I will write an endorsement for the business website and include it on my personal blog AND my business blog I will also include a linkable graphic on my business blog and display it for 30 days. In addition, I will place their business link and brief bio on the “Support Entrepreneurs” page on my personal blog FREE for 3 months. The business must be family-friendly. This prize is worth $30.
37 — Moby Wrap
Provided by: Christine from Dates to Diapers
Details: Babywearing is a must when you have a new little one, especially when this little one has older siblings! Christine is offering an original Moby Wrap, the most comfortable baby carrier on the market today, in Sienna (a beautiful burnt orange). Value: $39.95
38 — 20 Custom Made Teacher Notecards
Provided by: My Little Monkey Boutique

Prize details: My Little Monkey Boutique is donating a set of 20 Custom Made Teacher Notecards. Their custom teacher notecards are perfect to give to a teacher or daycare worker as a gift for their birthday, teacher appreciation day, end of the school year or Christmas! Teachers love using our custom 5.5? x 4.25′ notecards when sending notes to parents, other teachers or their friends! Also included in the set is a personalized No. 2 pencil that says “Teacher – You’re No. 1!”
39 — $20 Gift Certificate
Provided by: The Organized Knitting Club
Prize details: The Organized Knitting Club is offering one lucky winner a $20 gift certificate to
40 — $20 gift certificate
Provided by: Sweet Peas and Polka Dots
Prize details: Sweet Peas and Polka Dots is donating a $20 gift card to their online store. This unique baby stationary boutique offers hip, modern birth announcements, baby thank you cards and baby note cards. Pamper yourself with the dreamy Lux Baby line which showcases plush lamb and teddy bear appliqués. Delight friends and family with Sweet Peas designs that offer two skin tones for baby and option for twins!
41 — One Set of Standard Greeting Cards.
Provided by: Just Being Notesy
Prize details: Just Being Notesy is offering one set of standard greeting cards. For non-winners, take 10% off your order placed between March 7th-21st by entering the code “5 Minutes” when you check out. allows you to personally design your own set of greeting cards. Priced at under $8 for an entire set, these cards make a perfect little gift for a friend or yourself!
42 — Spoiled Rotten Baby Food Gift Set
Provided by: Sweet Pea Cakes, etc.

Prize details: Sweet Pea Cakes, etc. is giving away one Spoiled Rotten Baby Food Gift set. Find handmade gifts such as diaper cakes (filled inside with 15 baby items), swaddle blankets, bib sets, nursing cover ups, wedding towel cakes, towel cakes, towel cupcakes, Sweet Pea Js’ (pajama gift sets) and Sweet Pea Baby Food Jars at Sweet Pea Cakes, etc.
43 — Moby Dick

Provided by: Double Happiness
Prize details: Double Happiness is offering Moby Dick for your child from Usborne Books, a distributor of over 1,300 bright, colorful and fun titles covering activities, puzzles and a wide range of subjects for children of all ages. Best resource for families and homeschoolers!(Value $10).

44 — Jump Start World 1st Grade
Provided by: Mom Reviews
Prize details: Mom Reviews is giving away three Jump Start World 1st Grade computer software games.
45 — Custom Blog Design
Provided by: Summer
Prize details: Summer is offering a free custom blog design for a blogger in need! Prize available to users of blogger/blogspot only.
46 — $20 Gift Certificate
Provided by: Kelly
Prize details: Kelly is offering a $20 gift certificate to her online store. She has fabulous jewelry for all occasions at awesome prices. The winner can use their $20 gift certificate on any product in her current on-line catalog.
47 — Flaming BabyLegs!
Provided by: Fire Mom
Prize details: FireMom from Stop, Drop and Blog is offering a pair of Flame Babylegs! In honor of her new domain which features the fact that she is part of a Fire Department family. (Babylegs will be new, in package)
48 — Story Package
Provided by: Cherish Bound
Prize details: Cherish Bound is offering a story package that will include: 1 Family Yearbook Story Starter, 1 Deck of Family Chat Cards, a coupon for a $68 hardbound 8.5 x 11 Family Yearbook and personal services and assistance to walk you through the process. A retail value of $90.
49 — $10 Gift Certificate
Provided by: Christelle
Christelle at is donating a $10 gift certificate to Christian Book Distributors.
50 — 12 Basic Boutique Bows
Provided by:
Prize details: is donating 12 of her basic boutique bows in these colors (red, white, pink, navy, black, dark purple, brown, yellow, light purple, green, light blue, maroon) retail value is $42.00 USD U.S. addresses only. ONE WINNER gets all 12 bows.
51 — #30 Gift Certificate
Provided by: Sherwares
Prize details: creates customized baby bracelets. You can win a $30.00 gift certificate to their online shop.
52 — Jendi Jean Bag
Provided by: Jendi Jean Bags
Prize details: Jendi Jean Bags is giving one winner one of their creative bags. The winner will have 3 options! 1.)They can choose to send a pair of jeans to make into a bag. 2.) They can specify colors/design they would like to use. 3.) They could win a bag that is already posted for sale.
53 — $25 gift certificate
Provided by: SkinCareGirl
Prize details: SkinCareGirl is giving away a $25 gift certificate to her online store. Visit SkinCareGirl to select quality skin care, anti-aging supplements, color cosmetics, fragrances, bath and body and more! You can also view her online catalog. You Glow Girl!
54 — $60 Gift Certificate
Provided by: Liza
Prize details: Liza from Liza’s Eyeview would like to donate a $60 gift certificate to Mikarose is an on-line store of elegant modest dresses at affordable pricing.
55 — $23 Cash
Provided by: Kristin
Prize details: Kristin of An Ordinary Life is giveaway a $23 cash prize in honor of her birthday! Her blog is currently going through many changes stop by and see.
56 — $10/$20 Gift Certificate
Provided by: Making Scrapbooks
Prize details: Making Scrapbooks is giving away a gift certificate of the winners choice. Choose from one of the following: a $10 gift certificate to use for paper or digital scrapbooking products or a $20 gift certificate to purchase paper or digital scrapbooking products as a hobbyist consultant with the company. In addition to $20 in free products, the winner their consultant discount on future purchases with No sales requirements.
57 — Winner’s Choice!
Provided by: Little Ladybug Designs
Prize Details: Little Ladybug Designs is donating a set of 4×6 photo baby announcements, or baby shower invitations, or birthday invitations. (Retail value of $35) Little Ladybug Designs offers unique and modern custom photo adoption and birth announcements, baby shower & birthday invitations, thank you cards, video montages, & more to make memories last a lifetime.
58 — Customized 6 Week Fitness Plan
Provided By: Cindy Posey, Go Workout Mom
Prize Details: Go Workout Mom is offering one lucky lady a personalized plan for your lifestyle. Upon completing the initial consultation via an email questionnaire, I will fold your current lifestyle, fitness level, needs, goals, and desires into a Fitness Journey just for YOU. The program will walk you through everyday of the first 6 weeks. Designed to push you slightly above and beyond your current fitness level, it will cover your cardiovascular, muscular and dietary needs. Through daily email contact and motivational cheering, I will be available to answer your questions and concerns.
59 — $25 Cash
Provided by: Lori
Prize details: Lori from A Cowboy’s Wife is giving away $25 via pay pal.
60 — $25 Gift Certificate
Provided by: Judy
Prize details: Judy at “Welcome to My World of Dreams” will be donating a $25 gift certificate from
61 — The Very Cool Lunchbox
Provided by: Victoria P. Zurcher Designs
Prize Details: Victoria P. Zurcher Designs is happy to offer a
personalized lunchbox in the design style of your choice. “The Very Cool
” makes a great gift and holds lots of Matchbox cars and Barbie
clothes! Personalization is included. This prize is valued at $25.00.
62 — Boca Beth Bilingual Beginner Set
Provided by: The Boca Beth Program
Prize details: The Boca Beth Program is giving away one Boca Beth Bilingual Beginner Set. Being bilingual is no longer an option, it’s a necessity, and Boca Beth makes it fun and easy! You will win this set consisting of a Spanish and English music CD titled My First Songs in Spanish that introduces more than 100 words and 40 phrases, the company’s first DVD titled Mi casa/My House, BOCA the hand puppet & language amigo/friend along with a bilingual coloring/activity book. You don’t need to speak a 2nd language to give your child the gift of a 2nd language!
63 — $50 Gift Certificate
Provided by: Emily Rose
Prize details: Emily Rose is offering a $50 gift certificate to their online store. Emily Rose is the only choice for unique and affordable doll clothes and furniture to fit your American Gril Doll or other 18 inch doll. We have over 600 outfits, furniture, trunks and accessories for a fun and satisfying shopping experience. But don’t take our word for it – read what over 200 customers have to say on our Customer Testimonials page.
64 — Pirates of the Caribbean portable CD player
Provided by: The Geeky Housewife
Prize details: The Geeky Housewife is giving away a Pirates of the Caribbean portable CD player, retail value $24.99. The CD player is made to look like Jack Sparrow’s compass and features a two headphone jack and plays CDs, CDRs, and CD-RWs.
65 — BFF onesie
Provided by: Dekoposh, Inc.
Prize details: Dekoposh, Inc. is giving away one of their BFF onesies. It’s just one of their many products from their Got Text??Shirts Line of tees. Text Messaging and chatting have become the norm for all of us, why not have your favorite Text Message on your Shirt. Dekoposh, Inc. has introduced two fun characters deko and posh who have become BFFs and love to use technology today to get ahead. You can read more about deko and posh on their blog at . They have found so many blogs on parenting, cooking, fashion, celebrities, and they love them all but the deko and posh blog is one of the first for V.I.T’s (very important tweens and teens) and is designed to empower, motivate, and create a generation of do-ers…Our Youth, Our Future Leaders.
66 — “Stardust” 2-disc Lullaby CD
Provided by: Audible Chocolate Productions and Stardust Lullaby
Prize details: Audible Chocolate Productions is offering it’s award winning 2-disc Stardust lullaby collection for all ages, by award winning musicians, Cher & Gene Klosner. Stardust is a recent winner of “iParenting Media Awards – 2008 Best Products – Audio” and features rich, lilting vocals intertwined with authentic instrumentation performed by symphony and jazz musicians. Stardust features over 2-1/2 hours of music, with vocal and instrumental versions of each song and a 24 page booklet to help parents sing to and with their children. Hear soundclips at ($24.95 value)
67 — Blog Makeover
Provided by: Shauna
Prize details: Shauna from See My Designs is giving away a FREE Blog Makeover for your Blog. This includes a new header, custom background and signature to match!
68 — $25 Gift Certificate
Provided by: We are That Family
Prize details: We are THAT Family would like to offer $25 in product from Tag It! Bag It! Gotta Have It! This cute store offers fun and original, handmade gift tags, bags and cards!
69 — Custom Designed Digital Layout
Provided by: Brenners from Time and Season
Prize details: Brenners from Time and Season is giving away a custom designed digital layout using the lucky winner’s photo(s) to design a layout that they can either add to their scrapbook or frame and hang on their wall.
70 — Chocolate
Provided by: The Chocolistas
Prize details: The Chocolistas is offering a chocolate prize which will include: 1/4 lb. chocolate covered almonds, 1/4 lb. chocolate covered raisins, 1/4 lb. chocolate covered peanuts, 1/4 lb. chocolate covered cashews, and 1/4 lb. dark chocolate covered pecans.
71 — $40 credits for 2 winners – toward their new website or blog design
Provided by: Revka & Linda of RS Designs
Prize details: RS Designs offers custom and pre-made products to personalize your website or blog design. Revka & Linda are offering a $40 store credit to be used toward any RS Designs’ purchase totaling $40 or more for two lucky winners.
72 — Webcam
Provided by: Liz
Prize details: Liz at This Full House is giving away a Logitech QuickCam Pro 2000 webcam, she received on her review blog, courtesy of the promoters for – a video instant messaging service. The prize is valued at $100.
73 — Susan K. Marlow’s Circle C Adventure books
Provided by: Susan K. Marlow
Prize details: Andi Carter, the 12-year-old heroine of Susan K. Marlow’s Circle C Adventure series for kids, gives you a chance to win one of her nail-biting adventures from 1880s California. Andi and her palomino mare, Taffy, get in and out of scrapes in the Old West, while discovering important, life-changing character qualities along the way. Ages 9 and up. (3 winners–choose the book you want)
74 — Paper Goodies & Baker’s Twine
Provided by: Pink Paper PeppermintsMelissa is the author of the Pink Paper Peppermints blog and is a crafty and creative homeschooling mama sharing her daily attempts at honoring the Lord Jesus, loving her husband and kids, making cool stuff and giving a reason for the hope that is in her.
Prize details: Melissa’s prize is a collection of pretty paper goodies for scrapbooking & paper crafting and a birdie-shaped book of baker’s twine!
75 — Designer Multi-Cultural Infant/Toddler or Mom Tee!
Provided by: Regionz Kid
Prize details: Our boutique infant and toddler clothing selection allows you to find the Regionz Kid that suits your child. From our 104 designs, to our regional selections, to our multi-cultural babies, there is something that is sure to be a fit for you and your baby! We have infant and toddler boys’ and girls’ designs, along with multi-cultural babies in our prints & we offer 4 tee sizes and 4 color selections. We can print your customized t-shirt on any of the 4 colors! See to choose your design, tee, size, color & character!
76 — $25 Gift Certificate
Provided by: Lily Cait
Prize details: We plant the seed that blooms into a lifelong love of fashion and magic. Little girls and girls at heart love our selection of couture tutus and hair accessories. Lily Cait is offering a $25 gift certificate to be used at our online shop.
77 — 2 $20 Gift Certificates
Provided by:
Prize details: is donating two $20 gift certificates to our online boutique. Chesapeake Ribbons is owned and operated by a stay-at-home mom, & Baltimore-native, selling classic handmade ribbon accessories for the entire family…with a cause!
78 — 50 Custom Photo Cards for Any Occasion
Provided by: Polka Dot Bumblebee –
Custom Photo Cards & Personalized Stationery

Prize details: Choose from any of our 500+ designs or we will work to create a custom photo announcement for any style and occasion. Custom birth announcements, photo birthday party invitations, photo holiday cards and much more! Bee original…never cookie cutter! (Retail Value $50)
79 — Skin Care Kit
Provided by: Hick Chicks Soap Barn
Prize details: Hick Chicks Soap Barn will offer a free soap deck set, lip butter, and large lotion bar of the winner’s choice of scents available from their website – Hick Chicks Soap Barn ~ Homespun Raw Goat Milk Soaps ‘n More. They are a family on a ranch, making a little extra income to help support our natural, healthy lifestyle. Mom and kids, making natural goodies in our country kitchen. They support buying local, homemade and homegrown! They make natural, dye free, soaps with raw goat milk and natural lip butters, belly butters, and relaxing bath salts.
80 — Scripture Doll
Provided by: Jill
Prize details: Jill at is offering a scripture doll, courtesy of Tina Thompson. This doll is homemade with a scripture sewn onto its chest. A perfect Easter gift for any little boy or girl.
81 — Basket of Books
Provided by: Robin Bielman a mother of 2
and aspiring romance author.
Prize Details: Indulge in some “me” time with a good romance plus a
Mommy-Track mystery book. Six romance novels are included along with some Godiva chocolate and a book mark. Novels by best selling authors Janet Evanovich, Janelle Denison and Lisa Jackson are included. Robin
Bielman blogs daily about writing, romance, what’s on her mind and the (mis)adventures of being a mom.
82 — Custom-Made Pillowcase
Provided by: Pillowcasegram
Prize details: Pillowcasegram is donating one free custom-made pillowcase of your choice, up to $30. Choose a pillowcase to send to someone or one for yourself for any holiday or special occasion. Pillowcasegram will also embroider any name or message on it. Visit their web site at to choose which beautiful custom-made pillowcase you would like to win.
83 — 10 New Mom Goody Bags
Provided by: Goodies for Mom
Prize details: Goodies for Mom will be giving away 10 New Mom Goody Bags that include product samples, coupons, safety tips, brochures on innovative new products, Mothering Magazine, and helpful tools for new moms. In addition, anyone visiting Goodies for Mom and leaving a comment with a valid e-mail address will receive a virtual goody bag containing coupons, product information and helpful articles to be e-mailed at the end of the party.
84 — Baby Sling
Provided by: Sarah
Prize details: Sarah from SazzyFrazz is donating a ModMum baby sling of the winners choice!
85 — Noah’s ABC Stacking Blocks
Provided by: Sarah
Prize details: Sarah from SazzyFrazz is donating a set of Noah’s ABC Stacking Blocks from Alphabet Alley.
86 — $25 Gift Certificate to Autumn Daisy Studio
Provided by: Many Little Blessings
Prize details: The winner of the prize can choose any (non-reserved) items from the Autumn Daisy Studio and get $25.00 of their total. (Prize expires on 12/31/08.) Autumn Daisy Studio includes products such as Mommy Calling Cards/Business Cards, Handcrafted Rosaries and Catholic Jewelry, Fine Art Photography, and Other Crafty Creations! (This prize has no cash value, and if less than $25 is spent, the remainder will not be refunded.)
87 — Orange and Blue Beaded Necklace
Provided by: Autumn Daisy Studio
Prize Details: A fun and lively (approximately) 24″ orange and blue necklace. The focal piece of this necklace is a circular millefiori pendant, which is just a hair over 1-inch in diameter. This necklace was strung on 0.19 softflex wire. The design employs a variety of shapes of glass beads, as well as blue and orange czech spacer beads.
88 — Ethan Allen’s Style Book
Provided by: Southern Hospitality
Prize details: Southern Hospitality will give away a copy of Ethan Allen’s Style book. It’s a beautifully illustrated hardback book of Ethan Allen furniture, along with how-to’s on getting certain looks in your home, from traditional to contemporary. Lots of beautiful full-color pictures and ideas are shown and anyone who loves decorating will enjoy having this book for their decorating library.
89 — Birthday Memories Collage Frame – Holds Twelve 1.5″ X 1.5 Photos
Provided by: Be Thrifty Like Us
Prize details: Be Thrifty Like Us is donating a birthday memories collage frame that holds twelve 1.5″ X 1.5″ photos. Visit “Be Thrifty Like Us” to find the best deals at Target, CVS & the grocery store, as well as money saving coupons and financial advice.
90 — Fused Glass Pendant
Provided by: Lucky Girl Trading Co.
Prize details: Lucky Girl Trading Co. is giving away a fused glass pendant ready to wear with your favorite chain or cord. Perfect for dressing for an evening out or a casual afternoon, you’ll love the way the light changes the look and color of fused glass! Lucky Girl Trading offers a large selection of fused glass jewelry, sterling silver chains, and handcrafted kumihimo necklaces.
91 — Burt’s Bees Naturally Ageless skin care line
Provided by: Geggie
Prize details: Geggie from So, What Else? What Else? What Else? is donating Burt’s Bees Naturally Ageless skin care line includes full size product of Line Diminishing Day Lotion, Skin Firming Night Crème, Line Smoothing Eye Crème and Intensive Repairing Serum valued at $100.
92 — Lonely Pearls
Provided by: PamperingBecki
Prize details: PamperingBeki is giving away a pair of pearl earrings. “Lonely Pearls” are the number one seller in the PamperingBeki jewelry line and are made of sterling silver and huge freshwater pearls. They can be seen at
93 — An original 5×7 matted print
Provided by: Rebecca’s Originals
Prize details: Rebecca’s Originals is happy to contribute a 5×7 print of the winners choice. Available prints have been uploaded for viewing. Visit to visit, comment, and make your selection.
94 — Book Light
Provided by: Thrifty Jinxy
Prize Details: Thrifty Jinxy, your info source for living “on the cheap”, is offering a handy book light. Prize is valued at $19.95.
95 — Signed and numbered linoleum-cut fairy print, “Fairies, 2007”
Provided by: A Virtual Hobby Store and Coffee Shop
Prize details:A signed print by Richard of Archaic Design. Winner will be able to choose from one of two designs.
96 — 3 Good Pails
Provided by: The Stuff I Live For
Prize details: The Stuff I Live For is contributing an extra large pail valued at $22 from Good Pails to Have to 3 winners. Good Pails provides stylish storage, party favor pails and gift containers. An extra large pail in the print choice of the winner is perfect for fun storage or as an alternative to a gift bag.
97 — diaper pouch, changing pad, printed bib, & personalized burp cloth
Provided by: Island Baby Boutique
Prize details: Island Baby Boutique is offering one winner a diaper pouch, changing pad, printed bib, & personalized burp cloth. At Island Baby Boutique, we know how special every baby is. That’s why we offer personalized baby items as well as unique Hawaiian print fabrics.
98 — $20 Gift Certificate
Provided by: Make Some Noise
Prize details: Make Some Noise: Unique Jewelry for You is offering a $20 gift certificate to their online store. Turn heads and make some noise.
99 — Clip-on Baby Blanket
Provided by: Secure2Me
Prize details: Imagine a blanket that didn’t wind up on the ground! Secure2Me Blankets feature luxurious fabrics and a baby-safe clip on each corner so you can attach the blanket to any baby gear! Secure2Me is offering an ultrasoft clip-on baby blanket of your choice valued at $42!
100 — 3 books
Provided by: Jill Norwood
Prize details: Jill Norwood from Who Could Ask for Anything More is giving away three cooking and entertaining books bundled together in a fun striped tote bag, perfect for taking on an overnight stay or to the pool or beach. I’ll also be filling the bag with some goodies geared especially toward the winner’s taste (coffee lover, tennis player, scrapbooker, etc.) Jill’s Book Bag is a regular feature on my blog, so, if you don’t win this time, I hope you visit me regularly to enter another time.
101 — Devotional Bible for women
Provided by: Jubilee on Earth
Prize details: Jubilee on Earth is giving away an all-new devotional Bible for women. This gorgeous green, Italian leather New Women’s Devotional Bible will help any Christian (or want-to-be Christian) woman apply God’s Word to her life. It includes a full year of all-new devotions by women of God. Added features from its bestselling predecessor make this Bible more engaging, practical, and versatile.
102 — Fortune Cookie Kit
Provided by: Jane
Prize details: Jane from is donating a Fortune Cookie Kit. The kit includes a unique recipe, 3-inch cookie template, folding instructions, and 10 pages of fortunes. It also now includes a fantastic instructional DVD with more great ideas. Personalized fortune cookies are great favors for baby showers, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, and work parties. Make your own fortune today!
103 — 7 Pink Brick Box Play Sets
Provided by: LEGO
Prize details: LEGO will give away 7 Pink Brick Box play sets, in honor of the 7 day long Ultimate Blog Party! LEGO® Creative Building sets offer open-ended creativity and endless play possibilities for children of all ages. With the new Pink Brick Box moms and their daughters (and sons!) can build together with classic iconic LEGO bricks in a new color splash! Little builders can practice being creative with this new tub featuring a multi-colored assortment of bricks, perfect for building a cute ice cream parlor, animals, flowers, people, cars and more. Set includes building instructions for 3 models and photo inspiration for 15 more. New storage case allows for quick and fun clean-up. Ages 4+.
104 — Book Package
Provided by: Melissa Mashburn
Prize details: Mel’s World with Melissa Mashburn is donating “Confessions of a Prayer Wimp” book by Mary Pierce, a pretty pink journal with “This is the Day that the Lord has Made” on the front, a pretty gel pen, and a packet of cappuccino to enjoy while reading your book.
105 — Book Package
Provided by: Melissa Mashburn
Prize details: Mel’s World with Melissa Mashburn is donating “Living in Love with Jesus” book by Dee Brestin & Kathy Troccoli, a pretty blue journal with “Delight yourself in the Lord” on the front, a pretty gel pen, and a packet of hot cocoa to enjoy while reading your book.
106 — One on One Consultation
Provided by: Mel’s World Travel Biz
Prize details: Mel’s World Travel Biz is giving away a One on One Consultation on starting your own Home Based Travel Business. Learn how to travel more & spend less! * Learn how to write off your vacations ethically and morally! * Learn how to be your own boss! Receive a Fun & Travel Vacation Guide Magazine, a Success from Home Magazine (all about starting your own Home Based Business) and a DVD explaining the entire travel business plan package valued at “The sky is the limit.”
107 — Mel’s World Travel Biz“>$15 Gift Card to Starbucks & Magazines
Provided by: Mel’s World Travel Biz
Prize details: Mel’s World Travel Biz is giving away a $15 Starbuck’s Card, a Fun/Travel Vacation Guide Magazine and Success from Home Magazine.
108 — A Dieting Diva’s Diary
Provided by: Kali Shirah
Prize details: Kali Shirah is offering A Dieting Diva’s Diary is a 31-day inspirational weight loss companion for tracking your fitness progress, with tips for managing cravings, high blood pressure and diabetes. Its compact size makes it convenient to carry in your purse or tote bag for quick logging of: Weight Watchers(tm) food points, water consumption, exercise, weigh-ins, etc. A Dieting Diva’s Diary also features daily Bible verses to uplift and encourage you on your weight loss journey.
109 — 10 sets of KN Cool (R) Daywear
Provided by: KN Karen Neuburger
Prize details: KN Karen Neuburger Lifestyle Brand is offering 10 sets of KN Cool (R) Daywear, our new intimates collection made with a pima cotton elastane blend that helps keep away moisture and keeps the skin cool and dry. Each set includes a camisole and matching panties.
110 — 3 Autographed Children’s Books
Provided by: Jennifer
Prize details: Monkey Barrel Press is offering 3 autographed copies of “My Name is Not Isabella.” Winners will receive their prizes in May/June when the book is released.
111 — Arbonne Baby Care Herbal Diaper Rash Cream
Provided by: Rebecca from The~Hatfields
Prize details: Rebecca is an Independant Consultant for Arbonne – Pure Swiss Skin Care. Arbonne uses only the best herbal and botanical extracts, oils, fragrances and vitamins. Arbonne’s Herbal Diaper Rash Cream is excellent for sensitive skin. Key Ingredients: Zinc oxide, avocado and peach. (Retail Value- $14.00)
112 — $5 Gift Certificate
Provided by: Mocha with Linda
Prize Details: Enjoy the Starbucks treat of your choice! Mocha with Linda is donating a $5 Starbucks gift card. (
113 — Arbonne Pampering Basket
Provided by: The Truest Thing
Prize Details: Get ready to enjoy a Mommy-version Easter basket filled with lots of pampering goodies from Arbonne International! You will enjoy samples from several of the skin care lines, a Luxurious Almond Body Buff and a Luxurious Almond Body Butter, a lipstick and a Prep and Plump for your lips in the colors of your choice! Arbonne’s products are made from the purest botanical ingredients and range from skin care to nutritional!
114 — $20 gift certificate to Lush
Provided by: After a Cup of Coffee…or Two
Prize details: Pamper yourself with a gift from my favorite natural
bath and body store.
115 — An Autographed copy of Crazy Aunt Purl’s…
Provided by: My La Blog
Prize details: Kat at My La Blog is reaching into her own personal stash of goodies to offer up a little bloggie reading fun for the party. An Autographed copy of Crazy Aunt Purl’s Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair: The True-Life Misadverntures of a 30-Something Who Learned to Knit After He Split. Best enjoyed with cheetos and a bottle of wine (or so Crazy Aunt Purl would have us believe)
116 — Autographed Copy of True Believer by Nicholas Sparks and a $5 Starbucks Gift Card
Provided by: Amy at Signs, Miracles and Wonders
Prize Details: Who doesn’t love a good book with a great cup of coffee. Nick is a personal friend of our family. If you haven’t read any of his books, you are in for a treat.
117 — $25 Gift Certificate
Provided by: Mommy Bytes
Prize details: Angela with Mommy Bytes is offering a $25 gift certificate to Target.
118 — Handmade Custom Wipe Case
Provided by: Girl,That’s Cute
Prize details: Each custom wipe case is handmade just for you.. They make a perfect gift for yourself or a perfect shower gift for a friend. Win our prize and pick the wipe case of your choice. ($20.00 value)
119 — Personalized Lunch Box
Provided by: Girl, That’s Cute
Prize details: Your child with be the talk of the lunchroom with a personalize lunch box made just for them. Win our prize and pick the lunch box of your choice. ($25.00 value)
120 — Handmade Handstamped Cards
Provided by: Stampin-Mami Creations
Prize details: Stampin-Mami Creations is giving one winner a set of handmade handstamped cards. The winner can choose what occasion they would like and the colors of the cards.
121 — A Full Box of Pysanka Easter Egg Decorative Sleeves (8 packets/56 sleeves)
Provided by: Sprittibee
Prize Details: These sleeves are fun to use with the kids when decorating Easter Eggs. They come in 8 different styles: Traditional, Fantasia, Ukranian, Easter, Petricovca, and Churches Collections. They make your eggs too pretty to eat… artistic masterpieces in minutes flat.
122 — Assortment of Scrapbooking Supplies valued at $25.
Provided by: Amy at Signs, Miracles and Wonders
Prize details: This package includes a hot pink, 20 page, 8×8 canvas covered, post bound album, some 8×8 paper, and a variety of stickers and embellishments. I love scrapbooking and I have a weakness for buying scrapbooking supplies. I often find myself buying duplicates without realizing it. This package consists of some of those duplicate purchases. I promise… they are good stickers and embellishments… why else would I have bought them twice.
123 — Blog Makeover (Blogger Blogs Only)
Provided By: Lady In Waiting Blog Design
Prize Details: You send me pics/graphics/colors you would like in your header and I’ll create it for you! Then I’ll add the backgrounds and change your font/border colors and you are good to go!!! Again – only Blogger Blogs are eligible.
124 — Rachel Rays 2,4,6,8 Cookbook
Provided By: Kirstin at Loving Life
Prize Details: Winner will receive Rachel Rays 2,4,6,8 Great meals for couples or crowds. No longer is there an excuse not to cook. Rachel Ray’s 30 minute meals give any mom the ability to cook a YUM-O dinner.
125 — $20 gift certificate
Provided By: The Downtown Boutique
Prize Details: The Downtown Boutique is offering a $20 gift certificate to Ambrosia Delights at The winner can use their gift certificate to purchase handmade jewelry, boutique children’s clothing, and handmade baby gifts.
126 —6 Designer Yard Sale or Garage Sale Signs
Provided by: Sassy Signs
Prize Details: The Sassy Sisters want to help to Sass up your next Yard Sale! This prize includes 6 designer yard sale or garage sale signs. Are you tired of the old black and white boring sign, the reality is that if your signs don’t stay up or you can’t see them, then what’s the point? You can choose between Garage Sale or Yard Sale signs! Check out our fun, chic, funky, sassy yard signs! Our winter special – buy 6 signs, get 3 FREE! Or Buy 4 signs, get 2 FREE! (value $34.99)
127 — 1 Dezine a Sign with 1 sticker pack of your choice – Designer Yard Signs
Provided by: Sassy Signs
Prize Details: Sassy Signs makes fun, creative, bright Designer Yard Signs. Everything you need for your event is conveniently shipped to you (each kit comes with your sign, frame and fun pinwheel)! Our NEW Blank DeZine a Sign is our twist on scrapbooking for signs. You use our blank sign with one of our 7 sticker packs to create your own, fun, ‘DeZiner’ Sign! Check out our Winter special – buy 6 signs, get 3 FREE! Or Buy 4 signs, get 2 FREE! (value $14.48)
128 — Book and DVD: Yoga For Christians
Provided by: Kathleen Marie
Prize details: Yoga for Christians, by Susan Bordenkircher, is a full-length instructional workout with DVD included! It is a Christ-centered approach to physical and spiritual health. This instructional booklet and dvd are perfect for mom and includes a chapter on involving your children.
129 — $15 Gift Certificate
Provided by: Mommy Cracked
Prize details: Mommy Cracked works in a bookstore and she wants YOU to have some new reading material for Spring. One lucky winner will recieve a $15 Amazon gift card.
130 — $5 Starbucks Gift Card
Provided by: Tanyetta at Days like These
Prize details: Leave a comment with your favorite Starbucks drink.
131 — “Donate Life America” Goodie Bag
Provided by: My Kidney Blog
Prize details: This goodie bag is full of little surprises, including a sterling silver 18″ necklace with sterling silver ring pendant that says “Donate Life”. This prize hopes to promote pediatric and adult organ donation awareness and educate the public about the thousands of lives organ donation saves every year in the United States. My Kidney Blog tells the story of one such young person and how, after years of chronic kidney disease and kidney failure, organ donation made a difference in her life.
132 — Joanna Weaver books
Provided by: Becoming His
Prize details: A copy of Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World (An invitation for every woman who’s ever felt she isn’t godly enough, isn’t loving enough, isn’t doing enough.The life of a woman today isn’t really all that different from that of Mary and Martha in the New Testament) and Having a Mary Spirit (An invitation for every woman who’s ever felt she isn’t godly enough, isn’t loving enough, isn’t doing enough. The life of a woman today isn’t really all that different from that of Mary and Martha in the New Testament).
133 — A Mother’s Heart Knows by Margaret McSweeney
Provided by: Pearl Girls
Prize details: What better way to tell Mom how much you appreciate her on Mother’s Day than with this lovely reminder of thoughts about the loving, selfless attitudes that fill a mother’s heart? The text and original four-color illustrations will be a beautiful and touching reminder to Mom that her love is never forgotten. The text is a reminder of those things that only a mother’s heart knows, with some special emphasis on a Christian mother. Appropriate Scripture verses will be incorporated into the design element.
134 — 8 x 10 Matted, Framed Print
Provided by: Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You
Prize details: Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You is offering a limited edition 8×10 framed photo from her collection.
135 — Handmade Silver Cross or Heart Necklace
Provided by: Dandelion Dayz
Prize details: Your choice of either the heart or cross necklace with a genuine Swarovski crystal. They are made by my friend, Lisa, who is a very talented jewelry designer that hand makes these necklaces along with many other designs. The retail value of these necklaces is $32. You can email Lisa directly at if you would like to see more of her designs.
136 — Knitting Goody Bag
Provided by: Craftymom
Prize details: Craftymom would like to give a knitting goody bag with the following included: yarn, needles, Stitch N *itch Nation and hand made stitch markers. This is valued at 40.00.
137 — Go BPA Free Sippy Sampler Kit
Provided by: The Soft Landing
Prize details: Finding safer alternatives in baby feeding gear can be tough. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to! The Soft Landing is offering an exclusive Sippy Sampler Kit – a unique grouping of the best non-toxic sippy cups on the market today. Your choice of boy or girl colors. Value: $43
138 — 3″x7″ pillar candle
Provided by: Diana aka Forgetfulone
Prize details: Forgetfulone is donating a 3″x7″ PartyLite pillar candle in Ginger Apple fragrance. Candle has a pretty sage green color. Retail value $20.
139 — “As I Grow” 6-stage Developmental DVD Series
Provided by: Egghead Learning Systems
Prize details: This groundbreaking 6-stage developmental DVD series is based on the latest research in the fields of learning and child brain development from birth to 18 months.
140 — $20 Gift Certificate
Provided by: MommyDaddy Blog
Prize details: MommyDaddy blog is giving away one $20 gift certificate to
141 — I make milk. What’s your superpower? t-shirt
Provided by: Crunchy Domestic Goddess
Prize details: Crunchy Domestic Goddess is donating one women’s short-sleeve “I make milk. What’s your superpower?” t-shirt from her online store Attached At The Hip. Retail value is $20-$28. Growing a healthy baby on mama’s milk is an amazing and empowering thing! The winner can show off her superpower with our super cute shirt!
142 — Ballerina Barrette Hairclip Holder
Provided by: Nissa’s Niceties – Nissa is a mommy blogger who also has an etsy store, Luscious Little Treasures where she sells her handmade princess gear.
Prize details: A Beautiful Boutique Ballerina Barrette Hairclip Holder, customized for the winner.
143 — Inspirational Novels
Provided by: Portrait of a Writer…Interrupted
Prize details: Gina is giving away a box of contemporary and historical books for your reading pleasure. If you’re a book lover, then you’ll enjoy the selected titles from her over stuffed bookshelf. Included books will be detailed in her party post.
144 — Blue Moon: A novel
Provided by: Cindy Lynn Speer and Zumaya Other WorldsI am a secretary by day, a writer when I can find the time. I wrote my first novel to be a magical escape from the mundane…and what mom doesn’t need that from time to time? It is a fantasy romance, for more information please visit my website.
Prize details: A trade paperback book, signed by the author.
145 — Photo Insert Tote Bag
Provided by: Expressions Photo Store
Prize details: Carry your memories with you everywhere with a Photo Insert Purse valued at $45 in your choice of colors, donated by Expressions Photo Store, where your memories become unique lifetime treasures.
146 — Basket of Books
Provided by: Sprightly-Amy Anne
Prize details: A month of reading: A Valley of Betrayal by Tricia Goyer, Having A Mary Heart in Martha World by Joanna Weaver, Reclaiming Nick by Susan May Warren, and more…
147 — Triple Metal Earrings
Provided by: 2 Belles & a Bead
Prize details: 2 Belles & a Bead are offering this brand new pair of mixed metal earrings! A $22 value, they are handcrafted from sterling silver, solid copper, and solid brass discs hung on your choice of either sterling silver hoops (as shown) or regular sterling silver ear wires.
148 — Cards for wives and moms
Provided by: Sheila at encouragHer
Prize details: Sheila at encouragHer is launching out a new little homemade card line and is giving away 10 packs of her first two lines of cards for wives and moms at the Ultimate Blog Party. The simple yet classy little cards are great for sending that quick encouraging note to uplift your sisters!
149 — $10 Gift Certificate
Provided by: Claudia’s Imagination Handcrafted Jewelry
Prize details: Hard working ladies, you deserve a lovely pair of handcrafted sterling silver beaded earrings for your girls night out. Claudia’s Imagination is donating a $10 gift certificate to be used at her online store.
150 — 2 books to one winner
Provided by: Abundant Living and Gift
Prize details: Abundant Living and Gift is about nutrition / health / recipes / family resources / anything that will help you and your family to live your lives abundantly! Created to be His Help Meet is a hard hitting book that will transform your marriage! The Parable of the Two Builders was my granddaughter’s favorite book when she was a tad younger! I love both of these books and can’t wait to share them with the winner! Retail value: $22.00.
151 — $25 gift certificate
Provided by: Little Piddles
Prize details: Little Piddles carries items for babies, kids as well as moms and dads. They carry bibs, blankets, clothing, diaper cakes, jewelry, purses, personalized items, and so much more. Style your STAR Today!
152– four 4 ounce jars of 100% African Shea Butter
Provided by: Sudz N Bubbles
Prize details: Sudz N Bubbles is giving away four 4 ounce jars of 100% African Shea Butter in different fragrances. African Shea butter has many great qualities and uses. Just a few include: helps with eczema, blemishes, burns and dry itchy skin.

Canadian and International Prize List

INTL 1 — 150 Conversation Starters
Provided by: Mary DeMuth
Prize details: 150 conversation starters for families around the dinner table. Get great ideas and begin sharing in conversations in a whole new way. The prize winner will get to download this great prize straight to their computer.
INTL 2 — Nonfiction Proposal Tutorial
Provided by: Mary DeMuth
Prize details: Get this 50 page nonfictional proposal tutorial that helps aspiring writers write their first proposal. This is another great prize that can be downloaded to your computer.
INTL 3 — Ebook Prize Package
Provided by: Melissa O. Markham Melissa is a homeschooling mom of two, ages 11 and 7 and has two grown up stepsons. She lives in the foothills of Virginia and her passion is writing.

Prize details: Melissa O. Markham would like to offer three animal ebooks for one prize package. This package will include “The Ruby-Throated Hummingbird“, “The Komodo Dragon” and “The Bison.” You can read more details by visiting her blog and viewing the sidebar.

INTL 4 — Printable Downloads
Provided by: The PMS club – Praising my Savior with humor and a whole lotta grace!
Prize details: Come by the PMS club and check out our downloads throughout the week of the UBP! There will be printable charts, bookmarks, cards and other things!! Something for everyone!
INTL 5 — Adventures Along the Way
Provided by: Bobbie Howard
Prize details: Bobbie Howard from Encouragement Along the Way is offering her e-book Adventures Along the Way as a prize. Everyone knows that homeschooling is an adventure everyday. In this devotional Bobbie Howard shares some of the adventures in homeschooling brought to her and her family that she was not expecting to be a part of their journey. Natural disasters have a way of catching you off guard. Won’t you join her as you adventure on the path homeschooling is taking you?
INTL 6 — $10 Gift Certificate
Provided by: JanMary
Prize details: JanMary who is a Christian mother of 3 from Northern Ireland would like to share her love for digital scrap booking and photography! One winner will receive a $10 gift certificate to JanMary’s favorite digital scrap booking store Weeds & Wildflowers.
INTL 7 — 2 E-books
Provided by: Elaine Hopper
Prize details: Elaine Hopper is donating two downloads of her romance books, “Enchanted Holidays”, an anthology of paranormal holiday romances by five romance authors (she is one of them) and also a copy of “Wishcraft”, one of her paranormal romance novels.
INTL 8 — One Love For Live E-Book
Provided by: Marianne Arkins
Prize details: Marianne Arkins is an author and would love to donate a copy of her eBook “One Love For Liv.”
INTL 9 — Pocket Place Mat
Provided by: Comfort Joy Designs
Prize details: Comfort Joy Designs is offering a custom pocket place mat. The winner will get their choice of one handmade pocket place mat.
INTL 10 — Notebooking Pages
Provided by: Melanie Ellis
Prize details: Melanie Ellis from Notebook Learning is offering one free package of reproducible notebooking pages designed for homeschool work or independent work. This 110+ page e-format set covers the Spring season, with everything from general Spring to Flag Day. Our pages are usable by all members of the family, featuring three sizes of primary lines as well as standard writing lines. The winner will receive their prize by email.
INTL 11 —2 Night Stay for 2 in Italy
Provided by: Cherrye
Prize details: Cherrye from is offering a free two night stay for two. She owns a Bed and Breakfast in Catanzaro, Italy. Winner will be responsible for travel costs getting to and from Catanzaro. The prize value is 120 Euro ($184 USD).
INTL 12 — The Chic & Savvy Mamas Guide to Natural Mothering w/ Personal Consultation
Provided by: Mama Kenz Studio
Prize details: MacKenzie over at Mama Kenz Studio is offering a copy of her Chic & Savvy Mamas Guide to Natural Mothering along with unlimited natural parenting consulting. Learn how to take care of your family naturally without sacrificing your personal style or identity!

Canadian Only Prize List

CDN 1 — Lamb Photo Frame
Provided by: the 160 Acre Woods Blog – somewhere in the prairies
Prize details: Avon gift collection “lamb” photo frame. Perfect for those cute baby photo’s! This product is valued at $10.00.
CDN 2 — Photo Album
Provided by: The PMS club – Praising my Savior with humor and a whole lotta grace!
Prize details: DaySpring “Chapters of Life” Display photo album This product is valued at $10.00.
CDN 3 — tea and tea accessories and handmade napkins
Provided by: Alyson
Prize details: Alyson from Proud to be Country is donating tea and tea accessories and handmade napkins.
CDN 4 — $25 Gift Certificate
Provided by: Gliding through Motherhood
Prize details: Your kids aren’t the same, why should their clothes be? Apples’n’Oranges specializes in childrenswear for ages 0-5 from exclusively Canadian companies.

To See The Final List of Prize Winners — Click Here

*** If you offered a prize and it is not listed within a few days, please email Pamela. ***

To thank our generous prize hosts, please make sure you hop on over and visit their blogs, sites and/or stores.

Please Note:

Only party guests who comment on our party post (bloggers must sign the Mr. Linky and invited guests via a post and Invitation Button, and non-bloggers must visited and commented on at least 20 blogs participating blogs) will be eligible to win prizes.
All prizes will be awarded by a random draw. 5 Minutes for Mom (Janice and Susan) will NOT be eligible in the draw. Prize hosts will be responsible for sending their prize to their winner. If a prize host wins their own prize, their name will be put back and a new name will be drawn.