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Julia Hembree, 5m4m contributor is here to share with you about a high dollar coupon and our fabulous giveaway for a $100 Walgreens gift card. All opinions are 100% her own. Believe it or not, […]



This will sound silly but one of my favorite things at Christmas is when you think all the gifts have been opened and then you find one more tucked behind the Christmas tree! It’s like […]


Let’s get a little personal here for a minute. How is your bra fitting these days? I mean, is it comfortable? Giving you good support? And, of course, do you still feel sexy wearing it? […]

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How do you celebrate Mother’s Day? Or, more appropriately, how would you like to celebrate Mother’s Day? Maybe a quiet day by yourself….a day out with a girlfriend….breakfast in bed….spa treatment….anything, as long as you […]

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