Tackle It Tuesday

Are you looking for a bit of motivation, encouragement, and accountability in tackling your everyday chores at home? If yes, then Tackle It Tuesday is the column for you.

Janice started Tackle it Tuesday in May of 2006, “Because I need some blogging incentive to get back in control of my house. And because I want to celebrate together the little steps of victory as other Tackle It Tuesday participants and I tackle each project, one by one.”

Now, Janice has handed the hosting duties over to resident tackler, Jena Webber, who contributes personal tackles as well as manages our guest tacklers posts.

Jena is a long time tackler and won Janice over with her enthusiasm and persistence in requesting to become the TT editor.

Jena, also known as the organizing mommy, thrives on the adrenaline rush of a clutter-free space, an encouraging talk with a friend, and a funny story. She homeschools her five kids (ages 16-3), teaches pilates, and loves to write a crazy organizing blog, Organized Everyday.

She doesn’t claim to actually BE organized everyday, but she would like to have you join her in the process of getting there. She looks forward to the Tuesday Tackle all week long.

Join Jena and all of the tacklers in Tackle It Tuesday.