Empower Kids to #ENDBULLYING

Susan here… I’m passionate about helping to put an end to bullying and I’ve watched many anti-bullying videos. The short video below brought tears to my eyes. Please take a moment to watch and share it.

Bullying ENRAGES me!!!

To think that countless children’s lives are destroyed and often ended because other kids chose to bully them is outrageous.

Social media turns this long standing problem into a full scale epidemic. And it’s up to us as parents, educators and social media power users to force a CHANGE!

Empower kids to #ENDBULLYING

There are no easy answers, but we must push forward to create change.

Kids in the House interviewed children from the Los Angeles area that have experienced bullying, as well as leading experts, to explore how to stop bullying, and to get clear advice on what to do when it happens.

end bullying

“I’ve been asking myself: why are so many negative comments posted online every day, and how are kids affected by seeing all this negativity?” says producer and director Leana Greene. “How do you explain to your child the importance of being kind online, when it’s hard to find even one YouTube video without a negative comment? Suicide is the third leading cause of death in young people, resulting in 4,400 deaths every year [according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention]. We have to teach our children that words can kill, both in person and online.”

“We discovered that there is no simple fix to end bullying, but we hope to play a role in keeping the conversation going. We think everyone should take a close look at their words and actions online,” says Leana Greene.

Let’s join Kids in the House and share the message… Empower kids to #ENDBULLYING.

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  1. says

    I am not so sure the bullying will ever end. I remember being made fun of by certain groups in school because I did not wear the name brand stuff. I let it go and never said anything because I seen other kids get it worse. Kids can be cruel and what is worse when adults bully. I have an autistic son and we will be school age in a couple of years. I debate whether or not I will send him to school because of bullying.

    • says

      Sadly, you are right that bullying will never end. But I think we need to try to spread awareness and try to ensure that our own children never bully anyone and that they know how to respond when they witness bullying or if they are ever bullied.

      The most important person to help stop bullying is the “bystander”. The more we can empower kids to stand up and be an “upstander” instead of a “bystander”, the more kids we can help.

      Unfortunately kids are cruel and it is soooo unfair when kids are unable to go to school because of bullying.

      I hope your son is never bullied!

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