Store and Share Your Videos with RealPlayer Cloud

Do you love watching and sharing videos with your friends and family, but despise uploading, reformatting, and emailing them?

Are you tired of trying to share videos on your small smartphone screen or of carrying around cumbersome cords?

The RealPlayer Cloud has developed a way for you to move, watch and share your videos with ease.


Your shared videos can we watched by friends and family who can play them on any device or operating system, without downloading the RealPlayer Cloud app.

No more need to worry about converting your videos to various formats.

No more need to carry various cables to connect devices to each other to watch videos.

With RealPlayer Cloud you can upload videos of any format to the cloud and they are automatically adjusted for your device screen-size, bandwidth, and device type prior to playback.

The RealPlayer Cloud supports all popular formats, so sharing is simple. After uploading, you can privately share your videos with friends and family.

Store & Share Videos with RealPlayer Cloud

If you have multiple devices on the same Wi-Fi network you can use RealPlayer Cloud to quickly download videos to one device from the other.

RealCloud Player focuses on the following features:

  • Move your videos easily between your computer and other devices.
  • Videos are always correctly formatted for any device.
  • Download videos to your device for offline use.
  • Watch your videos on your TV without connecting to a cord.
  • Share videos of any length privately with family and friends.
  • Available for Android, iPhone, and Kindle Fire.

Visit the RealPlayer Cloud website and facebook page, or follow them on twitter to learn more.

Today, you can  enter to win the RealPlayer Cloud Gold plan (100GB of storage), valued at $100 each!

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  1. Alane says

    Congratulations Cheryl! You will love this product.. I downloaded the free android app and am already considering upgrading my storage. It’s so convenient not to worry about video length and formats.. incredibly easy! Readers, if you’re interested:

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