How to Succeed as a Solopreneur – Lessons from a Small Business Coach #WAHMStrategy

During this Work At Home Moms Strategy Hour we will learn from Kelly McCausey how to “Succeed as a Solopreneur”. We dig into many of the lessons she has gathered from her years as a small business coach.

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How to Succeed As A Solopreneur

Kelly is a full time solopreneur celebrating eleven years in online business. She blogs, podcasts, designs, partners, creates information products, runs a membership site and coaches other solopreneurs.

Find Kelly at Solo Smarts and @kellymccausey.

Watch the replay below…

(When watching the reply, you’ll notice that Kelly doesn’t show on video until about 25 minutes into the hangout. Sometimes Google’s Hangout technology fails us and during this hangout the Google’s automatic switching who is shown on camera based on voice wasn’t working and I didn’t notice until 25 minutes in.

It appears that I have myself locked in the main screen (with the blue box if you are familiar with running a hangout) but I didn’t. It was supposed to be using Google’s voice based switching technology, but it just wasn’t working. Once I noticed it wasn’t working, I then clicked on Kelly to set her on the main screen using the “blue box” and had to continue changing who was on screen.) 

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