We’re Putting You in a Tech Timeout!

Life insurance provider Foresters recently launched a Tech Timeout challenge and we’re hoping you’ll join us. While we were compensated for this campaign, it was just too good to not pass along to you! 

A few weeks ago, as we kicked off Summer vacation with my kids, I was chatting with a friend about how on Earth we could possibly keep our kids busy all Summer long. Our conversation jokingly ended with “Well, there’s always the TV and computer!

The more I thought about it, the more I realized how quickly that becomes our go-to during the Summer. When the rain or blazing sun keeps us indoors or when we just become too lazy to think of something else to do, the tv, computer, or handheld games turn on. And there we sit. It’s sad but it happens. A lot.

This Summer my family and I are joining in with life insurance provider Foresters for the Tech Timeout Challenge. Wait, did you catch that part? I didn’t just say that my kids were taking a Tech Timeout. I said “my family and I“. That’s the big one. Me. I’m taking a Tech Timeout, too!

Honestly, I think it’s almost harder for me to take the pledge than it is for my kids. They love the idea of turning off the TV to play some board games, heading to the library or exploring the world around us. Me? Well, that’s  a little more difficult. That means TURNING OFF my smartphone for a little while each day. Being disconnected with the world and connecting with my kids! It should be easy, but it’s amazing how attached a person can get with knowing they are connected all the time. It’s scary to turn that off.

Each day we are focusing an hour on non-tech fun. One of our favorite activities so far this Summer has been writing letters each week to friends and family. As in, actual letters. With paper and pencils and stamps! Think of how many emails you get each day. Now think of how many handwritten letters you receive each day. Wouldn’t you love to get a fun handwritten note or card?

That’s just one of our ideas for our no-tech time. We’d love to hear yours! You can share them here with us and then head over to the Tech Timeout Facebook page to share your story there! You can also sign the digital pledge wall to see your name listed along with many others who have accepted the challenge.

And, if you’re looking for more ideas of no-tech family activities, be sure to check out the Tech Timeout Pinterest page or see how families are getting inspired to take a Tech Timeout.

I really hope you’ll consider taking the Tech Timeout Pledge this Summer. Not just “unplugging” on the weekends but every single day. Start with just an hour everyday. Let yourself be silly, creative, funny. And don’t worry about capturing those moments with the camera on your smartphone and posting them. Just live them. Let your kids see what you look like when you don’t have that smartphone in your hands! Remember, I didn’t say this was going to be easy but I bet by the end of the Summer you’ll thank me!

At the very least, you won’t run the risk of looking like these families…

Don’t forget to post your ideas for tech-free family or “you” time below! It’s a long Summer and I’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions!

Blogging at StaceySays.com about life as a mother to 3 young kids, Stacey dreams big through her life list and is currently shopping two of her children’s books to publishers.


  1. says

    I need to do better at “tech timeouts” but this summer we have made it a goal to read for a half hour daily. It doesn’t seem like a lot but it is a start. Also, I have made a personal goal to not bring my phone to the kitchen table – sounds so easy but it is amazing how attached we become to our smart phones. The minute we get bored we fee like we can check facebook, twitter, etc. on our phones… What I should really do is stop using my phone at bedtime. I’ve gotten in a bad habit of scanning several apps on my phone in bed before I go to sleep. I’ve always stood my ground with my husband that a TV is not meant for the bedroom – the bedroom is a place to talk, pray and connect – but what is the real difference with me checking my phone at night??? Thanks for the post and letting me think about this!

  2. says

    sometimes i hate this too much of connectivity that has become a part of our life now thanks to smartphones and computers.. I all for tech timeouts not just for the kids but also for myself!

  3. says

    We unplugged our television and put away all video games on the first day of summer vacation and told our children nothing will be plugged back in again for two weeks. We are on Day 3, and our house has never been so quiet. Children reading, doing puzzles, playing games, talking to each other, and just looking out the window . . . it’s an amazing transformation.

  4. Anne Lehnick says

    We just had our teenaged niece and nephew staying with us. Our kids are only 2 and 6. We were able to actually sit down and play card games and other games with them for a few hours. It was a lot of fun and definitely something we need to do more often.

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