How to Get Your Feet Ready for the Summer

This guest post was submitted by David Pollock

It’s summer time. Time to kick off your shoes, relax and show off those painted toe nails. Are your feet sandal ready? Here are some recipes to create your own spa treatment at home.

How to Get Your Feet Sandal Ready for the Summer

Our skin is the body’s largest organ and therefore needs the most moisture. While we all drink bottles of water every day to keep us hydrated, that is not enough for the abuse our skin suffers. Our skin needs a little more nurturing and tender loving care.  So, for those of us who have neglected our ‘nurturing’ during winter hibernation, here are a few tips to get your feet ready for summer sandals:

 For the Sexiest Feet in the Neighborhood

  • Start with a little bit of pampering by pouring lukewarm water in a bathtub or basin. To increase the fun, I suggest you invite over a few of your girlfriends and add some champagne to turn this in to a real occasion!

  • Add baking soda (two dashes should do the trick) and your favorite essential oil. A few bath beads can even be added.

  • Indulge in your foot soak for at least 15 minutes.

  • Towel dry your feet

  • While the skin is soft, you want to massage away the rough, dead skin using a large grain scrub and massage it over your heels, soles and toes. You can use your favorite crushed walnut, almond or bamboo scrub – or better yet, make your own. Simply crush and grind half a cup of rice to a coarse thickness, add two tablespoons of honey and mix in two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.

  • Rinse well

  • Massage your feet with a heavy cream, or my personal favorite, a rich Shea butter cream

 Perfect Toenails

  • To avoid ingrown toenails, steer clear of rounding off and shortening the corners of your toenails completely.  Aim to shape your toenails in a square fashion

  • The best way to shape your toenails is with an emery board

  • Cuticles can be trimmed by using cuticle cutters or a cuticle stick

  • Prepare toenails by smoothing away rough ridges with a buffing cream or buffing pad

  • Apply a base coat to shield your toenails from any chips or cracks

  • Polish your beautifully trimmed toenails with a nail polish color that compliments your skin tone!

For even softer summer-fit feet, here is a favorite home remedy that will eliminate cracked heals and restore baby soft feet. Before bed, lather on a liberal amount of a heavy Shea butter cream. Put cotton socks on. You will wake up and be amazed at the difference after just one night.

 Now you are ready to throw on a pair of your sexiest sandals and show off your soft feet. Summer time is the time where we want to enjoy ourselves and forget about self-consciousness. Oh yeah, and by the way – if you are going out in the sun – remember to apply sunblock to your feet to prevent sunburn! Happy feet are now sexy feet!

Do you have tips for getting your feet sandal ready?


  1. saralyn says

    thank you for these tips. during the winter and fall my feet are in socks and boots but once spring and summer rolls around im either barefoot or in flip flops.i use a pumice stone to smooth out my rough heels and soles,soak my feet in warm water and paint my toes once a week in different colors.

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