My Planet: Finding Humor in the Oddest Places by Mary Roach {Review and Giveaway}

I’ve been meaning to read Mary Roach for a while. I’ve heard that she can tackle a subject (space, sex, death) in a way as to provide information in an entertaining, and even funny, way, so when I was given the opportunity to receive a review copy of this collection, I jumped at it with no hesitation.

These are columns that were in Reader’s Digest, so they are more situational than informative, but they are definitely funny! Every single column got at the very least a nod of familiarity from me, and at the most an out-loud chuckle, and that happened quite a few times.

On the “Hygiene War:”

{My husband} confessed he didn’t like me using his bathrobe because I’d wear it while sitting on the toilet. “It’s not like it goes in the water,” I protested, though if you count the sash as part of the robe, this wasn’t strictly true.

She addresses all sorts of subjects, such as cleanliness (specifically the “hygiene gap” between she and her husband, see above), buying a home, marriage, thrift, tipping, kitchen appliances (including depressed dishwashers). Each essay is just 2 to 4 pages long, perfect to lift my spirits when I just have a moment to enjoy it.

This is the 2nd book of essays (click on over to see the giveaway on that one going on now) I’ve had going, and I just got another. I really love having them to read when I have just a minute before bed or while waiting in line. They might also make good bathroom readers, though that’s the only place in my house I don’t have books (what about you — chime in and let me know?)

Win it!

I am happy to say that the PR company has offered up a copy to one of you (U.S. and Canada). Please follow the instructions in the rafflecopter below, starting off by leaving a comment (look in the widget to get the question to answer).

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  1. Cindi says

    I can read when I get up at least an hour before anyone else or
    late at night…
    Thanks, Cindi

  2. Kerrie Mayans says

    When I am waiting at my kids school to pick them up because my son gets out at 3:00 and my daughter who is in jr high gets out at 3:20 so there is always a 20 minute hang out in the car and do nothing period each day.

  3. Terra Heck says

    I usually can early in the morning, before going to bed (I work night shift). Thanks.

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