What Scents Immediately Grab You in the Shopping Aisle?

Jennifer here —

The other day, my daughter and I were out shopping. We were walking down one of the beauty product aisles and there was a wonderful fragrance that was filling the air. All I could think of was — Oh my God! Who has on this fabulous smelling cologne? My daughter and I started smelling everything we could sitting on the shelf trying to find the one item that had this amazing smell. She finally discovered the smell over in the men’s cologne section. It took us forever to find it, but when we did, I promptly put that cologne in my buggy so I could give it to my husband.

There is just something about certain scents — you know, the ones that have an amazing smell. They stick with you and you cannot get those smells out of your mind for anything. They just grab you and you know you have to get it no matter what.

That is exactly what I thought when I smelled the new Rainforest Fresh from Suave.

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Suave® has introduced their NEW Rainforest Fresh body wash scent that smells just as good as Bath & Body Works® White Citrus at a fraction of the price! Infused with bamboo and aloe extracts with skin conditioning vitamin E, Suave Naturals® Rainforest Fresh™ will leave you feeling like you’ve just showered in a lush, tropical waterfall. Suave® body washes hydrate, leaving your skin feeling soft!

I have been showering and using the new body wash for a few days now. My husband leaned down this morning and told me, WOW honey — you smell really good. What is that? When I told him, he was happy because I can get that same delicious smells that I love from Bath and Body Works for a small fraction of the price and still smell fabulous.

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When will you try the new fragrant body wash?

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