How Far Would You Go To Own a New Car Like the Ford Escape?

by Jennifer Sikora

Have you watched any of the new Ford Escape ads lately? I watched a couple today and they definitely had me laughing.

It got me to thinking — just how far would I go to own a new Ford Escape? Just so you know, yours might come with a Barry too.











While Barry may be frustrating, he does seem like a sweet guy!

How about those Ford Escape features?

  • Seats 5 comfortably
  • two available EcoBoost® engines that are designed to be efficient.
  • 33 highway mpg
  • Seat cushion and head restraint foam is derived from soybeans
  • 6 speed automatic transmission

This vehicle is definitely on my want list this year! Starting price is around $21,000 with the most macked out version only running around $29,000. Who wouldn’t want a new 2013 Ford Escape?

Want to see what Barry’s up to now?






So, how far would you go?

This post is part of a promotional campaign for Ford. All opinions listed are our own.

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