A Huge Hit!

Today Jackson was misbehaving and I said to him, “Jackson, what do you think your consequence should be?” He calmly replied, “Take away my knights for seven days.” (Now you must understand – my son is very attached to his knights and cannot go an afternoon without playing with them.)

“Seven days is a long time,” I said, in total shock that he would offer up his most precious toys. “I don’t mind. I enjoy my CD.”

So what on earth is this CD that Jackson chose over his most prized possessions? It is a CD with personalized songs from www.pumpadoodle.com. As you can tell, it is a huge hit with him.

So if you are looking for the perfect gift for the kids on your list, Jackson gives these songs his vote of approval.

The first song on his CD, “Jackson’s Our Superhero,” thrills Jackson as he intently listens to hear all about his superhero powers. If you have a little boy that is into superheroes this song is a must.

And of course he loves hearing his friends’ and cousins’ names, as well as other details about his life. He even hears who he dressed up as on Halloween in “Jackson’s Halloween,” what he wants for Christmas in “Santa’s on his Way to Jackson’s,” and who is coming to his birthday party in “Birthday Gift Rap.”

“It is so cool how they know all my best friends’ names!” Jackson laughs as he jumps around doing his crazy dance moves.

I am impressed too. These personalized songs go a long way from just inserting your child’s name. The details are woven neatly into the songs and come written up on glossy lyric sheets.

If you are trying to choose a song, my personal recommendation is “Birthday Gift Rap.” It is fun and easy for the kids to dance too. Both Julia and Jackson really enjoy this one.

With an affordable price, Pumpadoodle is a great way to personalize your gift giving and make your child’s eyes twinkle with wonder as they try to figure out how the singers know so much about them. Oh… and it will most likely make them dance like maniacs.

Just look at Jackson go…


  1. says

    Oh I remember when mine would have liked something like this. *sigh* Enjoy him!! They grow up fast, though mine still dance like that at times. 😀

  2. says

    Oh my goodness how cute is he? Those are great pictures and the CD sounds really cute. I’ll have to check that out. We bought my older son an Aurther video for is 3rd birthday were they take his picture and insert it on a character in the story. Cracked me up to see his little face playing with Aurther and D.W. This CD sounds like it would be just as cute:)

  3. says

    My kids each had “tapes” (I’m dating myself) that had their names in each song. They loved it and wore them out playing them. You have a real dancin’ machine there! :v)

  4. says

    OH what a fun and exciting idea – man I wish Zachary LIKED music – poor kid he screams at us every time we sing to him :(

    I too loved the video you did – how did you do that – :) Awesome!!!

  5. says

    That is too cute! My son is older now and his musical tastes are, ahhm, a bit different. I second the recommendation–enjoy this and have fun now because they grow up soooo fast :).

  6. Susan says

    Yes, they grow up too fast don’t they?

    Isn’t Jackson just too funny in those pictures. I keep watching it over and over and laughing out loud. It is sooooo Jackson. He’s always been an entertainer.

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  7. fletchygirl says

    How much do I love Jackson’s moves. Look out John Travolta there is a new man in town!!!
    Sage and Ty would love to have their names in a cd!!!

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