Ford Flex Spring Drive – The Experience

Erica Mueller with the Ford FlexWe were unable to take a mini-vacation during the Spring Break Drive, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from experiencing the Ford Flex! I used every excuse to go somewhere and when my husband needed to go to Dallas to pick up a truck, I jumped at the chance.

Most cars are comfortable for driving to and from the store and running local errands, but what about extended trips? The Flex impressed me! After a four-hour trip I was able to hop out of the car without back or leg pain. My tailbone was fine. My neck and back were free of kinks. I don’t remember the last time I drove to Dallas and back without feeling like a semi-truck hit me somewhere along the way!

In addition to comfortable seating, the Ford Flex includes lots of small details to make your travel experience great:

The Flex has ten cup/bottle holders! Now you have room for the Starbucks and the water bottle.

  • Each passenger has control of their own personal book-reading or map light.
  • There are map pockets on the backs of the front seats.
  • The ambient lighting in the front foot areas, in the front console’s cup-holders, and in the back of the front console is programmable to match your tastes!
  • And, my favorite small detail is the foot rest for the driver’s left foot! I have knee problems and often the odd angle at which my leg rests while driving causes pain. In the Flex I could prop it up and enjoy a pain-free drive!

Spring time in Texas provides a wide variety of weather. In one week’s time I was able to test both the air conditioning and the heat in the Ford Flex! (It wasn’t quite cold enough to try the heated seats, but I sure was tempted!) The climate controls were very easy to use and the car heats and cools quickly. I felt confident that my little boy was just as comfortable as I was because of the rear auxiliary climate control system.

When it comes to sound, I’m a huge fan of Sony, so I was really excited to see the Ford Flex included a Sony sound system! Whether listening to music from your iPod via the Bluetooth connection or the audio input port, or watching a movie, you’re going to get the highest quality sound available.

Ford Flex in Black and White - Photo by Jonathan Garrison PhotographyBeing a geeky sort of girl, I couldn’t wait to try out the Microsoft SYNC System. My first goal was to connect my cell phone via Bluetooth. I found the process very simple and self explanatory. In less than 2 minutes my phone was connected, set as a favorite device, and my contacts and call history were imported. Next, I needed to get my music playing! The SYNC system works wirelessly with all your Bluetooth enabled media devices.

I don’t have an iPod, but I do store and listen to music on my Samsung Instinct phone. Because my phone was already connected for calls, all I had to do was start playing music on my phone, then access the media screen on the SYNC system. From there I could control the volume and switch songs.

To show how easy it is to use the SYNC system’s hands-free calling, I’ve made a video of me calling my friend, Nikki, from (In the first clip I got her answering machine, so I tried again another day, which explains my change in appearance.)

For more information on the SYNC system, visit the SYNC Homepage and watch the SYNC Demonstration Video!

Pumping gas into the Ford Flex is a dream! With the Easy Fuel™ capless fueling, it’s faster and cleaner, and you don’t have to worry about losing the cap! I really enjoyed not having to unscrew a gas cap and spending the rest of the afternoon smelling gasoline on my hands. I was also pleased to experience the Flex’s outstanding fuel efficiency: 18.9 miles per gallon! (my average) For an SUV of its size, the Flex’s range of 17-24mpg is unsurpassed.

Ford Flex Headlamp - Photo by Jonathan Garrison PhotographyThe HID Headlamps and LED tail lights were amazing at night! The road in front of me stayed well-lit and the lights seemed much clearer than traditional headlamps which cast a yellowish tint on everything.

There are just too many great features to name them all, let alone try them all in a week’s time. The moment the Ford Fleet gentleman pulled away from my driveway, I was kicking myself for not taking more pictures, not getting around to playing with the ambient lighting, or trying more on the SYNC System.

In a word, the Ford Flex is Impressive. Everything about this vehicle reflects the thought and hard work Ford put into making the Flex their best crossover-SUV!

Thank you, Ford and 5 Minutes for Mom, for giving me the opportunity to experience the Ford Flex. I feel honored to have worked with you all and I am so excited to share my experience here at 5M4M!

Ford Flex fans can now connect with Ford online! Chat with Ford’s Multi-Media Communications Manager, Scott Monty, via Twitter. View official video and photos on YouTube and Flickr. And, connect with other Ford Flex fans on Facebook!

*Professional photos courtesy of Jonathan Garrison Photography. FlickrFacebook


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    I don’t have any plans to change our car any time soon but it’s nice to keep abreast of what’s on the market. Now I’ll nip over and check out Erica as I have a bit of a greenish post tomorrow myself.

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