Share Your BAGEL-FULS TASTE-a-monials

The response to our BAGEL-FULS TASTE-a-monials post was incredible – everyone wanted to sample the delicious new BAGEL-FULS! A lucky 100 of you signed up to receive a complimentary box of Bagel-fuls as well as a chance to win some FABULOUS prizes thanks to Kraft foods.

By now you should have received your voucher allowing you to pick up a box of BAGEL-FULS, courtesy of Kraft foods. If the vouchers are still on their way to you, don’t worry, you still have plenty of time to make a quick trip to the store for your box of BAGEL-FULS. Don’t forget, you can find them in your grocer’s freezer section.

So now it’s time for you to get creative and have some fun. Please post your TASTE-a-monial below in the comments section.

A TASTE-a-monial is your written review of KRAFT BAGEL-FULS. Please share with us your honest opinion and/or photo in the comment section below and feel free to have fun with it. To thank you for your time we will randomly select 9 reviewers who will win some INCREDIBLE prizes.

1 Grand Prize Winner will receive:

  • $500 AMEX gift card for groceries; Flip video camera; Breakfast prize pack: BAGEL-FULS branded toaster, TASSIMO coffee maker and coffee discs, five BAGEL-FULS vouchers
  • Approximate retail value: $1,000

3 Second Prize Winners will receive:

  • Breakfast prize pack: BAGEL-FULS branded toaster, TASSIMO coffee maker and coffee discs, five BAGEL-FULS vouchers
  • Approximate retail value: $350.00 each

5 Runners Up will receive:

  • Five BAGEL-FULS vouchers
  • Approximate retail value: $3/voucher

That grand prize is amazing!!! Can you believe it? Thank you Kraft Foods for sponsoring such an exciting sweepstakes!

I had the pleasure of enjoying a box of strawberry Fruit & Cream Cheese BAGEL-FULS with my three children. We devoured them, LOVED them. I am a huge bagel fan and the KRAFT BAGEL-FULS are delicious. They are also very convenient, and on busy mornings because I can grab one to eat as I head out the door. They are a perfect way to start my day!

To inspire you, here is my TASTE-a-monial (please note, you are not required to make yours a poem. Any written review of your BAGEL-FULS experience is just fine).


KRAFT BAGEL-FULS, you delectable treat
Ready in seconds, you cannot be beat
A bagel and cream cheese rolled into one
With so many flavors, you’re tons of fun.

In the grocer’s freezer section you wait
But soon you will meet my fridge and my plate
You are so tasty
I savor, not eating too hastily

With dreamy PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese
You are a golden bagel, sure to please
As a busy mom, three children in tow
You are more helpful than you’ll ever know

Breakfast, the essential meal of the day
My to-do list often gets in the way
But now because of you, life is so grand
I eat, work and parent with you in hand.

So, enjoy your BAGEL-FULS and get started on those TASTE-a-monials.

If you are one of the 100 reviewers, you have until July 20th to submit your TASTE-a-monial in the comment section below (remember to include your email address so we can track your entry and get in contact with you if you’re one of the lucky winners!). On July 27th we will announce the winners, chosen at random.

Reminder: The BAGEL-FULS TASTE-a-monials sweepstakes is limited to the 100 bloggers who signed up to participate. Only those bloggers who received vouchers will be able to comment below. The comments will also be moderated for profanity/inappropriate language or factual product misrepresentations. They will not be edited for positive/negative sentiment. TASTE-a-monials with any factual product misrepresentations will not be posted, but all submitted entries will be entered into the random drawing.

Good luck! We look forward to your TASTE-a-monials.

This sweepstakes is limited to US residents only. Please see the official KRAFT BAGEL-FULS TASTE-a-monials Sweepstakes Rules as well as the Terms and Conditions for 5 Minutes for Mom.


  1. chyk says

    My kids love bagel-fuls. I think they are fabulous as well! They can work as “freezer packs” for my kids lunches, and when it is time to eat, they have defrosted! All the flavors are delicious!

  2. JRG says

    We got our box on Saturday and had them Sunday for breakfast. My initial impression was that they would not be good out of the microwave, but I was wrong – they cooked up fine (we didn’t have a wide mouth toaster to cook them the preferred way). We had the cinnamon version; they heated up in about 1 minute. Very tasty – it would probably take more than the four in the box to suffice for a meal for two, though.
    As for whether we’d buy them again – yes, we would as a special snack.
    Thumbs up from me!

  3. says

    I am not poetic so I wont even attempt a poem 😉 But, I love bagels. I adore cream cheese. The two of them together in one ready to eat roll is a dream come true! Grab and go, the story of my life.

    I received my coupon and ran to my Publix to pick up a box of Bagel-fuls. Imagine my joy when I realized that it is made with Philadelphia Cream Cheese, the only brand that I will eat! I purchased the strawberry fruit & cream cheese variety. I couldn’t wait and I had one the minute that I got home. I put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds then in the toaster oven for about 2 minutes. YUM! I also had one straight out of the fridge and it was good too, although I prefer it warmed up.

    My girls also loved the convenience of grabbing one on the way out the door in the morning or as a snack when they get home in the afternoon. I have already purchased 2 more boxes and I expect this to be a staple in my fridge.

    Thanks for the opportunity to try Bagel-fuls!

  4. says

    as soon as my voucher arrived, my dh went to the store and got 2, one free (apple for me) and paid for one (strawberry for him). if they has had any more varieties to taste, he would have gotten them as well. we liked both. the reason he got the strawberry is because he is not fond of cinnemon. once he tried my apple, he decided he liked it too. hr did let me try the strawberry which we both liked as well. we love bagels and cream but tend to go overboard. this is just enough. as it is prebuttered with creamcheese and fruit, we cannot go overboard! if watching calories and stuff, you can be garenteed of the same counts each time without weighing or measuring!

    when will the rest of the flavors be out??? we want to try them all!!

  5. says

    My voucher came!!!!
    I got the strawberry Bagel-fuls and couldn’t wait to try them! My son and I sampled one for breakfast. Mmmm – the bagel was soft and chewy, and the strawberry cream cheese just squishes right out, like the filling in a jelly donut! These are wonderful for a quick but filling breakfast, or even an afternoon pick-me-up. THANKS! :)

  6. says

    Thank you Erica & Kraft Bagel-fuls!

    My youngest daughter and I headed to the grocery store as soon as we got our voucher yesterday. I explained to her that we had a very important job and needed to give our honest opinion about what we liked and disliked about Bagel-fuls – she was excited because we very rarely buy prepackaged/convenient foods and this was a special treat.

    While I would have preferred the strawberry Bagel-fuls, my daughter insisted on the blueberry, so off we went!

    This morning for breakfast, she was very excited and for a very very picky eater – that was unusual, to say the least!
    Not only did she gobble up her first Bagel-ful – but she asked for another! Now, this is a child that very rarely finishes her first plate of food and has to be bribed into even that, so for her to ask for another was absolutely awesome. To quote her directly: “Tell them they are good and fabulous AND really good!”

    Added bonus: I liked them too!

    I will definitely be continuing this new relationship with Kraft Bagel-fuls.. my only suggestion would be to make a bigger box!

  7. says

    sheesh… I am a little intimidated by the poem! I am not that good! But Bagelfuls… now they are good! We are kind of late risers at our house so Sunday mornings are a challenge for us to get up and going to church on time. We usually eat breakfast in the car on the way. I know… its awful! But Bagelfuls are actually perfect for our Sunday morning commute breakfast. They are quick and convenient and the boys and I love them. My personal fave is the strawberry & cream cheese. Mmmm… I might have to go grab myself one now! 😉

  8. says

    I was a bit skeptical about this product, but my daughters and I ended up really liking Bagel-Fulls! We tried the strawberry cream cheese variety. My oldest loved it. My five-year-old and I thought the cream cheese was a little too sweet, but still liked it a lot. My two-year-old refused to try it because it wasn’t a circle. Go figure.

  9. says

    My boys and I tried them this morning, I have to admit I was skeptical but we all LOVED them. Have to give a big thumbs up to the Cinnamon flavor. It is rare for us to have something that everyone will eat, that can be made in 30 seconds! Great job Bagelfuls, I will surely buy them again and again.

  10. Carol says

    Carol’s Taste-A-Monial (in verse)

    For dinner I went to put soup on
    But then I remembered my coupon!
    I shopped right away
    Got Bagelfuls…Yay!
    And came home to nourish my group spawn.

    The Bagelfuls were so good I laughed
    “How clever those people at Kraft!”
    When we’re in a hurry
    We’ll grab one and scurry
    I’d like to commend the Kraft staff!

    So here’s where we’ll say our goodbyes
    I’m so thrilled I might win a prize
    The Bagelfuls rocked
    I must go restock
    I hope for a pleasant surprise!!!

  11. Julie Artymiuk says

    The Strawberry Fruit and Cream Cheese Bagel-Fuls were great! I love the cream cheese and strawberry combo. Fast and easy too!

  12. Erica says

    I have to be honest and tell you that I have been eating these for months!! Thank you for the free coupon!! Our favorite is the Strawberry/Cream Cheese, and the Cinnamon. With the coupon we bought the blueberry and it was so yummy! We also tried the apple cinnamon and it was wonderful.
    Originally I bought these for my son as a great breakfast he could eat in the car on the way to daycare in the morning – and only taking 35 seconds in the microwave – it doesn’t get much better than that! But then my other 2 kids (12 & 17) and then the hubs discovered them, and now they not only eat them for breakfast – they also eat them “for last” (that is what dessert is called in my house)I can’t seem to keep them in my house – they are always eating them….and the best part….4 ww points each!

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!


  13. says

    So, I got the blueberry Bagel-fuls with my voucher. Honestly, I was unsure how they would be. I threw one in the microwave with the intention of making my daughter try it. Well, I ate one bite, and then ate all of it! It was soft, flavorful, and the cream cheese tasted like actual cream cheese. I was really impressed and I am a bagel snob!

  14. says

    I was so excited to get my Bagel-fuls voucher in the mail. I will admit that I was a little worried about how I would like them. I like to call myself a “bagel snob.” I have to have the right amount of cream cheese with each bite. To be honest, most of the time I sit and dip my bagel into the cream cheese to ensure the correct amount of cream cheese placement.

    Anyway, I loaded my two kids up and headed to the grocery store. I let Caroline (my two-year old) pick which flavor she wanted. Of course she saw pink and chose the Plain Bagel with Strawberry Cream Cheese. When we got home, we tried one out. I microwaved it since they had been frozen. It was WONDERFUL. Each bite was perfect. I love that the bagel was kept open on the ends so that you even got the cream cheese in that first and last bite. I also love what an easy breakfast they make. You can toast it, microwave it or just grab and go. How cool is that? We think it is the coolest!

    Thank you for this opportunity! We had so much fun and we fell in love with Kraft Bagel-fuls!

  15. says

    Thank you so much to 5 Minutes for Mom and Kraft for this opportunity!

    My whole family loves Kraft Bagelfuls! We’ve tried pretty much every flavor but my personal favorite is the cinnamon and brown sugar. I could eat one of these for breakfast every morning.

    After trying our free box from Kraft, we had to go back and buy some of the other flavors. My husband loves the strawberry and cream cheese, my daughter loves the cinnamon and brown sugar, and my two sons like the blueberry.

    Being the frugal mom that I am, I like how affordable Bagelfuls are. In my area, a 4-pack is $1.79. I can handle .45 a piece for breakfast. Whats even better is that I’ve found coupons for Bagelfus for $1.00 off making the 4-pack just $.79! Twenty cents for breakfast is even better!

    Bagelfuls make breakfast fast and enjoyable with no slaving over the stove or cleaning up dirty dishes!

    Thank you again

  16. says

    When I heard about Kraft Bagel-fuls,
    The first thoughts that went through my head,
    Were “How lazy have we become,
    that we can’t even cream cheese our own bread?”

    But out to the store I did trod,
    To pick up my box with plain cream cheese,
    And after one bite I have to confess,
    I decided it’s a product that does highly please.

    Even though the price is a little bit high,
    And there are only four bagel bites to a box,
    They are quick and simple to prepare,
    And delicious to eat – Kraft Bagel Bites rock!

  17. says

    When I give the Drama Queen, the Beast, and the Spud a choice to have a special breakfast, they almost always choose donuts. Of course. You know, the kind topped with ridiculously unnatural frosting and a pile of sprinkles. Naturally. So when the kiddies eat their “special” breakfast, you can imagine the mess. The Drama Queen is the neatest but usually still manages to spread a lot of crumbs in her wake. The boys look like they have just come out of a pillow fight with the Teletubbies and lost!

    So when it came time to try the Bagel-fuls, I informed my offspring that we were going to have a “special” breakfast that day. They immediately clamored for donuts, and being the wonderful, responsible mom that I am, I said that we were having donuts. “Special” donuts with the frosting inside. This immediately piqued their curiosity, and they hurriedly bit into their Bagel-fuls to find the “frosting”. The Spud finished his first and asked for more (his latest baby sign language word) and the other two also seemed to enjoy theirs as well. When I asked them if they liked them, the Beast nodded and the Drama Queen asked me to please be quiet so she could finish watching her morning cartoon. Yes, folks, another proud parenting moment!

    Afterwards, I stood there and stared at the breakfast table. Something was not right here – where were the crumbs scattered all over the floor? The frosting smears cemented on the table’s edge? I stood in shock as I mindlessly munched my own Bagel-ful, realizing that this new product saved me a big mess with the kiddies. “This would be a great breakfast to go; at least I wouldn’t have to clean out the minivan every time,” I thought. And then I realized that the Bagel-ful I was eating was good. Really good. So good I wanted another.

    But there are only four to a box. So it’s back to cleaning up piles of crumbs and gobs of blue frosting, because I am NOT sharing my Bagel-fuls!

  18. Laurey Martin says

    I got my coupon and ran to my local Marsh store to try them out. I really wanted the ones with the fruit and cream cheese, but of course our little store doesn’t carry them. I got the strawberry cream cheese Bagelfuls instead. They heat up really nice no frozen spots. Out of the micro they are warm, chewy, and delicious! They would be great on the go because they are not messy. Kids could eat them on the way to school. I am going to try the cinnamon, sounds interesting. I guess I’ll have to find a bigger store to get the Bagelfus with the fruit. If you like bagels, try some of these!

  19. denise says

    I received my voucher over the holiday while my parents were visiting. My father picked out the original Bagel-Fuls. The next morning I almost did not get to try them, as I saw my husband eating the last one. We all really liked them, even my father, who only buys bagels fresh from the bagel shop. He said they were the perfect ratio of bagel to cream cheese. These are a great breakfast or snack for families on the go and for relaxing days at home. Thank you for the opportunity to try them. They will definitely have a space for them in our freezer.

  20. says

    I have always been a huge bagel lover. I often eat them for lunch, a snack or even dinner. And cream cheese? Well that’s just yummy goodness and in my book, Philadelphia is the best.

    When I got my voucher for Bagelfuls I was excited to try them. I had heard some buzz about them, and knew that my Mother In Law loved eating them for breakfast before work. But, I had not yet tasted them for myself.

    I chose a box of cinnamon and cream cheese with my kids in mind (they won’t eat jam or jelly, can you believe it?) I brought them home and they didn’t even make it to my freezer. My kids devoured them! I was thrilled they loved them so much, but bummed that I didn’t get one!

    On my next trip to the store I bought three boxes. Finally, I had my chance and I sampled the strawberry cream cheese which was delightful. The best part is that they are so quick and easy to grab in a rush. 10 seconds to warm in the microwave and they’re done (although my kids sometimes eat them frozen too). And they are mess free – yea! No oozey, stickiness to clean up – thanks Kraft 😀 They are also pretty healthy and don’t have much fat, another plus.

    My tip for a busy morning, grab a Kraft bagelful and a banana and you’ve got a mess-free healthy breakfast to go in seconds flat!

    Thank 5 Minutes for Mom and Kraft for the chance to sample these delicious treats that simplify a mom’s life!

  21. CherylS22 says

    I used my coupon to purchase a box of the Original Bagel-fuls. I love to have bagels with cream cheese for breakfast & was glad to try these out.

    They are delicious! The bagel has a good taste & the Philly cream cheese is nice & creamy after about 45 seconds in the microwave. It is also very easy & convenient to prepare allowing for a quick breakfast on the way out the door in the morning.

    I tried the original, but next time, I’m going to try either the Chives Bagel-fuls or the Cherries & Cream Cheese Bagel-fuls.

    Finally, an added bonus, the Kraft Bagel-fuls website has $1.00 off coupon for your next purchase!

  22. Tracydr says

    I must admit that I was a bit weary when looking in the freezer section at the bagel-fuls. I didn’t know what kind to try! I had to call my husband on his cell phone to ask him his opinion. We decided to try the plain cream cheese, as our first experience with this product.

    We are a family of 5, and I was wondering how my kids would respond to a new product. We eat bagels, but are “bagel” snobs and only purchase them at the local gourmet bagel shop. We were hesitant at first, but then…WOW! Since there were only 4 bagel-fuls in a box, I allowed my husband the first taste. He was SOOO surprised! He had told me he “wasn’t sure about this” at first, but then he RAVED about how much he liked them. I allowed our 13 year old daughter to try one for breakfast the next day, and she devoured it and asked for another. I told her she had to share with her brother and sister, so no more for her. She was disappointed. My 6 year old daughter was the next to try, and she loved them as well. Then came my picky picky 5 year old son. Gabriel doesn’t like ANYTHING (except salami). He gave me this weary look, eyebrows drawn, mouth frowning, eyes glaring at me. I told him to try and he said “FINE” in a not-so-happy 5 year old boy voice. So he took a nibble, and then another, and then a bite. He doesn’t like to admit when he is wrong, but finally admitted that mom knows best. He loved them.

    My 3 children and my husband all LOVED them…which is a rarity and a herculean feat. The bagel-fuls were on sale at the store, and my family made me go back to the store the next day to purchase more for them. This time, we decided to try the strawberry and cream cheese. So far, we have loved them just as much as the plain cream cheese.

    Hats off to bagel-fuls…I FINALLY found something that my entire family likes for breakfast or a snack. All mom’s out there knows how rare that task is. We’ll be purchasing bagel-fuls from now on. THANKS!

  23. evap31 says

    I was SOOO excited when I opened my mail and realized my voucher for bagel-fuls had finally arrived. I had to hurry in the house, grab my purse and head to the store to pick them up.

    As a 62 year old grandmother, I find it difficult sometimes to cook for myself. I have a difficult time finding things that are fast and guilt free to keep in my refrigerator. All of my life I’ve cooked for a family, but now they have all grown up and I like to have fast, practical items. I also have grandchildren who come in and out of my house, and I like to keep snacks on hand for them.

    The bagel-fuls seemed like they would work well in my “grandmother” household. I decided to purchase the cinnamon bagel-fuls and tried one as soon as I came home from the store. I am european and sometimes things (especially sweet things) taste “too sweet” for my palette. I was so pleasantly surprised with the bagel-fuls. I want more! I must confess that I ate them all and didn’t save any for my grandchildren. I feel guilty. They taste so great and are so pracical, for breakfast, for an “on the run” snack, or for a late night snack. They are perfect, even for a grandma. I have told many people about them, and will continue to purchase the product.

    They are fabulous!

  24. bridget3420 says

    First I want to thank 5 Minutes for Mom and Kraft Bagel-fuls for allowing me to try this yumminess. I bought the Plain Bagel Bagel-fuls and they are a mouthful of wonderfulness. There was just the right amount of bagel and just the right amount of cream cheese. It was so yummy that even after I had finished eating it, I was in awe as to how good it was. I’ve always been a bagel fan and I can remember being in a hurry to get to work and fixing myself a bagel, only to end up with cream cheese all over my work clothes. That won’t happen with this new product. It’s perfect for eating on the go. It’s quick, easy and clean, three of my favorite things. If you haven’t tried them yet, go get some. You won’t be disappointed.

  25. says

    no poem coming from this end ~ sorry gals!

    I am not a breakfast food eater, just coffee and juice. I have unfortunately passed this bad habit on to my son. However, my daughters love to eat breakfast so I thought I would give these Kraft Bagel-fuls a “taste” in our house.

    I purchased the Kraft Bagel-fuls Cinnamon flavored bagels with my free coupon. I knew my children would at least try and possibly fall in love with the new breakfast treat if there was cinnamon involved!

    I knew none of us would like a bagel directly out of the fridge, and since we all like a bit of a crunch to our bread, we opted for the toasted Bagel-ful!


    My son loved the outside, but not the cream cheese (which I knew would happen as he has feeding/texture issues related to his SI). My daughters also loved the Bagel-ful itself, but not the cream cheese. This is actually the first time any of my children have even sampled cream cheese. So I was proud of all of them for joining the taste test!

    I enjoyed the Bagel-ful and it was big! Big for me as I am not a breakfast eater. Perfect blend of bagel and cream cheese and cinnamon!

    My husband enjoyed all three of the left over Bagel-fuls from my children! Hee hee He has requested that I purchase more for him!

  26. Ren says

    I have to admit that I really wanted to like these. They are easy to grab and go, also they are wonderful from the toaster oven. We tried the apple cinnamon and cherry varieties. Bagelfuls are a wonderful idea, but I wouldn’t call them my first grab ‘n’ go breakfast choice. They are soft and chewy, great flavor. I think they may need a little more fruit flavor. The bottom line, a very close second!

  27. says

    i don’t have a poem or some fancy writing just my true honest opinion. Kraft bagelfuls are convienant and easy to make for breakfast. they are good, but honestly i think a regular bagel with cream cheese is better. i like things that are fresh. my children love them, and go for the regular kind. you can put them in the microwavw, toaster or eat them cold, but it still seemed like the middle was always frozen.
    I hope my honest opinion doesn’t exclude me from the contest.

  28. Susan M says

    Thank you, 5 Minutes for Mom and Kraft. I really do enjoy these Bagel-fuls. I would have never tried them without the coupon. I thought they would be generic/plastic/fake tasting. I was pleasantly surprised on how good they tasted. I purchased the Apple Cinnamon & Cream Cheese with the coupon. My family loves fruit, and these with apple filling were a huge hit. I went back to the store later on to buy the Blueberry, Cherry & Strawberry. These are fun to keep on hand. My husband and children loved them, and my elderly mom ( who has a hard time eating these types of foods), was able to enjoy the Bagel-fuls, too. God Bless!

  29. says

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to try Kraft Bagel-fuls! My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed them. We tried the Strawberry & Cream Cheese, and although I’m not usually a fan of cream cheese, we both thought they were delicious.

    I love how portable they are. We ate them in the car on our way out one day, and had zero mess. The flavors are great, and they are so simple to warm. (So simple that my hubby did it all on his own at 8 am!!!)

    These will definitely become a staple in our freezer. I can’t wait to try out the other flavors as well.

    I tried to be creative, so here’s my ode to Bagel-fuls (a la Baby Got Back style, just to keep it fun and lively):

    I love Kraft Bagel-fuls and I cannot lie
    You other momma’s can’t deny
    When it comes to finding a great breakfast taste
    Bagel-fuls are setting the pace.
    You get yum, wanna eat them up
    Cause you notice the fruit is stuffed
    Deep in the bagel you’re warming.
    Now the kids will all be swarming
    Hey mom, I want strawberry
    In something I can carry.
    I’m sure you other momma’s will agree
    And love them just as much as me.

    Thanks again for the chance to try these out!

  30. says

    I came here a week ago to leave my review and then I saw the poem. I was afraid my creativity was just not going to be enough to describe how much my family loves Bagel-fuls. I mean, when the DH comes home with four Costco size boxes of Cream Cheese Bagel-fuls you know it’s been accepted as a family treat.

    I still don’t feel like the creativity is in me to write up a poem or do a song and dance on my own blog, but I will honestly say, I love them. This is my favorite way to eat them. I like taking them out of the freezer and putting them in the toaster oven. I toast them on three and I toast them twice. It takes two times to get them just right. You can’t microwave them straight out of the freezer, you have to let them defrost in the fridge first. We usually have a couple in the fridge and the rest in the freezer then we can just grab them and eat them cold.
    My husband eats them as a midnight snack, breakfast in the car on the way to work, at work as a snack, as a snack on the way home from work and as a bedtime before going to bed snack.
    While I was away for two days my husband let the kids split one in half as a snack. Needless to say they ate it with huge smiles on their faces and miles was cream cheese from head to two. That kid of mine always makes a mess.

    I would also like to say that my favorite flavor is the cinnamon and cream cheese but my daughter would say the strawberry cream cheese and my husband loves the plain ones. We are a Bagel-“ful” family!!!

  31. Mary says

    I am not a picky eater, so I expected to like Bagel-fuls and I wasn’t disappointed. They exceeded my expectations, in fact. The warm chewiness of the bagel exterior and the sweet strawberry cream cheese filling made for a perfect breakfast comfort food. As I said, I’m not hard to please – so the true test came when I gave them to my children who tend to be a tad more discriminating(i.e. picky :)). Guess what – they loved them too and asked for another one. Bagel-fuls are an on the go breakfast food that the whole family can enjoy!

  32. rporkat31 says

    I was very excited when I received my voucher for the bagel-fuls. I headed to the store and picked up the cream cheese ones immediately. They were VERY surprising and so tasty. I have now purchased 2 different flavors (strawberry and cinnamon). The bagel-fuls now have a permanent place in our refrigerator. My kids love them.

  33. says

    I picked up the plain flavored Bagelfuls and have been storing the in my refrigerator for quick preparation. I’ve been preparing them in the toaster and have found it difficult to get the cream cheese in the middle warm without burning the outside. Overall, I found the Bagelfuls to be edible and reasonably tasty, but I just can’t figure out why I would ever buy these instead of bagels and cream cheese separately.

  34. Lori says

    Strawberry Fruit and Cream Cheese Bagel-Fuls are like little bits of heaven. So good in fact, you’ll be sneaking them for a midnight snack and making sure nobody’s looking because you don’t want to share them. Yep, guilty as charged!

    It’s a tasty fulfilling snack to send with my little cowpoke when he has to run off and “work” cattle with his daddy in the early morning.

  35. says

    I would like to thank 5 Minutes for Mom and Kraft Bagel-fuls for allowing me to try this. I used my coupon to purchase the Blueberry and they tasted like homemade and it was so delicious. The amount of cream cheese to bagel and blueberry was perfect. I thought it was going to taste good but it tastes much better than bagels and cream cheese. The size was perfect and great for anyone on the go. Now I don’t have to worry about making this because this is not messy at all. I have since bought every other flavor that was available and they also taste really good. Kraft has made another product to add to its already great product line.

  36. Lorraine says

    They were wonderful. The best part though is the time savings. Will always be on my grocery list now. Thank you so much for the coupon.

  37. says

    I have to admit, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried a Bagel-ful. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I didn’t have huge expectations. I purchased the Blueberry bagel-fuls. These are filled with plain cream cheese and are delightful. I am currently trying to lose weight by using Weight Watchers. I was worried the Bagel-fuls would have a lot of fat and be too much for my diet, but these are only 4 points per bagel-ful, which is not too bad. I liked the bagel taste and flavor without the time it took to prepare. Thanks for letting me try the Bagel-fuls!

  38. says

    I want to thank 5 Minutes for Mom and Kraft Bagel-fuls for running this promotion. As soon as I got the coupon in the mail I went to my local supermarket and located the Bagelfuls in the freezer case. They all looked good, but Apple/Cinnamon was the most delicious-sounding at the moment. I ate one for breakfast every other day for a week. I didn’t find them to be quite as filling as a regular bagel with cream cheese, but it was actually better for me that way since I am trying to watch what I eat. I will be buying them more frequently from now on.

  39. says

    I really enjoy a nice warm, toasty bagel with cream cheese and strawberry jam on it, so I was looking forward to trying the Bagelfuls.

    The first time I tried one I heated it up in the microwave (I was hungry!)…it was ok, but a little too chewy, I thought, for the warming up in the microwave. And I believe the package does state they taste best using a toaster/toaster oven – and I agree.

    I used the toaster oven after that and they were pretty good, warm and the right chewiness texture. I did notice if it wasn’t eaten right away it didn’t taste as good – it ‘stiffened up’ a bit.

    Overall they were a pretty good product, but I probably wouldn’t buy them to replace for my breakfast foods – I would use them more for a mid-day snack, or if I was in a big hurry and needed to eat something on the run.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  40. says

    It’s 8:30 a.m. I should have been on the road 30 mintues ago. I still have to nurse Stella, let Daisy the Wonder Dawg out and I’m STARVING!

    OH YEAH, I remember I have that free box of Bagelfuls in the freezer. But, I don’t have time to fix that and eat it while I nurse – I know it’s gonna be messy.

    Hmmmm, the box says only 15 seconds? Okay, we can swing that. I settle down with my Strawberry and Cream Cheese Bagelful and nurse Stella. It’s not messy at all…and it’s even tasty!

    15 minutes later, we’re out the door and on the road, both of us with full tummys!

    The next day the Bagelfuls received the seal of approval from the hubs and my step-daughter. Consider us one happy family!

    Bagelfuls are a great on-the-go, scrumptious, filling food for busy moms. Scratch that – they’re great for the whole family!

  41. says

    Thank you for this chance to try Bagelfuls!

    I gave them to my husband, myself, my 3 year old son and 9 year old daughter. I bought the strawberry cream cheese kind with the voucher that was sent to me.

    My husband liked them, the 9 year old loved them, the 3 year old didn’t care for them (but, to be fair, the kid doesn’t like much) and I liked them too.

    I love how easy they are to make and will store them in the fridge versus freezer next time I buy them. They are soft and taste just like a cream cheese bagel; one of my favorite things ever! I would probably need to have a coupon or they be on sale for me to buy them again due to the small amount in the box. We have a family of 7 so one box would be gone in a single morning. So, my only suggestion to Kraft would be to make a bigger box.

  42. Denise says

    We love the Strawberry Bagel-fuls!!! My 7 year old son was a little hesitant to try them, but once he did, he was hooked. That is all he asks for now, even for dessert at night.

    Thanks for the coupon. We will definitely be buying them now.

  43. Andrea O. says

    I have tried both the cinnamon and blueberry Bagel-Fuls and fell in love with both! What a pleasant surprise in such a little package and they only take a few seconds in the microwave. Can’t beat that…I even enjoy them as an afternoon snack! :)

  44. says

    We had the opportunity to get a box of Bagel-fuls for our Saturday morning breakfast. We usually like heading to the donut shop, but we wanted to try something a little different. We bought the strawberry flavor and we all loved them!! They are the NEW jelly donut, let me tell you! I normally toast my bagel and add cream cheese and jelly and this just saves me a few steps!! YUM-O!

  45. says

    I have been in love with Bagelfuls for months! I have a very long commute in the morning and I love to eat Bagelfuls in the car on my way in to LA. I love the original and the strawberry varieties. It is such a pleasure to have a warm breakfast that is fast and tastes good even though I am stuck in traffic. As far as Bagelfuls go I was skeptical at first but in the end the price is right. They taste VERY good and I love every variety I have ever tried. I am afraid to let my husband and kids try them because then I know I will never have any in my freezer when I want one!

  46. says

    I’m so impressed! I tried these two ways. The first two I used in the toaster and the next two I put in the microwave. The toaster was my favorite but the kids didn’t seem to care either way.

    This is a huge hit for many reasons:
    -No mess. If I were to make my own bagel with cream cheese and strawberry jam this would involve dirtying the bagel slicer, toaster, and two knives.
    -Time saving. Sooo much faster than taking the time to defrost a bagel, slice it, toast it, cover it in stuff, etc.
    -Takes no thought. I’m not a morning person. Add two toddlers clamoring for breakfast and it equals one distracted mommy. I’ve been known to try and defrost the bagel slicer (instead of the actual bagel) and spread cream cheese on waffles. This was so simple!
    -Tastes great. My girls are not fans of change. I was nervous about what they would think of these compared to their usual bakery section bagels. I shouldn’t have worried. Even I enjoyed them just as much as my usual bakery section bagel.

    Thanks for the chance to try this great product!

  47. Jenn Madigan says

    Initially I only purchased the one Kraft Bagel-ful with the free coupon. I LOVE bagels and cream cheese so I was a bit nervous as to how these would taste. I purchased the strawberry cream cheese filled bagels. I was starving when I got home and was in the process of putting away the groceries so I figured what the heck, I’ll grab one. OH WOW!!!!!! The bagel portion was actually a bagel and the cream cheese was actually smooth. After I finished putting away groceries I immediately ran to see what coupons I had for Kraft’s Bagel-fuls. I typically only do grocery shopping one day a week but I actually made a special trip to the store to pick up 5 more.

    My husband is not a huge fan of cream cheese but he LOVED the Bagel-fuls. He said that the cream cheese was the perfect amount and very creamy. Thank you so much Kraft for creating another home run. Thank you 5 Minutes For Mom, without the free coupon I don’t know if we ever would have purchased these. Now these will become a staple in our home.

    BTW, I took a few packages to my parents and they have started buying the Bagel-fuls as well. The word is spreading about how amazing these Bagel-fuls the shelves were almost empty the other day when I went to the store.

  48. melissa says

    We were so excited to try the Blueberry Bagel-fuls when we received our voucher! It is easy for us to fall into a breakfast rut at our house, so this new treat was a welcomed change. Not only were they super yummy, but it was great to find something that was filling and relatively mess-free that we could each eat on the go. We will definitely try the other kinds in the future! Thanks for the coupon and for the great contest!

  49. says

    I have a good friend that always says cream cheese can go on anything and I have to agree. I would eat a bagel with cream cheese everyday if it wasn’t for all the calories, and my husband hates it when I leave a half of a bagel in the bag. BAGEL FULS are just the right amount of bagel and cream cheese for me to not feel guilty in the morning. My husband loved his out of the toaster, but my daughter was thrilled that hers could be warmed in the microwave and not crispy from the toaster. She gave them a thumbs up and has been begging for me to buy more. My favorite thing about BAGEL FULS is that my almost 2 year old can enjoy a bagel and cream cheese without making a complete mess. While it is cute to see him try to hold a bagel without getting cream cheese all over his fingers, he always manages to drop the bagel on the floor, smear side down of course! The fight then ensues between him and the dog, while I toast another bagel for him to enjoy. With BAGEL FULS he can eat and walk around the house and I don’t have to worry about cream cheese getting all over the floor. Thank you KRAFT!

  50. says

    I used our voucher to pick up the Bagel-Fuls with cream cheese and strawberry. These were such a hit with my kids! I enjoyed them too, with my coffee, of course. The best part of eating these is when a little of the cream cheese and fruit squirts out of the end and you have to gobble it up! The Bagel-fuls are a perfect accompaniment to scrambled eggs or cottage cheese and fruit. Thanks Kraft and 5MFM!

  51. says

    Bagel-fuls are so yummy. I picked up the plain bagel and cream cheese version. I kept mine in the freezer and did not read the instructions just right so I had to microwave it twice and I loved having it a little warmer than it was suppose to be. I never quite finished that one since Princess G wanted a bite and took off with the rest. The next day I tried it again and this time I followed the directions. It was yummy too with the cream cheese still a little cool (though I do like my cream cheese a little warm). Again Princess G found me and after letting her sister have a bite (Princess A liked it too) she ate the rest of the Bagel-ful again. This morning I tried it in the toaster. I do keep them in the freezer so I toasted it twice. I really enjoyed the bite I had before Princess G got her hands on this one too. I should have the last one tonight when she is asleep. That way I can finally have a whole one. Of course I could see her waking up just as I sink my teeth into the Bagel-ful yumminess and wanting the rest!!

  52. Kristy Stevens says

    I received my voucher for Kraft Bagel-fuls and was excited to try them! I have to admit, I had seen the boxes at my local WalMart and been skeptical. I was worried that the filling to bread ratio would be lacking. You see, I love filling, whether it be the cream cheese in a wanton or the Bavarian cream in a doughnut. I’ll peel away the outer “bready” layer to get to that filling. It’s the best part!

    Anyway, I went to WalMart and picked out the Cinnamon Bagel-fuls. I’m a big fan of cinnamon and so is my stepdaughter! We prepared two Bagel-fuls in the microwave as a snack to tide us over until dinner. Well, they were delicious! The best way for me to describe them is “melt-in-your-mouth good.” The bagel wasn’t soggy at all and guess what…..I didn’t peel it away. It was too good. And the filling? It was the perfect amount. We’re definitely going to add Kraft Bagel-fuls to the shopping list.

  53. says

    I purchased my bagelfuls and my kids looked at me like I had 4 heads, they don’t normally see “treats” for breakfast so they were uber excited. This morning we tried them out and the reviews are in.

    2 yr old – LOVED the filling but left behind the bagel.
    6 yr old – says “they are the bestest”
    9 yr old – says “horrible, please don’t make me eat again”
    12 yr old – says “they were pretty darn good, especially the cream cheese”

    I took a bite of one and thought they were pretty good myself. Thanks for letting us taste!

  54. says

    I was super excited to use my coupon for a box of Bagel-fuls! I really enjoyed them! I worked hard to come up with a creative poem and I also posted a “Taste-a-monial” on my blog The Mommy-Files –

    Oh Kraft Bagel-fuls, how you call to me!
    Choosing is hard – will I have Original, Cinnamon, or Strawberry?
    Looking online at the Kraft Bagel-fuls site
    I realize there are more flavors to make my experience right!

    I print off my coupon and drive to the store
    I grab my Bagel-fuls and head out the door.
    As soon as I get home, the boys do swarm
    Waiting for their Bagel-fuls in the microwave to get warm.

    I pull the warm Bagel-ful from the microwave
    Sit down, take a bite, and realize Original is my fave!
    Eating the warm bagel with yummy cream cheese
    I hear tiny voices saying “More mommy, please!”

    Deciding on breakfast at times is no fun.
    With Kraft Bagel-fuls, however, our hearts you have won!
    Kraft Bagel-fuls are a great idea and a real family treat!
    Thanks Kraft for making breakfast in our family a time that we greet!

  55. Maria P. says

    It’s funny, because what I eat for breakfast EVERY day is a toasted bagel with cream cheese. In a weird way, I didn’t think these Bagel-fuls would be quite as good as the “real” thing. I thought that toasting the cream cheese would be kind of gross. But they were just delicious. I was amazed. Good job, Bagel-fuls – you and I will meet again.

  56. says

    I bought the Kraft BAGEL-FULS last week Tuesday and on Thursday I ate one and gave each of my sisters one (that made 4). We didnt know if we would like it becaused it seemed like there was so much cream cheese in it at the store. We bought the strawbery and cream cheese one. We were pleasantly surprised at how good it was. it tasted better than bagels with cream cheese that I normally eat. Quite tasty and the girls ate it up. My youngest sister even wanted mine since I eat slow, but I quickly told her no. I liked it too. I think there was just enough cream chees and strawberry and the texture was great too. I noticed on Sunday (yesterday) that there was 2 new packs of it in the fridge. I guess they asked mome to buy them more.

  57. Ivy says

    Things have been so hectic, here that it took us a while to pick up a box of these, but when we finally did, the boys finished the box as quick as we would let them and asked for more!

    We tried the cream cheese one to start, but we are going back to see if our store carries the cherries and cream cheese or the cinnamon. With two teenage boys in the house, they are constantly hungry, and they find that these are quite filling. (They go an hour longer than normal before asking for more food – – ha ha)

    Thanks for the opportunity to try these!

  58. wahooinlaw says

    I can’t stop telling everyone how good these Bagel-fuls are. When I get a Bagel-ful in my hand in the morning, I hold on like I need it to sustain me. The toasty carby goodness and the rich cool cream cheese are the perfect combination to jump-start a busy day at daycare, and it’s ready so fast my hunger doesn’t have a chance to even think about getting me down. No one gets my Bagel-ful. Give me a Bagel-ful and I’ll give you a smile like the sun coming up, like the moon landing, like a rainbow after a month of rain. Oh, yeah, Mommy and Daddy say they’re yummy too.

  59. Jeanine Altreche says

    Thanks so much for the voucher, my 2 almost 3yr old looooooves the whole wheat bagel-fuls. There are so quick and easy to give him when we are running late for school in the morning and he will ask me for them , which for a picky eater is great!. Thanks again so much for letting us try these.


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