What are You Doing Superbowl Sunday?

Honestly, I don’t even watch it anymore — not even for the commercials. My husband (an avid sports fan) thinks that’s the dumbest thing he’s ever heard, so for the sake of my marriage, I’ve pretty much tuned out. When he’s watching sports, I’m right there beside him — with a book in my hand.

However, if someone is having a get-together, I’m all about that. All the non-football watchers gather around talking and eating. To me — that’s good times! In fact, several years ago, some of us were so involved in our conversation that we didn’t even stop chatting to watch the halftime show. And it wasn’t just any halftime show that we missed, it was THE halftime show that featured Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction.”

So how do you handle Superbowl Sunday? Do you stay home? Do you invite friends over to join you? Could you care less?

Who are you rooting for?

And more importantly, what will you be eating?

Andrea Astrachan, Consumer Advisor for Stop & Shop offers these tips for a stress-free Game Day:

Simple Steps to Save Time and Money

  • Before going to the store and buying large quantities of food, sit down and determine how much of each ingredient or snack you will need. Having a list will prevent you from buying more than you need.
  • Ask each guest to bring a specific appetizer/dish to share with the party.
  • Place a variety of drinks in a tub with ice before guests arrive and let them serve themselves.
  • Order party platters in advance – Stop & Shop offers a great selection of sandwich platters. From mini wraps to footballs subs to calzones, these are great options for saving time and still serving up something for hearty appetites.
  • Use the slow cooker. Start your chili, meatballs or stews Saturday night or early Sunday morning. You can even serve straight from the slow cooker for less pick-up time. For healthier versions of meat recipes, use 98% fat free ground turkey and lower fat cheeses for garnishes.
  • Use versatile cookware for items you cook ahead of time- ones that are both microwavable and oven safe so that you can either reheat them in the oven before guests arrive or in the microwave.
  • Set up a buffet table in advance with napkins, plates, silverware, condiments, etc.
  • Clean out the refrigerator ahead of the time to make room for oversized appetizer platters, drinks and desserts.
  • Plan ahead if you’re having children at your home. Make fun half-time activities available such as books, coloring books, stickers, toys and games. For convenience, you can pick up these items in our toy and book aisles while you food shop. And please remember to put all medicine and household chemicals in out-of-reach locations.
  • Substitute name-brand ingredients for store-brands – no one will notice the difference!
  • Stock up on sale items to save money. At this time of year, there are great sales on items you’ll use for game day and beyond like avocados, chicken, condiments, ground beef, kielbasa, salsa and shrimp.
  • Don’t forget to serve safe! No cooked dishes, soft cheeses, cut up fruits, lunch meats or dips should sit at room temperature for more than 2 hours.

This post was written by contributing editor Jennifer Donovan, who also blogs at Snapshot and is managing editor of 5 Minutes for Books.


  1. says

    I’ll be re-reading Twilight while my husband watches the game LOL! It’s the only game he watches all season but the way he acts, you’d think he had money riding on it haha.

  2. says

    We are not so into football – but we have invited people over. Any excuse for a get together is a good one.If we watched football we would be Giants fans (so last year’s super bowl was kind of exciting) but we will be rooting for the Steelers. As for what we are eating – not completely sure. We are having a pot luck so some of it will depend on others. I will get chips and dip and stuff like that (it is my favorite).

  3. says

    We don’t have any big plans this year. Our interest does depend on who’s playing and there’s just a kind of passing curiousity this year. It is always fun to go to a Superbowl party though. I actually don’t think I’ve been in the same room with the game on since 6 years ago when I went into labor on Superbowl Sunday and took pity on DH and let him watch the game in the hospital while we waited for something to happen!

  4. says

    Over the years watching the SuperBowl has lost it’s interest to me, mainly because some of the commercials are better then the game, lol. But we will be watching because I want to watch the Steeleres win,. poor hubby has to put up with my screaming and yelling. Food will be whatever I come up with, lol.

  5. says

    I’m with you on the not caring at.all. The only way I’d care is if it were the Bucs playing just because I’m in Tampa. Otherwise, nyet. I wouldn’t pass up a good party though! But this year I think it will look something like: husband plants in front of tv, wife plants in front of computer.

  6. says

    Since the Super Bowl is in my hometown this year, the teen and I are headed to the stadium to capture it all on (digital) film!

    These make for the best pictures, and I’m not passing this one up lol

  7. Emily says

    I’m a HUGE sports fan, along with my husband. We have parties for New Years Day Bowl game watching and the SuperBowl. We love having people over and making lots of fattening foods. This year, we are also celebrating my daughter’s first birthday! (Happy Birthday Olivia!!!)

    We always make a food associated with each city- so this year it’s Pierogies for Pittsburgh and Fajitas for Arizona. I make a cake and decorate it with the logos of the teams playing, this year we’ll also have a small smash cake for Olivia’s birthday. And M&Ms in each team’s colors. Plus, the always popular rotel cheese dip (people go CRAZY for the stuff. It’s amusing, especially considering that they could make it for themselves anytime they want. It’s not like it’s hard to mix velveeta and rotel…) And various other munchies, beer, and fun beverages. As you can see- we really get into this stuff. 😉

    I think I’m going to root for the Steelers, but I’m not attached to either team. My Titans and Colts didn’t make it, so I don’t really care with team wins.

  8. says

    Oh, I’ll eat some wings. I’d hate for the Super Bowl food police to come and get me! Of course, I really could not care less about the game or even the half time show… I’ll even wait until the next morning and catch all the commercials on GMA. But any excuse to eat is good by me! :-)

  9. says

    Superbowl Sunday is just another Sunday for us. We’ll go to church (morning and evening services) as usual. I did see that Hallmark is having a “Lucy Bowl” – YAY! – so I’ll be watching that while we’re home in the afternoon and evening after church. I might flip back to the Superbowl just so I can watch a few of the commercials, but that’s the only part of the Superbowl worth watching!

    I honestly couldn’t tell you who is playing in the Superbowl. We’re baseball people around here, so when it’s time for the World Series, my response will be very different! :)

  10. says

    Well, since I am from the Steel City I will be watching the game this year and cheering on my black and gold (and mostly just watching for when Polamalu is on the field). We were going to have a party at my house (for the fam), but my parents decided it was best to have it at their house since they go to bed earlier than everyone and this eliminates their drive home. Works for me, no cleaning, less cooking, and more money saved :)

  11. says

    We have a party every year – this is our 11th! We invite pretty much the same crowd, a few people have been added but there’s usually 20-25 people, adults and kids. The menu has evolved over time too – my husband makes chili every year (in the slow cooker), plus we have baked ziti and we order platters of deli meat – we prefer this over the ready-made sandwiches so people can make their own, and then we have a ton of meat left over for ourselves.

    We follow pretty much all of the tips in the post. We buy chips and the food we can at BJ’s, use coupons when we can’t, plan the amount of food based on the number of guests, and ask people to bring an appetizer or dessert. I usually do a good job of balancing out who’s bringing what vs. what we provide.

    It’s always a great party, no matter what happens in the game, though last year when the Giants won, with a roomful of NJ/NY people, was probably the best year ever! Somehow my then-1 year old slept through the screams and cheers during the 4th quarter. He’s an extremely light sleeper so this fact still confounds me.

    Oh and I’m not sure who I’m rooting for this year – it would be nice for the Cards to win in their first SB ever.

    One other thing we do is put appetizers out as people arrive, and then the entrees go out during the 1st quarter. Dessert goes out at half time. We used to put the main dishes out at half time but people tend to start leaving before the game ends and we’d end up with lots of leftover desserts. Plus that way those that want to watch the half time show still can. We missed the infamous wardrobe malfunction because we were eating!

  12. says

    I’m actually writing my post about kid friendly foods and activities for a STEELERS party right now! We’re heading home to Pittsburgh for the big day. Mom & Dad are hosting a HUGE party. I couldn’t go to their party for XL because I had to work (I was still at the news station then). Not this year! WIN!

  13. says

    We are definitely having a Super Bowl party this year! Every year, as soon as the Super Bowl is over, we start planning the next one, down to the theme of the party, who is bringing what food,etc. I am in charge of ice cream sundae fixin’s this year. We are particularly excited because some out-of town friends whom we play Fantasy Football with will be joining us.
    Last year My father-in-law prepared a special snack for each quarter of the game and for half-time. It was fun to see what he’d bring out next!

  14. says

    I’ll be watching the big game, but I’m definitely looking forward to the party part of it the most! As a Patriots fan I can’t say that I’m super into the game itself this year so I’m hoping for some good commercials (I’m hoping they’ll be better than last year’s – what duds), some good food, and fun with friends!

    I’m only bummed that we’re going to a party that’s 2 hours away. That’ll make for a painful Monday morning at work :-(

  15. says

    We’ll be going over to my parents where some of their friends and our family will all watch the game. Most of us are college football fans, but my husband loves professional football.

    While he watches his “last chance for real football” this year I will be enjoying the smorgesborg of appitizer. 7 layer dip here I come!

  16. says

    We’ll be going to our next door neighbor’s house tomorrow for a Super Bowl Party. My husband and I won’t really be watching the game as much as enjoying the company and the food (neither of us are huge sports fans). But I guess the “stakes” are a tad bit higher this year for us since the CARDINALS are playing. We’re from AZ so I guess we’ll be halfheartedly rooting them on to victory. :)

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