What are You Doing Superbowl Sunday?

by Jennifer Donovan

Honestly, I don’t even watch it anymore — not even for the commercials. My husband (an avid sports fan) thinks that’s the dumbest thing he’s ever heard, so for the sake of my marriage, I’ve pretty much tuned out. When he’s watching sports, I’m right there beside him — with a book in my hand.

However, if someone is having a get-together, I’m all about that. All the non-football watchers gather around talking and eating. To me — that’s good times! In fact, several years ago, some of us were so involved in our conversation that we didn’t even stop chatting to watch the halftime show. And it wasn’t just any halftime show that we missed, it was THE halftime show that featured Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction.”

So how do you handle Superbowl Sunday? Do you stay home? Do you invite friends over to join you? Could you care less?

Who are you rooting for?

And more importantly, what will you be eating?

Andrea Astrachan, Consumer Advisor for Stop & Shop offers these tips for a stress-free Game Day:

Simple Steps to Save Time and Money

  • Before going to the store and buying large quantities of food, sit down and determine how much of each ingredient or snack you will need. Having a list will prevent you from buying more than you need.
  • Ask each guest to bring a specific appetizer/dish to share with the party.
  • Place a variety of drinks in a tub with ice before guests arrive and let them serve themselves.
  • Order party platters in advance – Stop & Shop offers a great selection of sandwich platters. From mini wraps to footballs subs to calzones, these are great options for saving time and still serving up something for hearty appetites.
  • Use the slow cooker. Start your chili, meatballs or stews Saturday night or early Sunday morning. You can even serve straight from the slow cooker for less pick-up time. For healthier versions of meat recipes, use 98% fat free ground turkey and lower fat cheeses for garnishes.
  • Use versatile cookware for items you cook ahead of time- ones that are both microwavable and oven safe so that you can either reheat them in the oven before guests arrive or in the microwave.
  • Set up a buffet table in advance with napkins, plates, silverware, condiments, etc.
  • Clean out the refrigerator ahead of the time to make room for oversized appetizer platters, drinks and desserts.
  • Plan ahead if you’re having children at your home. Make fun half-time activities available such as books, coloring books, stickers, toys and games. For convenience, you can pick up these items in our toy and book aisles while you food shop. And please remember to put all medicine and household chemicals in out-of-reach locations.
  • Substitute name-brand ingredients for store-brands – no one will notice the difference!
  • Stock up on sale items to save money. At this time of year, there are great sales on items you’ll use for game day and beyond like avocados, chicken, condiments, ground beef, kielbasa, salsa and shrimp.
  • Don’t forget to serve safe! No cooked dishes, soft cheeses, cut up fruits, lunch meats or dips should sit at room temperature for more than 2 hours.

This post was written by contributing editor Jennifer Donovan, who also blogs at Snapshot and is managing editor of 5 Minutes for Books.

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Jennifer Donovan has been a part of the 5 Minutes for Mom team since 2007. She writes product reviews, covers events, and manages the 5 Minutes for Books weekly column and website. She lives in Houston and blogs at Snapshot about life with her family.

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