The Email that Changed Both My Summer and Me

by DebW

The morning of June 16th, I received the following email from Barbie, our editor at 5 Minutes for Faith:

Janice over at 5 Minutes for Mom is inquiring about a writer for the World Vision trip to Bolivia, July 30-August 7.  Let me know ASAP if you are interested in going!

“Are you going to be bold?”

Typically I would have quickly decided that would be a perfect thing for someone else to do, but that morning I had posted Three Truths to Make You Bold on my personal blog. So, as I read through that email a voice in my head said, “So, are you going to be bold or just write about it?”

As I busied myself with my daily routines that question kept tumbling around in my head. I am not a risk taker. I am not bold. But what could it hurt to get a little more information….

I sent an email to Barbie that said, “I’m actually surprising myself, because I have never imagined doing anything like this. Of course, that is how God works so often. Do you have someone yet, or is it possible for me to hear more?”

Twelve hours later, after the goose bumps and nausea turned to excitement, with the encouragement of my husband, Barbie, Janice, and Lindsey at World Vision.

I said “YES” to going to Bolivia with World Vision

From July 30th – August 7th, I will travel to Cochabamba, Bolivia, with a group of bloggers and representatives from World Vision.

Proud to be a Bolivia blogger

Take a moment to visit the  Bolivia Bloggers Page to find out more about our trip and the wonderful team of people who will be sharing their experiences through posts at their own blogs and the World Vision Blog.

I know that preparing for and going on this trip has changed my summer.  Having my eyes opened to the needs of children, families, and communities in Bolivia and the ministry of World Vision . . . well, that is changing me.

The children need you!

Did you know that in just two of the many locations World Vision is working in Bolivia, there are more than 1,200 children who need sponsors? I can’t wait to share some of their stories with you. We are going to learn together how we can partner with World Vision to change lives; and I believe that it will not only be the lives of children and families in Bolivia that will be changed, but just possibly our lives will be changed as well.

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Deb is a speaker/writer who has lived long enough to know that life can be hard; however, with God's help she gets out of bed each day puts on grace-colored glasses and LIVES. Deb is also a contributing editor at 5 Minutes For Faith.

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