Searching for Overwhelmed Moms

by Janice

The baby won’t sleep. The kids won’t listen. The house is a mess. Your husband wants to know what is for dinner. And the clock just won’t stop.

You can’t take this pace much longer. But what can you do?
This is your life…

Motherhood is hard – brutally hard. And sometimes it all is just too much.

But what options does a busy mom have? The “show” must go on. The bills need to be paid, the children need to be looked after… and there is no one standing there ready to grab you when you fall.

Yesterday, a national talk show contacted us to help them in their search to find overwhelmed moms.

They want us to help them find women to share their stories – women who are wonderful mothers but have so much on their plates that those plates just might break.

They are looking for brutally honest confessions from stressed and overwhelmed moms.

Have you been so busy that you’ve forgotten to do something that could have ended in tragedy? Perhaps you have made a mistake that’s put your child in harm’s way.

Have you been so consumed with getting through your to-do list that you didn’t notice a child wandered out of the house or came dangerously close to falling in a pool?

Have you accidentally left your child in the car at the store — or momentarily forgotten that your child was in the car?

Do you feel like you’re out of control, trying to balance everything in your family, and scared of what could happen?

Are you sleep deprived or stretched to the point that you fear something awful could happen at a moment’s notice?

We’d like to hear your story.

If you want to remain anonymous, you can call their PHONE LINE at (312) 421-2713.

If you don’t mind sharing your name or being contacted by a television producer, please email your story to
(Please feel free to do both.)

Sharing our stories, learning from each other and discovering we are not alone in our struggles – it is amazing how healing it can be.

We hope our incredible blogging community can reach out once again and share to heal.

P.S. We promise this National Show is one of your favorites – and someone you can trust.

We just don’t want to mention the name here in print and have the search engines go crazy. We want to get this message to you, our trusted, faithful audience.

If you want to know who we are referring to before you call them, feel free to email us personally at 5minutesformom @ (Please remove spaces in that address and write OVERWHELMED in the subject line.)

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