Save Money at the Supermarket

Recently I attended a luncheon sponsored by Stop and Shop/Giant Foods. They wanted to tap into the Mommy Blogger network. I’ve attended a few corporately sponsored events and conference calls, and I would like to go on the record and say that Stop and Shop impressed me.

They fed us–not only were we treated to a delicious lunch at Sarabeth’s restaurant in New York City, but we were fed some great information about the changes that Stop and Shop/Giant supermarkets are making as a result of listening to their customers.

One of the main subjects on everyone’s mind is in this age of rising prices, how can we savemoney at the grocery store? Unfortunately the reality is that many of the ways center on being prepared, which is what we don’t often have time for. Sometimes I feel that it’s all I can do to actually get to the grocery store to stock the pantry. If you can take a bit of time, here are some suggestions:
  • Check the circular and shop accordingly. You might not have planned to make pot roast, but if it’s on sale, now’s a good time. Most store circulars are available online if you’d rather plan that way.
  • Plan for at least two to three meals for the week, and then you won’t be tempted to “pick something up” for dinner. Using some prepared foods is more expensive than starting from scratch, but is still cheaper (and more healthy) than eating fast food or take-out.
  • Stock up on seasonal sales. In the summer, you’ll likely find picnic goods on sale (condiments, paper goods etc.). Christmas baking season offers butter, flour, and sugar at low prices, and even meats go on sale at certain times of the year.

Whether you have time or not, one way that you can save money is by trying store brands instead of national brands. I found out that Stop and Shop/Giant offers a money back guarantee if you are not happy with one of their store brands. There are some things that I always buy store brand unless the national brand happens to be on sale for less: flour, sugar, canned and frozen fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and some cleaning products. But there are some things that my husband has prohibited me from even trying: snack foods, cereal (although I buy my own shredded wheat in whichever brand is cheapest), and peanut butter top the list.

At the event I attended, we were sent home with some samples, and I was absolutely thrilled with the ones I tried. The one that surprised me most came in a familiar blue and white package. I don’t think that I could have picked out Oreos over Twistos in a blind taste test. When I was at the store this week, I looked for them in the cookie aisle to see the difference in price, but they weren’t available.

Stop and Shop/Giant actually offers many different store brands (and you can read about one more through the link below on Going Green):

  • Great Value is for items that consumers indicated no real brand loyalty for, including baking soda and plain napkins. It’s truly no frills, and has the lowest price point.
  • the Stop and Shop brand offers products such as Twistos. It is one that they hope you’ll turn to instead of your favorites if you are looking to save money. They realize that there is brand loyalty and quality here to compete with, so they put effort into making sure that they deliver what you expect.
  • Simply Enjoy is a premium store brand. I tried some delicious chocolate covered cashews. They also offer premium party foods, such as crackers, dips, etc. These brands are meant to replace a higher-end product, so they aren’t bargains, but they still offer savings over the comparable goods.

Find out more tips at or

What are some ways that grocery stores earn your loyalty?

If you want to enter to win one of two $50 grocery cards (one for Stop and Shop and one for Giant), leave a comment, specifying either Giant or Stop and Shop. You may also leave one comment on each of the posts on the other sites for additional entries (except Books which has its own giveaway), so please visit all of the posts below, specifying Giant or Stop and Shop in your comments there if you are entering to win). You’ll increase your chances to win, and you can join the conversation across our sites about shopping for and feeding your family.

The winners will be posted here on Friday, August 29.

Jennifer Donovan is Managing Editor of 5 Minutes for Books and a Contributing Editor at 5 Minutes for Mom. She blogs about her life and loves at Snapshot.

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  1. says

    Don’t enter me in the drawing since I don’t have Giant or Stop and Shop in this area.

    Stores win my loyalty by consistently offering the foods I use at good prices. I already do the “shop according to the circular” and plan meals around what’s on sale. The stores I’m most loyal to though do a good job of putting everyday things like bread on very good prices often enough that I can stock up. It’s also important that they actually have a good supply of the sale items in stock and if they don’t that they offer rain checks.

    I know my mom and some other women who pretty much always choose the store that practically forces you to let them carry your bags out and put them in the car. They are willing to pay a little more for old-fashioned service.

  2. Kim says

    I would love to win the Stop and Shop card. They always have really good sales. We don’t have a Giant store anywhere near here, so I couldn’t use that card.

  3. says

    I love Giant, and the ones near us have really expanded their selection of organic and gluten-free foods. Thanks for the helpful information!

  4. Liz C. says

    We love shopping at Stop & Shop. The store always has great prices, it’s very clean and it’s pretty close to home. Thanks!

  5. Tracy says

    I have been shopping at Giant for several years. I almost always choose their private brand over other brands because of taste and price.

  6. says

    I’ve been a loyal Giant shopper for many, many years. They have won my loyalty with their incentive programs (free turkey, % off and $ off gas, etc.) and with their fabulous quality store brand products. This year alone, I’ve saved over $850 by shopping their sales, their Buy One Get One, and matching my coupons to the sale items. That results in more food in my cart, happier Hoovers at home, and more variety for me to play with in the kitchen! That $50 card will buy a lot of diapers and milk!

  7. says

    We do at least half of our grocery shopping at Stop & Shop and have noticed that some of their store brand organics are really good. Winning a Stop & Shop card would be great for my family!

  8. says

    We do not have Stop and Shop or Giant in our area which is too bad! Smith Marketplace is a great store that wins me weekly. They have lots of items that go for 10 for $10. The bonus to shopping there is: If you spend $30.00, you get 5 cents off their gas; spend $60.00, you get 10 cents; or spend $90 you get 15 cents off.

    Of course, Albertson’s Marketplace also has great deals every week. As you shop there, they send you coupons for a certain amount off your total.

    Macy’s is another great store that offers great deals on food storage. I live in a world where it is has been expressed that we should have food storage. With a growing demand on the cost of food, it is best to buy in bulk and store items properly.

  9. Ally says

    If I win this will be going to my brother who is stationed in Virginia with the US Coast Guard… there is a Shop & Stop a few miles from where he lives. Thanks for entering me!!!

  10. SANDY says

    none in my area but do have a penpal in the army whose wife is by one- would be nice for her..

    loyalty- good prices- good products that are fresh and they ring up what they are suppossed to

  11. says

    They earn my loyalty by providing good quality items at reasonable prices, offering good sales, training their employees well, keeping the store clean and orderly and by making it easy to shop there (good hours, clear circulars and attractive displays).

    I’d prefer the Giant card if I win.


  12. Valerie C. says

    I’m at Stop & Shop often. My husband always jokes that I “live” there! I’d love to win a card for Stop & Shop. Thanks!

  13. says

    We do have Stop and Shop, though I rarely shop there since we have other stores closer that also have great deals and store brands.

  14. jffryclough says

    i would like the stop&shop gift card since they are more expensive than all the other big grocery stores around here

  15. says

    Stop & Shop is very close to my house and has the combination of the most consistently lowest prices and best quality combo.

  16. Hayley G says

    Stop and Shop please- it’s where I do all of my shopping. I was surprised to learn that they have decent healthy/organic selection.

    oreo89 [at] gmail [dot] com

  17. Chantel Javois says

    I compare all circulars since local sales start on Thursday, Friday and Sunday, all depending on the store. I usually find that Stop & Shops prices just beat the others! Help me shop!

  18. Casey H says

    I’d love to win the stop and shop card, Im due to be induced with baby #2 on monday and this would help greatly with diapers and formula!!

  19. JUNE Miller says

    I shop at Giant weekly for the discounts and money off for gas. would like a giant gift card

  20. Lori Hilts says

    The Stop and Shop card would be wonderful! Groceries have gotten so expensive and the gift card would be such a welcome relief!

  21. Erica C. says

    I always shop at Giant…I’m there at least twice a week it seems, even though I’d like to cut it down to one! thanks so much :)

  22. Diana says

    we have a giant just down the road from us. We’d love to get a giant gift card for some groceries.

  23. says

    I LOVE Stop & Shop. It’s a sweet store and they treat their customers great. I have one not far from me, and it’s complete with a Dunkin’ Donuts inside so that I can get my favorite coffee as a treat!!

    Thank you for this great giveaway!

  24. says


    They earn my loyalty by having friendly, helpful employees, and consistently stocking the same products so I know I can find what I’m looking for.

  25. says

    Thank you for an incredibly generous give away.

    My family shops at Stop N’ Shop. This would come in very, very handy.

    Thank you so much for the giveaway.

  26. says

    We shop at Giant right up the street! The major reason we shop is there is that they offer cents off per gas gallon according to amount purchased with Giant card.

  27. Ninchik says

    Stop and Shop is right near me. I check the weekly sales on my pc, gather my coupons and head out. I will have no problem spending that gift card.

  28. Katharine says

    Giant please. There is a store right by the extended stay hotel we stay at each Fall when we go home to visit family back East. I used to love to shop there every week when we lived there, such great customer service and selection. I shop there every time we are home for all the milk and cereal and everything we need to get through the vacation with the kids.

  29. says

    A Giant card would be fabulous.
    Here’s an eco-friendly tip! I’ve started carrying my own re-usable cloth shopping bags to grocery stores. Many store chains offer colorful sturdy cloth bags for sale for about 99 cents. Some products are either giving away free cloth grocery bags or give a bag free when you purchase a couple of their products. Some chains of grocery stores offer money off or store promotional points when you use your own cloth bags. I keep mine in the car so they are always with me. Give it a try!

  30. Elizabeth Schelest says

    In the last aisle of my Stop and Shop are all the marked down, discontinued, scratch and dent items. I never leave the store without checking these great bargains.

    I’d love the chance to win a Stop & Shop card. Thanks.

  31. Barbara says

    I’d like the Giant GC. Thanks for the shopping tips. One way a grocery store can earn my loyalty is to have consistently low prices on the items I buy most.

  32. cindy Allen says

    I don’t think we have these stores near me but I would be more than happy to give this to one of my military families who would be more than grateful for it.

  33. Laurie says

    Giant Supermarket has the BEST bakery! I’d love a $50 gift card to buy 50 of their delicious muffins.

  34. Michelle says

    Stop & Shop is my favorite grocery store. They have the lowest prices out of all the stores in our area and it’s the best kept store, with a great selection too.

  35. Kimberly says

    My husband is in LOVE with Giant. I swear he would marry it if he could. Thanx for the contest.

  36. Berkshire Chris says

    Glad to get the discount on gas and would love to have a gift card for even more savings.

  37. Kerrie says

    Definitely Stop & Shop! Don’t have a Giant anywhere near my house, so that wouldn’t help. But the Stop & Shop card definitely would!

  38. Sandra F. says

    The Giant giftcard would be great! I have hungry boys to keep up with, so this would really help. Thanks!

  39. charlie anderson says

    need food..send gift card soon..down to last cracker..cant pay these high prices! is starting to protect his bowl…scales are not taking my weight..

  40. Meredith Peters says

    I’d like to win a Stop and Shop gift certificate because we’ve already had to skip buying groceries last week because it cost us $500 to buy a half tank of oil that will only last about 6 weeks once it gets cold!

  41. Pamela Jackson says

    I would love to win a Stop & Shop gift certificate. I go to my nearest Stop & Shop at least once a month. I take a detour home from work every second pay day because they have certain products such as Sun and Earth products that the closer stores don’t carry.

  42. Julie K says

    I feel like I live at Stop & Shop sometimes! My local one has great health and international sections.

  43. Erin Daly says

    Please enter me for the Stop & Shop card. I love stores that have great tasting store brand products for a great price. Why buy name brand ketchup when the store brand tastes just as good and is a fraction of the price.

  44. Michelle Moorman says

    I love Giant. My supermarket earns my loyalty by having very low everyday prices. The specials run in regular rotation so I know when to stock up and they tell you in their circular when there will be additional savings in the sunday coupon circulars.

  45. helen b says

    i was gunna get the giant ‘cuz i thought u were talkin’ the NY Football Giants…so just gimme Stop & Shop instead .

  46. says

    Stores earn my loyalty by offering staples at a consistantly lower price than other stores. I go for the “big sale” at a store but only buy what’s on sale and stock up. Then I go to the store that has the lower every day prices for everything else. Otherwise, I’d be losing the savings on the sale items and spending it on the rest of the groceries. I’d like to with the Stop & Shop card, please.

  47. Elizabeth Baer says

    Please enter me for the Giant card.

    Stores earn my loyalty by being family friendly. Having samples out (which keeps the kids quiet). Giving children a free cookie at the bakery. Helping me out to the van and loading the groceries.

  48. Renee Turner says

    I shop at the Giant two times a week. Thank you so much for this giveaway. With all of the rising food prices, my family gets so much less for the amount of money in our food budget. My kids hate that I have to cut out most of the goodies that we used to enjoy. It’s rough out there for stuggleing middle class families, so any help is appreciated.

  49. Zipporah Sandler says

    My son’s in school up in Rhode Island and Stop & Shop is his neighborhood supermarket. I’d love to win one for him.

  50. Audrey b says

    stop and shop–stores earn my loyalty with great sales, special store coupons and giving back to the community

  51. danielle says

    I would love to win a Stop and Shop card. I cannot believe how expansive groceries are.

  52. lorraine says

    I’d choose Giant. I go loyally to a store that honors coupons and has the product on their shelves. It’s no good if the stuff is always sold out!


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