Ah…home…it has been so long…

Away from the internet for four whole sleeps!!! That is a long time – I am sure all of you blogging mommies can sympathize.

Before the bags were even out of the car, I grabbed my computer.(I did bring it WITH me of course. Even though I had no internet connection, we did have power. So at least I wasn’t without Photoshop all weekend. I will post some pictures soon.)

Seeing our site load up felt as warm and cozy as crawling into my own bed. But Susan and our 5 Minutes for Mom team did such a great job while I was away, I feel like I am hardly needed around here. :)

But it is great to be back.

In the words of Jackson when he walked in to the house, “Ah… home… it has been so long since I was here.”

(And to get the full image – you need to picture him as he clutched his heart and said it with dramatic pause and complete sincerity.)

P.S. I hope I can quickly get back in to the swing of things. According to Jackson, four days is apparently a dangerously long time to be away from our favorite technology. After he sighed his relief to be home he said, “The one bad thing about vacation is that I forget how to play my video games.”


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