Veggie Puree Anyone?

Okay, this may be ‘so-last-year’ but I’ve been happily riding the veggie puree bandwagon since Christmas day when Janice and I unknowingly both gifted each other a copy of Jessica Seinfeld’s now-famous cookbook.

Apparently I don’t watch enough Oprah and late night TV because not only did I miss last year’s famous Oprah interview with Jessica Seinfeld, but I hadn’t even heard about the Magic Bullet until I read about it in Jessica’s cookbook.

I did manage to get in the loop enough to hear about the drama that Jessica’s “Deceptively Delicious” may have borrowed ideas from Missy Chase Lapine’s “The Sneaky Chef”. But, to be honest, the fact that her cookbook may not be very original doesn’t bother me. The idea that you can add cauliflower puree to scrambled eggs was news to me and I don’t care who told me about it. I’m glad I know now.

I think fortifying every-day recipes with pureed vegetables is brilliant and I can’t believe how much extra nutrition I can stuff into myself and my kids without any of us gagging or whining.

And, of course, I’m all for teaching children to eat vegetables in their natural state — load up their plates with carrots, peas and corn. But why not slip in some extra squash, broccoli and beets to the other parts of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert? And it doesn’t have to be deceptive, you can teach your kids about the benefits of healthy eating and have them help you wash, puree and cook.

Any new habits that help us get healthier are a good thing right?

But sometimes having a new kitchen gadget makes starting a new habit a bit more fun.

Remember how I mentioned I hadn’t even heard about the Magic Bullet until I read that Jerry Seinfeld had bought one from an infomercial to give to his puree-loving wife? Well, of course, then I wanted one… But since I already had a super fancy blender and a Cuisinart in the cupboard, I restrained myself.

But then… when the folks from Magic Bullet asked us to test out their new Platinum Pro Magic Bullet and offer a few to our readers, we were quick to agree. The new Platinum Pro is slightly larger than its predecessor and has 40% more motor power. You can watch an independent TV test run of the new Bullet on YouTube.

The testers on that show decided the unique little upside-down blender did a great job, and I’ll second them. I tested out grating carrots and making a smoothie before my neighbor stole it to puree everything in her house. Happily, she returned my new blending machine to me the next day with great reports of pureeing enough baby food to feed her little girl for a month.

Now since all you Internet friends are too far for me to lend you my Magic Bullet for your pureeing sessions, we’ll just have to give away a few. And if you don’t end up lucky this time, you can pick up one at for $99.99 or get one at Macy’s.

Leave us a comment and tell us what you’d blend up with a new Magic Bullet. (It would also be nice if you spread the word about this fun giveaway by linking to this post and/or telling your friends.)

We’ll draw three random winners on Friday, June 6th. Make sure you check back then and/or subscribe to our RSS feed so you don’t miss the announcement. We also email the winners, but with spam filters eating messages, you need to check back to be sure. If we don’t hear from a winner within a week, we’ll draw a new winner.

This giveaway is open to US and Canadian shipping addresses.


  1. Erica says

    Oh so many things! For the baby I’d use it to make baby food. We bought baby food for the first, and now everyone and their mother is talking about making our own, but all we have is a gazillion-year-old blender that wouldn’t do so well. So baby food. Then for the older one, purees for the Sneaky Chef cookbook I have. She’s a great eater, but like you say, it’s always good to get more in there. For myself, smoothies. They’re my favorite thing ever. Well, that and ice cream… Thanks! I’ve always wanted a Magic Bullet!!! Erica, gumbi1313 at msn dot com

  2. says

    I can see using it for smoothies a lot. It would be super good for baby food, it we wern’t a little past that phase, but we will be there again sooner or later. It look snice because there aren’t a lot of parts and its not huge to get in the way.

  3. Rachel Matthews says

    I am currently making homemade baby food in our blender. It does a good job, but this would be soo much easier!

  4. says

    Since the only thing I have is a stick blender, which isn’t all that great for making smoothies and things, I’d probably make smoothies since they are yummy…and I’d probably check out Jessica Seinfeld’s book just so I could find other things to puree. πŸ˜€

  5. says

    SMOOTHIES! Some days (more than I care to admit…) that’s all my son will eat. Luckily he doesn’t mind when I throw pureed veggies in with the fruit πŸ˜‰

  6. Katie Martin says

    I would love to win one to make my own babyfood. Thanks and will have to check out the book as well.

  7. says

    Well, I’d have to go and snag a copy of the Deceptively Delicious cookbook if I won. In the meantime, I’m sure the hubby would whip up several smoothies!

  8. Stefanie says

    My 4-month old son will be starting on solid foods in another month and the magic bullet would come in handy to make his baby food.

  9. Celeste says

    Oh, yay! I have two toddlers, including one very finicky eater, so I would load up on lots of fresh veggie purees to sneak into the pasta-and-cheese dishes they love so much!

  10. says

    I would love to try all the recipes in the book. I’ve had the book since the Oprah appearance and since I don’t have a suitable blender I haven’t tried ANY of the recipes. I think the brownies will be the first recipe!

  11. says

    I have a picky eater I’d love to slip some extra nutrition into; and smoothies would be really fun during our hot, hot summers! Thanks for the chance!

  12. says

    I’d puree up a tomato storm. I love, love, love tomato soup and with summer here, my tastes turn to something a little colder – I bet this little tool makes Gazpacho a cinch!

  13. Heather N says

    This would be great for my picky eater who is 2 and will not even try something new for me! I’ve been needing one of these!

  14. says

    My in-laws have one, and love it! It is perfect for salsa and other dips. We use it at the cabin all the time. I really want one for home!!!

  15. says

    Oh goodness!! I’ve always wanted one of these…I’ve seen the infomercial about a thousand times!! (Did I really admit that?) I have the Jessica Seinfield book, and LOVE it! I put everything in my blender, it would be nice to have something smaller, so I don’t have to lug out the bulky blender all the time. My favorite thing to make is Yogurt pops. I puree some frozen fruit and vanilla yogurt…pop it in the freezer…it’s a great treat!

  16. says

    I cook with a lot of fresh produce and fruit, so I would use the Magic Bullet for LOTS of things.

    Of course, after I finish feeding the kids their stealth veggies and put them to bed, I’d be sure to grab a few strawberries, limes, mangos, ice, and rum and mix up a little treat for the hubby and me!!!!!

  17. says

    We just love smoothies around here! But I might like to use it as a baby gift for a girlfriend who’s into making her own baby food…

  18. says

    Ooooh, I’d love to use it for my veggies too. And fruits! I use a juicer, but then all that stuff that gets left over? Such a waste!

  19. says

    I would love one of these! I bought my parents one for Xmas 2 years ago and they still haven’t used it:(

    I would use it for smoothies, guacamole, omelets…and more!

  20. says

    I have always made my own baby food and with #4 on the way, I’ll be making baby food again a few months down the road. This would be so much easier than my hand grinder!

  21. says

    I’d use it to create fruit coulis (don’t know how to make that plural) to make dessert presentations look fancy….like at restaurants. :0) A blender is too big for such a small job!


  22. Tanya Moyer says

    I have wanted a Magic Bullet for a long time – just couldn’t really afford it! I would love to make salsas, guacamole, smoothies, etc. I think this would be such a versatile appliance to have! Thanks for offering this!

  23. Ramie says

    I just ordered the cookbook the other day, and am awaiting its arrival! I’ve heard some awesome stuff about it! (and MIL offered us a Magic Bullet, but we have to pick it up..she’s in CO, we’re in GA….).

    I’d make lots of things from the book, plus baby food for friends (since I don’t have one eating it right now), margaritas, salsa and guacamole!


  24. Lachelle says

    I’d use it for smoothies and to try out some of the “sneaky” recipes that I keep hearing about! I just joined a produce co-op so it would be great to get even more use out of all the fresh fruit and veggies.

  25. says

    I’d use it to make homemade baby food for our newest baby, fill our picky 4 year old with nutritious goodness, and our one year old would love smoothies.
    It would definitely give me an opportunity to cook more often, and healthier meals… I don’t suppose it can teach me how to cook, can it? Ah well.

  26. says

    Oh my gosh. Best giveaway ever. I’ve got a 14 month old who’s recently decided that he won’t eat any vegetables besides carrots and green beans so having this would help me out a ton. I have Jessica Seinfield’s book but I haven’t really tested it out yet so I could finally break it in.

  27. says

    I SO want one of these! I had a hard time believing it would do what it said it would (I’ve been infomercial-burned before!), so I didn’t give in. But now I REALLY want one!!
    There are SO many things I’d blend with it! But I think the first thing I’d try is chocolate mousse! It looks so yummy on the infomercial!!

  28. Laura H. says

    I just had a baby girl, and in just a couple of months she’ll be starting solids. So thats what I would use it for. To make her baby food!!


  29. says

    I would use the magic bullet to puree foods for that lovely cookbook also!!

    We have liked everything I’ve made, even the beet pancakes! ( I was gaging at them smell from the beets while I was pureeing them, but they did taste good!)

  30. erin says

    i would make tons of smoothies a favorite in our household. i would make a garlic sauce that my husband loves but never gets anymore beacause our 1 yr old broke our blender and so much more!

  31. says

    Oooh! I have one of these and used it a TON with my son making baby food. I’ve been wanting to give one to my mom to make her daily breakfast smoothies so this is perfect! SUPER easy clean-up.

  32. says

    Mmm fruit smoothies! They are my favorite summer treat, and they can be difficult to make in my crappy blender.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  33. says

    I also got the Jessica Seinfeld cookbook for Christmas and haven’t made many of the recipes because our food processor is SO loud it scares the toddlers! I would love to use the magic bullet to try more of the deceptively delicious recipes and to blend up baby food for the youngest! :)

  34. says

    I was sneaking Cauliflower into my kids smoothies for a long time, they caught me and I was kinda like “oh, um I thought you liked it. I have since moved on to flax seed

  35. says

    That contraption looks so cool. I bought Jessica’s book for a good friend of mine and she swears by it. I, however, have not yet purchased it for myself.

  36. Kristi says

    Smoothies, dips, chicken salad and grind coffee beans. Thank you, I have wanted to try the Magic Bullet forever.

  37. Karen in VT says

    All about making my own baby food for my daughter with one of these babies! …mmm, and how about a little homemade pesto for mom and dad :)

  38. Jessica says

    WOW! I have been wanting one of these forever!
    I think I would make lots of smoothies and lots of homemade sauces.

  39. says

    I would love to win this. I’ve tried the vegetable puree thing, and I really like the idea. It would be even better if I had an easy way to do it. :-)

  40. says

    My sister-in-law gave me “Deceptively Delicious” for Christmas! I LOVE IT!!!

    My husband wouldn’t eat a vegetable to save his (or my)life… but he does now! I’ve been putting cauliflower puree in his mashed potatoes ever since Christmas! And now, my kids love spaghetti with squash more than regular spaghetti… what they don’t know won’t hurt them!

    That’s what I’d do with it. I hate dragging out the gigantic food processor and trying to finagle it into the already stuffed dishwasher once I use it.

  41. says

    slushies (for kids in the summer), fresh salsa, fresh fruit smoothies, frozen fruit smoothies (in the winter), veggie puree (I want to try that in brownies)

  42. Sarah H. says

    Would love to make some Jessica Seinfeld’s deceptive puree’s!! I am practically banging my head against the wall to get my kiddos to eat veggies!!!

  43. says

    I would totally blend stuff up and make smoothies! Especially with summer right around the corner….

    Count me in!

  44. says

    i would DIE if i got a Magic Bullet. i actually sit and watch those commercials with my husband.

    i’ve got a baby coming, so i’d make baby food. Also, after the baby comes, i’m going to be consuming a lot of health shakes to try to lose the weight. You should pick me!

  45. says

    I tried doing all of the pureed stuff but it took so long to clean everything up. I would love to be able to puree the cauliflower and carrots I like to sneak into recipes (yes, I borrowed Jessica’s book from the library.) I also mix my own yogurt for my daughters and it would be great to be able to add fresh pureed strawberries or blueberries instead of the applesauce I use now.

  46. Katie says

    Ooooooh, I’d definitely use it for baby food – sweet potatoes, avocados, grinding grains. And smoothies!

  47. says

    I just bought Jessica’s book at the elementary school’s book fair. I can’t wait to read it and try some recipes. LOTS of recipes. Including breads, and I think I saw a macaroni dish when Jessica was on Oprah. And I wonder if the bullet could help me make guacomole? I LOVE guacamole. :)

  48. Becca says

    We’re making baby food here, so we would get LOTS of use from one…we’ve been wanting to buy it anyway!

  49. says

    I would puree veggies, since my 3 year old won’t touch a veggie with a 10 foot pole. I would mix them into what we are already eating without him knowing it!

  50. says

    I’d make smoothies for my daughter. Pina Coladas for me, and tons of other goodies. Thanks so much for the opportunity.


  51. says

    How about trying to make some ice cream with veggies? I tried it a few times. It tasted so-o-o good… You would never believe there is cabbage, salary, carrots, and all kinds of vegetables in it! I wonder if you could do the same with a Magic Bullet. Would be nice…

  52. Cindi says

    Hi, I have so wanted to win one of these for my husband! He really enjoys cooking and having new wonderful gadgets and appliances. This would make a wonderful Father’s Day gift for him! I would ask him to make me a batch of “Roasted Red Pepper Hummus!”
    My 90 year old dad still plants a vegetable garden!
    My sister and I help him and we usually get some great homegrown vegetable. Please enter me in your delightful drawing. Thanks very much! Cindi

  53. Steph Elias says

    I would try fruit for smoothies and then maybe grate up some veggies or cheese for a pizza.

  54. Michelle says

    I used my old magic bullet for anything and everything before it conked out. I would LOVE a new one. My kids loved making themselves smoothies.

  55. Marilyn says

    I would blend up milk, icecream, blueberries and peaches for a delicious drink. thank you for the contest

  56. Ginnie says

    I’m not a very good example for my granddaughter, because I’m not much of a vegetable eater either (except for potatoes), so I guess I’d use it for lots of vegetables.

  57. Jodie says

    I would blend up every type of fruit smoothy you can think of. I encourage my kiddos to make smoothies for snacks by having yogurt and frozen fruit always on hand.

  58. Rozetta says

    I would make great smoothies with all the wonderful tropical fruits and yogurt for the added calcium.

  59. Teri Meairs says

    Would absolutely use this to puree natural foods for Lily. Oh the possibilities with fruit!

  60. Mary B says

    My kids are 6, 9 & 12. So, not baby food :) They would love smoothies! I’m sure we could come up with some great things to make.

  61. says

    I’d make baby food for our almost-five-month old. And I would also sneak some veggies into our dinners for my husband. He calls himself a ‘vegetable rights activist’ and won’t eat anything green, orange, red, or yellow (unless it’s frozen corn). :)

  62. says

    I have wanted a Magic Bullet for so long! I’ve watched the infomercial every time it comes on TV – LOL I would probably make smoothies with the Bullet.

  63. says

    Oh there are too many things to make with it. I couldn’t choose just one to mention. My oldest boy, on the other hand, could probably name dozens off the top of his head. He watched the infomercial so many times he can recite it. He’s so silly.

  64. says

    Baby Food – but i’d love to know all the different items used to make up tasty baby purees. I’ve never done it before.
    I’ll probably try a few drink recipes too, to get me through the baby food thing and all.

  65. K. Cleaver says

    I’ve never seen an advertisement for the Magic Bullet before. (We don’t watch commercials with our DVR.) Looks like it would be nice for small jobs, like a smoothie or milk shake for two…a batch of fresh salsa…parmesan cheese for spagetti etc.

    I can’t see it replacing my stick blender for pureeing soup or replacing my food processor for shredding cheddar and making pie crusts though. Know what I mean?

    Still, for certain jobs, I can see it’s purpose.

  66. says

    I would puree some vegetables and fruit for my 7 month old who is just beginning to eat food and then mix up some guacamole for myself. When I was pregnant with her, I craved guacamole.

  67. says

    I would make smoothies, sauces and of course sneek in those veggies! My kids have gone on a veggie strike here of late. I’m sure I would find tons of other things to use it for too. Thanks for another great giveaway!!

  68. Rebecca M. says

    I would make shakes and cauliflower puree. I use my big blender everyday, but the Magic Bullet would be easier for cleanup.

  69. Michael Paul says

    I’d have to try it to see if it does a good job on the ingredients for my grandmother’s meat sauce. When I do it by hand, it tends to be chunky…

  70. Barbara Baker says

    My little ones love for me to make milk shakes all of the time, but instead of using the “food processor” we have (the only thing we have; don’t even own a blender) I’d use the bullet to make these delightful treats for them.

    Count me in. I’d love to win.

  71. Rita Sheppard says

    I’d make lots of healthy smoothies filled with a variety of fruits and veggies. They’re not only good for you but will help you lose weight too!

  72. Sarah says

    I would LOVE one of these! (My college-aged brother has one and loves his.) I would use mine to make double-duty purees – some for the baby and some to sneak into my toddler (and husband’s) meals. We could all use a little extra veggie. Oh, and a few fruity drinks for the mama to enjoy out on the deck after the kids are in bed! Thanks! beezerly (at) yahoo dot com

  73. says

    I would make so many things! Smoothies for me, homemade baby food when the time comes, dips, etc. My husband and I have seen the infomercial for the Magic Bullet so many times it is ridiculous. We keep saying we’re going to get one, but with baby on the way there never seems to be enough money in the budget. If I don’t win, I’ll definitely be putting it on my birthday wishlist this year!

  74. says

    Baby food galore! My 3rd baby is just starting on solids, so I’ll be pureeing up a storm for the next few months! The Magic Bullet looks great!

  75. says

    Pesto and baby food!

    I’ll be out of town without internet on the 6th, so if I win and don’t respond, I will as soon as I get a chance to access the internet!

  76. Katie Sandra Sell says

    the better question would be what can’t you make..the possibilities are endless..but here are just a few; sauces, smoothies, baby food, dips, dressings, meats, all the fruits,…I am excited! I wanna win, so I can make all that good food!

  77. Sandy - Em's mommy says

    I am so excited. I literally just picked up jessica seinfeld’s book last week and was thumbing through it. I have no machine to puree with yet. Yea! I have been waiting to see what’s available. I am planning on having a few more kiddos and would most definitley puree their baby food… and I have a one year old who resists eating her veggies, which is why i want to start adding some nutritious veggies to her foods she eats.. I have already tried the potatoes and cauliflower. She ate it up and wanted more! hooray! next I am going to make additions to our saturday morning pancakes and mac and cheese. other than that I love banana milkshakes and want to try yogurt smoothies and frozen yogurt smoothie pops for my daughter. i am so excited.. pick me! πŸ˜‰

  78. Linda says

    Well, I know we’re talking about using the machine to be healthy, but to be completely honest, I’d use it to grind up Oreos for a couple of recipes I make a lot. They’re a real chore to crush by hand!

  79. says

    Baby food first off, we are expecting a baby girl in September, but I’d love to try milkshakes and smoothies! This preggo I’ve been craving soo much icecream , milkshakes, and smoothies!

  80. says

    I have the regular Magic Bullet & LOVE IT!! In fact I finally puy my blender away and may even consider getting rid of it. I haven’t used it in forever and the Magic Bullet seems to do what I need done (it makes wonderful smoothies – fast). I want the book – either one, lol – so I may need to check that out. I need to get some puree recipes & info on how to use them. Thanks for another great giveaway!!

  81. Donna says

    There are so many things I would love to use this for! I would love to be able to mix up smoothies because my son absolutely refuses to eat any type of fruits or vegetables. Blended, it would be more appetizing to him I’m sure! I would use it to make cream sauces, cheese snacks, pasta sauces and mix up eggs for omelets! I would also use it to make my husband his weight loss drinks (he has diabetes and is trying to lose weight). And after doing all that, I would blend myself a cocktail LOL :) Thank you for the giveaway!

  82. Beth says

    I’m going to make all of our baby food, so I would love it for that.

    Then for my husband and I, I would get the cookbooks you mentiond and be deceptive on us!! Neither of us are big veggie eaters, so it would be a good way for us to “eat” them. Even if we knew it was hiding in our foods!! :)

  83. Kathleen says

    I’ve never had one of these before so I’m pretty sure I would go absolutely mad making anything and everything. I’d probably settle into a pretty predictable schedule of smoothies though.

  84. says

    I would for sure be making smoothies in it. I’d also probably try to purree some veggies to stick in pizza sauce or pasta sauce to help my son get more veggies in his diet.

  85. Tania Bugnet says

    I would love to be able to make a homemade spinach dip in the Magic Bullet. Rather than blowing our money on pre-made spinach dip, we could save some $$ and still enjoy our yummy indulgence!


  86. dh says

    Yogurt and fruit for smoothies, plus a little wheat germ.

    I have used one before to make shredded parmesan.

  87. says

    Veggies (hidden if needbe) for the family and smoothies for me and hubbie and pico de gallo, lots of pico de gallo!

  88. Anne says

    Cool Cantaloupe Soup, Fresh Salsa, Gispacho (I know I have no idea how to spell it)……..I could go on and on!!

    I’ve always wanted to try one of these; great giveaway!!

  89. sheri says

    I’d make smoothies for summer drinks and also my daughter’s baby foods. I use a mini cuisinart now and this magic bullet looks easier. I’ve even thought about buying one, but just haven’t taken the plunge. Also, I’ve been thinking that Jessica Seinfeld’s book would be a great investment. My husband hates veggies and though he is learning to eat them for his health, I’d love to add some puree to his foods to ensure he’s getting healthy veggies more often.

  90. Rena says

    my daughter makes a great fruit smoothie! Think I will enlist her to make them for me after I win the contest!!!!

  91. Jennifer C. says

    Smoothies, fruit salsa, mousse, milkshakes, homemade ice creams and sorbet, I could go on but you probably get the point :) Thanks!

  92. Lisa says

    This must be karma… either i’m gonna win this or i REALLY need to buy one NOW… lol.. i bought one several years ago (when it was only on infomercials) but it finally gave out last year… been meaning to get another one… now with the twins starting solids… i’ve been looking into another one for making baby food… lol.. almost picked one up at wally mart last night… telling you it’s karma.. lol…

  93. Maureen says

    Probably everything I currently do in my food processor but for when I need smaller quantities. But the idea of doing smoothies in it sounds awesome. Thanks.

  94. HK says

    I have a older Magic Bullet that I got for a 2006 Christmas present and it “was” the greatest until the gears started wearing out from all the baby food and other fantastic things we used it for! It also looks as if i’m not the only one here thats worn out the Magic Bullet…lol. Well, mine is still working, but just barely…lol…winning a new one would be AWESOMEEEEE! Thanks and Good Luck to everybody!

  95. Kam A says

    With two picky little boys I would puree the veggies to sneak into foods! Thank you for the giveaway!

  96. Margaret Smith says

    We’d use it for making smoothies and an occassional treat of a milk shake would be nice. Thanks for this great giveaway. Great prize. Thanks.

  97. Theresa Shafer says

    1. Hard cheese to grate
    2. chocolate shake
    3. Nuts to pieces
    4. Whipped cream

    that is all so far.
    Thank you

  98. says

    This is the best product ever! LUUUURVE THE BULLET!! Mine’s about pooped out since I use it so much — I could really use this! I make all our babyfood and my 2nd is just now starting solids so this would come in handy! Not to mention the mango salsa I love to make!

  99. DEBRA B says

    I would make some chocolate pudding,and then some fresh whipped cream to go on top, doesnt that sound yummy!!! thanks for the contest, would really love to win the Magic Bullet

  100. says

    this is so awesome! I would make all kinds of things with this! starting with mango and strawberry shakes to chopping my veggies for dinner salsa!

  101. joahsmom says

    I would use the Magic Bullet for baby food, salsa, smoothies, and find more ways to get those veggies into my son and husband. I use an old blender for baby food now. I have to use a chopstick or something to help it along sometimes. O’well, still gets the job done.

  102. Donna says

    MMM. . . what good ideas. My daughter-in-law makes the most wonderful butternut squash soup. . .. even though it’s healthy, it tastes great!

  103. says

    We would make smoothies, I just got on a green-smoothie kick! And summer soups, yum. And puree for eggs and stuff like that, I like Jessica’s book, too. But my son eats veggies just fine on his plate, I just want to give that extra boost!

  104. Jennifer S says

    I would love to win this. I have to go on a strict liquid and pureed diet soon and this would be perfect! I would use it to make protein shakes and healthy smoothies, pureed soups and veggies. One of my favorite smoothie recipes is; One small container sugar free vanilla yogurt, 6 fresh strawberries, one half of a frozen banana, and a 1/8 cup of orange juice. It is wonderful!

  105. Sarah W says

    Sign me up….pick me! I really want one of these! I have Jessica’s book and a magic bullet would really be much better than my old food processor! Thanks!!

  106. Fahim Jadaa says

    smoothies,pesto’s,pancakes,pureed cauliflowers disguised as mashed potatoe,homemade salsa,vegetable dips,the list goes on and on!What a great gadget!……please let me have some good luck this year!

  107. Tracey Byram says

    I would blend up some Mango Margaritas. And don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. Yummy, smooth, sweet, delish!

  108. says

    Greetings! We don’t have our new daughter yet, but once we do we will follow the hidden veggie recipes too! Also, since there are a few veggies that DH doesn’t like, I can use it to make smaller portions of my favorites. AND everyone loves smoothies. We make homemade pesto too. I am sure we will find lots of ideas – can’t you grate hard cheese in it too?

    Alyson LID 01/27/06

  109. Lori Williams says

    I’d use it to blend my famous meat sauce, and I’m sure would find a thousand other uses for it!

  110. Mindy L says

    I would love, love, love this. Baby food, smoothies, salsa, and absolutely anything and everything else I can think of.

  111. Melanie Lee :) says

    I would use this for everything that people normally use a food processor for. I don’t have a food processor due to space limitations. I have seen all the great reviews on the Magic Bullet and think its perfect for my needs. I could whip up Pina Coladas and healthy smoothies. It would be a real timesaver!

  112. Nat Stevens says

    aloe vera and doko dame so – poor mans chemotherapy that has seemed to work on my german shepherd – she’s 2 months ahead of the vets prognosis and still going strong

  113. Trish says

    Definately would have to make some adult beverages with this. Banana and Strawberry Daquaries sound just about right.

  114. Jill Knecht says

    We have had one for over 3 years and it is dying we used it sooooo much. My kids and I love fresh fruit and yogurt, and the list goes on. Fantastic gadget.

  115. Mary C says

    I’d make lots of lovely soups! By blending the veggies and adding them back into the broth they were cooked in, you can make a creamy vegetable soup without the cream! Far more healthy, but just as delicious!

  116. Deborah Ann NeSmith says

    We live in rural, rural Montana and all my neighbors love Mexican food. We get together occasionally and cook up a potluck Mexican feast, but everyone loves different salsa, picante, etc. With the Magic Bullet, I could impress everyone by having the potluck at my house and making the salsas, picantes, etc. to everyone’s individual order as my contribution to the party.

  117. magsy says

    Fruit smoothies, I don’t like bananas or mangos to just eat, but I do love them in a smoothie with apple or orange juice.

  118. Deborah Rosen says

    I’d use it to make smoothies, coffee milk shakes, pesto and….baby food for my upcoming grandchild (with my daughter-in-law’s help, of course!).

  119. Mary Boldin says

    Since I’m tinkering with the idea of going ‘raw’ this would be perfect for making fruit smoothies, fresh salsa and many wonderful fruit & veggie concoctions

  120. lisa says MIL gave me one a year ago. I thought “too many parts” and handed it off to my sister.
    who uses it everyday. my 12 year old comes back from her house every visit with “why don’t WE have one mom??”

    i would so so love one to make smoothies with, and it would be a real push for my daughter to use to start making her own healthy snacks and foods!!

  121. Brent Dotson says

    Homemade Strawberry Milk shakes with Schwans Vanilla Ice Cream, 2% milk, and fresh strawberries

  122. Jennifer McKay says

    I love making lowfat low cal smoothies with frozen fruit, sugar free lemonaid and weight watchers yogurt

  123. Jacob says

    Where do I start. I have a smoothie for breakfast everyday (in my antique blender) and I love pasta, so I would make sauces all the time.

  124. Deanne S. says

    I’d make fresh pico de gallo or fresh fruit smoothies. This is a great product….I find myself watching the corny infomercial all the time, but still haven’t bought one.

  125. michael woods says

    My friend had a tasty sauce recipe for chicken riggies that I’d use the Magic Bullet for

  126. Kasey In Florida says

    Would be a great help with entertaining, from dips to smoothies. You could have everything done in a snap.

  127. pamela t says

    SALSA! My son got all of us hooked on fresh salsa however using a blender each time is time consuming and a pain for clean up (not to mention just too big). The magic bullet would be the perfect size so we can start enjoying it more regularly.

  128. Keenan says

    I would use it to sneak pureed veggies into my wife’s food! Not the greatest of eaters, and I worry about her.

  129. Laureen says

    I would try making homemade hummus and other dips like guacamole in addition to smoothies, of course.

  130. Rose says

    I would love to use this great invention to make baking a breeze, chopping and dicing, would go so easily!

  131. Cindy O says

    OK – Don’t call me crazy! I love salsa, but hate the chunks of onions and peppers. I would use it to puree my salsa! Yummy!

  132. Sarah Hirsch says

    Oh, I thought a magic bullet was something else. πŸ˜‰ I’d blend some strawberry and banana smoothies.

  133. Kristi Blackstone says

    Oh wow, lots of things! Baby food would be great to make with this! So would a lot of desserts!

  134. says

    Oh! I’d LOVE to win this.
    I would make smoothies with bananas & stawberries.
    I’d find a lot of uses for it because I don’t have a blender!

  135. says

    Mm, I love both of those cookbooks. And I would LOVE to win the Magic Bullet. I like to puree brocolli and carrots to put in meatloaf. Mm mm good.

  136. Wanda Bergman says

    I love milkshakes of ALL kinds and I would make quickies A LOT!! I especially like chocolate or strawberry milkshakes.

  137. says

    Wow, I’d LOVE one! I have three little ones that get baby food and have yet to find a processor that will really make things fine enough to go through a bottle nipple (two are fed this way). I’d also love to try the veggie recipes but that will be one day… when I get time :) With 4 under 5 life gets a bit busy!

  138. Cathie says

    Smoothies, Slushies, when I can at the end of the summer…pasta sauce and salsa………did I mention Smoothies and Slushies? lol the Grandkids love them

  139. Beth says

    The possibilities are endless w/ the magic bullet! We love smoothies every Mon. morning at our house. I love frappucino drinks, too, which I’m sure would be wonderful in this!

  140. zoz says

    I’d make smoothies, milkshakes, omelets, salsa, guacamole, pesto, vegetable soup, sauces, grated cheese, sweet and savory butters, and dips.

  141. Jill Myrick says

    This would be Perfect for strawberry and peach smoothies for the older children. And to make my own baby food for my youngest child.
    Thank you so much for the wonderful contest.
    I would LOVE to win !!

  142. Tammy Kennedy says

    I have one of these and they are so awesome.
    Well my son now wants to take it home with him.
    So want to win one for him or myself.
    I use mine for everything.
    Its getting worn out by so much use.
    Thank you so much…

  143. Bill Bartholmey says

    Actually, to be totally honest with you, my daughter Jennifer has wanted a Magic Bullet since like forever. I want to win this for her.

  144. says

    We make a lot of smoothies around here. And I would love to try adding veggies to my food. I’ve been hinting about Seinfield’s book for quite a while—-I guess I’m going to have to buy it myself.

  145. Courtney S says

    I have always wanted one of these! I would love to make smoothies and milkshakes with it! I also think it would be good for fresh salsa!

  146. Jennifer Short says

    I have a friend who uses this to make vegetable soup and it’s so delicious! I’d like to make some of my own.

  147. JS Gulich says

    I also enjoyed Jessica Seinfeld’s new book, and was fortunate enough to catch her on, Oprah. :)
    That Magic Bullet, would be such a fun, time saving, little contraption! I’ve always fed my baby fruit and vegetable puree (even before Jessica’s book) but my method was to boil the fruit/veggies, and then mash them, let them sit and cool down in the fridge for 5 minutes, and then feed the baby! After the first few times, as a new parent, I finally figured I would have to just cook alot, and bottle some, just to have some, “on demand,” for my baby. Wow, this Magic Bullet, would be great! My boil/mash days, would be over! :)
    P.S. Susan & Janice, I LOVE your site, and cute commentaries! Thank’s for all of the great info, great taste in stuff, and helpful advice! Keep up the great work!
    JS Gulich

  148. Amanda C says

    I have seen this on TV for a while and have been wanting it :) I would love to be able to make my own Salsa and to make baby food with it. I would like my 7 month old to eat what we are eating :) Fingers are crossed :)

  149. Liz says

    I’d love to puree some sweet potato to add to my lunch burrito as well as make some healthy summer smoothies.

  150. Carrie Cabral says

    We have a neighborhood Co-Op going this year, so I plan on making a LOT of pasta sauce for the winter… and zuchinni/garlic pesto…and well you get the picture.

  151. Laura says

    I would definitely make smoothies. I love them and really want to start making them for my daughter.

  152. Kandice Bentley says

    wI would mix up homemade baby food with the Majic Bullent. I am 32 weeks pregnant with my second child, so I am excited!

  153. Shannon says

    I’d make the alfredo sauce or the pesto that they make on the infommercial. I’ve watched it several times. I would love to have one but it’s not in the budget for me.

  154. says

    I’ve wanted one of these for SO long! I’d love to use it to make pesto, milkshakes, etc., and I could also use it to puree things for Jessica’s recipes.

  155. Leanne Cobbledick says

    I’s spend all day in the kitchen exploring the recipies bbok – WHAT A WONDERFUL LITTLE GADGET!

  156. cheryl kelly says

    Ph, my 11 yr old is overweight and we are workin on it; fruit smoothies this summer would be so nice for breakfasts; healthy CAN taste good. what a cool little gadget!

  157. says

    I have always, always wanted a Magic Bullet. With baby #2 almost here, and a 19 month old, making purees would be so so great.

  158. John Busnello says

    Definitely help in creating a delicious pasta sauce. Also help in getting the kids to eat more and various veggies.

  159. says

    Home made baby food and Slim Fast shakes for me! I’m also a fan of The Sneaky Chef and put veggies in my 6 year olds mac and cheese! Once we finally get a patio in the back yard, adult beverages will be next in line!!

  160. says

    My dad’s been hankering after one of these, and Father’s Day is coming up. I might be hard-pressed to part with it, though.

  161. Taryn Parker says

    I probably don’t eat enough vegetables and I would love to make veggie smoothies to help me get enough veggies in my diet. I also absolutely love fruit smoothies and green tea frappachinos so would use the magic bullet for this too!

  162. Irene Fleury says

    i have wanted one of these for soooo long now, that i think i would be blending and purreing anything and everything!!!! mostly tho, because i am on a health kick now, i would be blending a lot of healthy smoothies.

  163. says

    I’ve tried a couple of the “Sneaky Chef” recipes – great stuff! I’d love a simpler way to puree, though. Summer smoothies with V8 juice are also an awesome way to sneak in a few more veggies for my little guy…

  164. Michelle Berry says

    If I had a Magic Bullet nothing would be safe from me. I would blend and experiment with all kinds of food’s and mixtures. Now I’m not saying they would all taste good but, I would surely give it a go anyways. So I think I would blend EVERYTHING…lol

  165. Romie says

    Baby food, pesto, hummus, smoothies, salsa, & tons of purees to try every recipe in “Deceptively Delicious”!

  166. Gina Stratos says

    We get super hot summers so I’m thinking fresh salsa, smoothies for the kids. I’m interested in anything that can help me produce great food without turning on the oven.

  167. grubmama says

    I love my Magic Bullet! The one I have has a little crack in it…I would love to replace the old one. I made lots of smoothies and baby purees and even grind coffee beans!

  168. Susan Crammond says

    My picky-eater texture-sensitive 12-year-old thinks ketchup is a food group. Not just a food, a whole food group. I’d puree vegetables and hide them in ketchup. And I’d puree carrots and hide them in ground beef for burgers. (He spots the grated carrots.) And then I’d learn how to make something smooth and delicious just for me…..!

  169. Cat W says

    I have to say, every time I see the Magic Bullet infomercials, I’m totally sucked into watching it! LOL I have to be honest, I would use it mostly for the ‘beverages’ (!) and tex-mex treats like salsa and guacamole. YUMMY!!!!

  170. Liz C. says

    I’d make smoothies and sauces and blend baby food and so much more. The Magic Bullet would be so useful in our household!

  171. israel y says

    lots of fruit for some sweet smoothies, my sister is in love with the magic bullet! for real! thanks for the contest

  172. judy folk says

    i have seen the advertisement on tv for the magic bullet and i would love to win one of these machines; i know i would get alot of use out of one

  173. Pamela says

    Awesome contest! I’d make frozen pina coladas and while sipping on that, puree lots of veggies from my garden to freeze and add to everything later. Always wanted a magic bullet – it’s the only infomercial I’ve watched from beginning to end! I had to hide the phone to resist calling :)

  174. Patty says

    I’ve not heard of this, but it looks great! I am a grandma, but it would be great to have this in my home for the the kiddos visit. I could just cook my regular meals and they could eat it too!

  175. Jennifer Mcintosh says

    I would love a Magic Bullet! We just started our son on cereal, and soon we will be adding meat, fruit and vegetables! The Magic bullet would allow us to cook all his food at home and prepare it in seconds!

  176. Demetra says

    I would make spicy nacho cheese to put over tortilla chips, fresh quacomole, fresh pasta sauce, my famous french toast batter, and lots and lots of soup – like my delicious butternut squash soup. What wouldn’t I make!!! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  177. James says

    I have wanted one of these for a long time now. My wife says she would love it to, but there are other things we need first like furniture. This would be one way to get me cooking in the kitchen – it’s like using a powerful tool to cook!

  178. says

    I would use it for so much stuff! I already make smoothies in my sad ancient blender, but sometimes it doesn’t want to blend anymore. I’ve just joined a produce co-op, so I would be able to puree some of that. (I also like to sneak healthy foods in everyday recipes thanks to Jessica Seinfeld.)

  179. Rachel Fox says

    I’ve wanted one of these guys forever now! I’d love to make some homemade salsa and frozen drinks! Thanks for a wonderful offer!

  180. Janice J says

    I would make my own Frappe Freeze’s, I love iced coffee. My son has a magic bullet and he makes all kinds of things with his, but in the summer he does a lot of iced mocha, it is very good.

  181. Joanna Smith says

    We always have lots and lots of fresh fruit and fresh vegetables in our home. I am always getting creative in the kitchen conjuring up delicious concoctions for my husband and 3 children. I have always wanted a Magic Bullet which is much more powerful than our rather old blender, so if I had my own Magic Bullet I would just be able to create a lot more quality smoothies out of either fresh fruit or fresh vegetables. If we have ice cream, yogurt, juices or milk in the house, that is always one of the basic ingredients I also add to my creations. Thank you for offering this great giveaway with a fabulous prize!

  182. Elizabeth M. says

    My daughter is vegan so this would be perfect for making up her smoothies with fruits and veggies. She’s moving into her own apartment so she’ll need a blender of sorts and I think this is sized just right for one person. I hope I win!

  183. Aimee says

    For me, I think I’d be doing homemade baby food, smoothies and guacamole the most! (quite a combo, I know! :)

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  184. says

    I bought the Sneaky Chef book (as a writer I know how it feels when it seems like someone else hits it bigger with something you did “first”); I’d love to be able to make smaller amounts of some of the purees without lugging out the whole food processor or blender. It would also be nice to do kid-sized smoothies.

  185. Danielle Piazza says

    Would love to try the Magic Bullet for smoothies for my daughter. I’ve already killed two machines due to overuse! With her busy schedule with dance and tennis, smoothies make a quick and healthy alternative to junk food and make her feel satisfied until dinner time.

  186. Jenn Johnson says

    Ooh… I could make so many things with that! Sauces, dips, pureed baby food, and healthy smoothies to help me through what is going to be a LONG summer pregnant and due in August!

  187. Candice Bennett says

    I would blend up some added vegtables for my three kids the sneaky chef addds vegetable to thier food

  188. Megan B. says

    There are so many things – definitely smoothies and basil pesto! Thanks so much for the contest!

  189. Jlo23 says

    I would use it for “Mexican Night”. It would be great for salsa, and queso and guacamole. YUM!

  190. April says

    I want one of these so bad. I would make smoothies, pesto sauce, salsa, chocolate mousse…pretty much everything you see them making in the infomercials. They have made me hungry a many a late night.

  191. Laura says

    I would bring to my Grandmothers for when we make our own food and preserves… you won’t believe how old hers is! I takes up a whole corner of her counter!


    I would blend orange juice, frozen strawberries and a frozen banana (peel removed before freezing). This makes such a great healthy smoothie after my morning walk. I always keep strawberries and bananas in my freezer just for this.

  193. Summer Payne says

    I would blend fruits and veggies for healthy breakfast smoothies. :) I have a blender and a juicer in my kitchenn but I never get to use them because they’re a real hassle to clean.

  194. naomi bailey says

    smoothies, sauces, baby food,etc. I would probably wake up the next morning to all my groceries being pureed. LOL!

  195. Marlene V says

    My son wants one of these so bad…. we would love to make some smoothies with it. We will keep our fingers crossed to win:)

  196. Janet says

    ty!! 4 the great wonderful useful contest!!!We love lemonade smoothies along with many other favorites.:)

  197. melinda says

    I would love this. We make healthy smoothies daily and I have one child that is allergic to milk – so two batches each day. . . lots of blender washing.

  198. Debra Ford says

    There’s a lot I’d do with the Magic Bullet, but I’d definitely make up some pesto with my basil from my garden.

  199. says

    Gah.. I’ve wanted one of these for a long time!
    I would make this homemade salsa we make here at home, in record time!!! My son could eat it every day, and since it’s so fresh and healthy, I wouldn’t feel bad about it.

  200. Angie Metzger says

    I’ve always wanted to try one of these!
    I bet it would save a ton of time in the kitchen!

  201. Jean Jackson says

    I’d love a frozen margarita right now, and the Magic Bullet looks like just the thing to whip one up!

  202. Jeanine Ertl says

    Wow, what a neat invention. I’d make lots and lots of baby food. My little one is just about to begin her feasting phase…And some nice smoothies would be great too for her big sister.

  203. Carolyn says

    Pasta sauce, Salsa for the chips πŸ˜‰ Thanks. Or make applesauce. So many things. Hope to win.

  204. Tabby says

    I would put it to use making different summer fruit purees. I love to use fresh strawberries or blueberries as a fresh fruit topping for pancakes. The Magic Bullet would be amazing.

  205. Dara Nix says

    Wow … where to start?? Homemade salsa, guacamole, pasta sauces, salad dressings, daiquiris, margaritas … the list goes on and on and on …

    I would L-O-V-E to win one of these and start getting REALLY creative!!

  206. cara says

    I would puree veggies to add(or should I say hide) in meals since my hubby and daughter don’t eat their veggies.

  207. says

    fruit smoothies, sweet potato puree, guacamole, salsa, shredded chicken for enchiladas, creamed corn. i would have a ton of fun with the magic bullet!

  208. Renee says

    I’ve always wanted one of these. I love to mix up a batch of pumpkin/squash puree and start baking away.

  209. Ashley says

    It’s gonna be a long, hot summer where I live, so I’d make popsicles with the fruit I’d puree.

  210. Tiffanie Wright says

    Oh my goodness! I would make the world’s greatest vanilla and coffee smoothie with Bailey’s Irish Cream Liqour in it. Mmmm…..

  211. Virginia B. says

    Since my daughter medically needs to have what she eats basically a liquid, this would be perfect for that. Her favorite right now are cooling ice cream shakes

  212. Leslie says

    I’ve wanted to get one of these forever. I really would love to try salsa, smoothies and countless other things. :)