I just ate half a tub of Cool Whip…

by Janice

It was light though! And really – I do think it was only about a third full before I dug in.

I love desserts. Seriously. Watch me at a dessert buffet and you will be horrified. It is like setting a six year old loose.

At home, I usually keep the temptation locked out (except for some light vanilla ice cream and tubs or cans of Cool Whip Light.) But when I am at an event or out for dinner, it is fair game baby! Bring on the sweet sin.

It usually balances out just fine and I get to “have my cake and eat it too.”

That is why when I am at home and feeling the need for a dessert fix, I reach for the Cool Whip. I get maximum effect – it feels like I am eating whip cream and I just eat it with fresh fruit – but with minimal calories and fat.
But sometimes, like today, once the fruit is finished, I just eat it by the spoonful until either I run out of Cool Whip or I catch the reflection in my laptop screen of me eating straight Cool Whip and I force myself to drop the spoon and put.down.the.tub.

What do you indulge in when your sweet tooth is screaming for attention? Do you have a substitute for the real thing?

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