Scrap It Real — Leaving a Legacy With Tribute Albums

Leaving a Legacy With Tribute Albums
by Tasra Dawson

Many surveys have been done about priorities in a busy woman’s life. One survey I created for my blog was to find out why people scrapbook. The results weren’t surprising. Whether it’s a creative outlet, girl time, or preserving pictures, there was one overwhelming reason people picked up the hobby and craft of scrapbooking. Have any ideas about what it is? Look no further…it’s leaving a legacy.

As moms, wives, daughters, sisters, friends, and more, we want to leave a mark…a positive and indelible mark on this world. We want to know that what we do, say, and who we are matters in the long run, not just today. We want a way to be remembered. Scrapbooking is often the easiest and most practical solution. It doesn’t matter whether our legacy is preserved on digital photos and albums or traditional photo albums and scrapbooks. Whatever works for you is the right and best way.

I’d like to offer one suggestion for how you can create a legacy for yourself or someone else: create a tribute album. Maybe you’ve seen a tribute album or read about it in my book, Real Women Scrap. Tribute albums are an amazing way to recognize the value and worth of another individual. You can create the album on your own or elicit the help of others who know and love the same person.

Lady2For example, I created a tribute album for my grandmother’s 90th birthday, but I didn’t complete it alone. I added the photos, created the layouts, and embellishments. But I saved the journaling for everyone to help with. At the birthday celebration, everyone had their own page and photo to personalize with a special message to my grandma. Not only did that make it easier for me, but it made it more meaningful for everyone involved, especially the recipient. I’m sure you can think of at least one person who could use a pick-me-up like that right now. Why not think about pulling something together.

Here’s how to start:

1. Pictures. It’s time to find some great photos. Even if they are old, faded, 70’s images, get them out. If they’re sitting in your camera, use one of the many online sites to order them. Just get them ready to create your album.

2. Simplify. Do not overdo it on embellishments or extras. Tribute albums are about the person you’re honoring, not about the stuff that you can buy to beautify the page.

3. Plan. Create a theme or color scheme for your album. Whether it’s an entire album in a kit that you purchase from the local scrapbook store, or some leftover supplies from your last venture into scrapbooking, find something that fits well together and keep it together. You don’t have to get excessive or spend a lot of money. With a simple plan, you can save time and money.

4. Create. Schedule a time to put together your page. Start with the background paper and photos, then move to the embellishments and title. Leave blank journaling blocks for others (or you) to add your thoughts and memories. Do not skip the journaling…this is vital to leaving a legacy.

That’s really all there is to it. Are you ready? The results will be worth any extra effort or energy you expend. Remember that leaving a legacy is something we all desire and want to produce. Why not help start someone along the path with a gentle nudge and a beautiful gift of a tribute album.

For sample pages and ideas, please feel free to visit my blog: Lessons from the Scrapbook Page. You can also visit and click on their gallery link for more tips and suggestions for creating a tribute and leaving a legacy.

Until next time, live creative and keep it simple.

Tasra Dawson


  1. says

    What a wonderful idea. I’ve thought about doing this for a good friend of my at some point in the future. I have a good bit of stuff I have collected from her life that I think that she’d be happy to see put together. Of course, I personally would be happier if my tribute book was done electronically — because as nice as it is, it ultimately becomes more clutter in an apartment.

  2. says

    i really would like to start scrapbooking…only reason i have not is because it costs so much to get started…i cannot even afford to develop my huge collection of photos on my digital
    what online developing site do you reccommend?

  3. says

    I’ve never thought about doing a scrapbook like that before! Awesome idea.

    I think I’ll do that for my boy’s scrapbooks – I have alot of family members that I would love to be able to have their memories in their books!

  4. Jordan says

    I don’t have the time to scrapbook, but I still would like to give personalized gifts and also do something special with my own photos, so here’s an alternative. I bought a few Talking Photo Albums ( and have let my kids record messages to Grandma and Grandpa for some of the photos. It’s not too fancy, it was really easy, and recording a message for each photo was really fun for the kids to do and for us adults to listen to!

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