Massive Crash!

by Janice

It happened. With Susan and her husband Rob (my tech support) on the other side of the planet, my laptop crashed. And not just a little crash – a huge complete, unfixable, complete-with-little-explosion-sound, crash.

I was up most of the night (it happened at 1am) getting Rob to walk me through attempting to fix it and trying to restore the data. (Yes we are going to have some lovely phone bills!) But it didn’t work. It is fried. Dead. And holding all my information hostage.

I have dropped it off now at a repair shop, hoping that they will be able to retrieve the data, but it doesn’t look good.

And to make matters worse, our other main business computer is also going nuts this morning. Joan (our mom and business partner) is unable to log into the email accounts. Rob is currently trying to fix that problem.

So, I am unable to log into any of my email accounts. The only way I can let those trying to get a hold of me – and those waiting to hear from me – is to hollar out a message from here! I am trapped – all of my emails are inaccessible to me at this point.

So, if you are emailing me – or have emailed me – I can’t get back to you.

(And Kate – if you by happen get to read this. I will not be able to make that conference call. Your email and the phone number are trapped inside my computer.)

I will be working to set up those email accounts on my husband’s laptop (where I am talking to you from right now) but I need Rob in Italy to walk me through that. He is currently trying to fix the other computer and it will be getting late in Italy soon. I may not be functioning with email until tomorrow. (And even when I do get that set up, the disaster is that I will have no access to my sent items, my tens and tens of folders, nor my hundreds of flagged and sorted emails that are waiting for replies and actions. This is not good!)

Hopefully I will be back into my emails soon – I am so sorry for the inconvenience this may cause some of you…

Updated: Bad news – the hard drive is finished. The repair store said everything is gone. Also, I still don’t have access to my email. Hopefully I will get that resolved soon. I am totally disconnected and lost… Thankfully, I still have my husband’s lap top to access the blog. But all our email folders, our hundreds of flagged and sorted emails, the stuff I was working on, everything is gone! Oh – did I mention that it was actually Susan’s lap top that crashed? Yes – ironically we switched lap tops because I needed all the info that was on hers to keep working while she was gone. So she has mine in Italy. The brutal thing is that mine is backed up. Hers… not so much. She had been procrastinating on that. So – once again – if you are waiting for us to reply to you or are trying to reach us, I do not yet have access to our email. And remember – back up your data!

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