Top 5 Tips to be Purposeful in Building Your Community

Blissdom Conference ~ Nashville ~ February 4-6 2010It is the mom blogging conference month!
And Blissdom is kicking it off!

Today, I am honored to be on the Community Chest panel “Learning from Community Powerhouse Sites”.

Our panel moderator:
Holly Hamann (Blog Frog)

Fellow panelists:
Debba Haupert (Girlfriendology),
Rachael Herscher (Today’s Mama),
Jennifer James (Mom Bloggers Club), and
Erin (Manic Mommies).

I know! What a line up, right???

BUT, if you are sad that you are missing out, no worries! All the ladies on my panel are posting our Top 5 Lists, that we are sharing today at Blissdom, on our own sites. (Plus some of us have a bonus tip too!)

My Top 5 List is below and make sure you visit Debba Haupert – (Girlfriendology), Rachael Herscher (Today’s Mama), Jennifer James – (Mom Bloggers Club), Erin (Manic Mommies) to read THEIR Top 5 Lists!

Top 5 Tips to be Purposeful in Building Your Community

  1. Be Intentional:
    Decide what you want. Before you begin building a community, I recommend setting out with a clear vision of what you want to achieve. What kind of a community do you want?
    If you have clear direction, not only will your readers feel satisfied, but you will feel the rewards of a community that reflects what you set out to create.
  2. Be a Leader:
    Your community will reflect you! Model the values, standards and purposes you want for your community and it will help guide your community in the direction you want it to go.
  3. Be Consistent:
    Readers want to know what to expect. If you are a “family-friendly” community, be consistent with your decisions, posts and attitudes. Maintain those values, standards and purposes.
  4. Be Authentic:
    Don’t try to be someone else – that never works! Be yourself.
    Sometimes though, that may mean being the person you strive to be. I will make mistakes, both online and offline. But online, I have more time to be purposeful and careful, holding to the values and vision with which I set out.
  5. Be Flexible:
    The online world is evolving and none of us can predict the future. Being purposeful and setting out with a vision and a plan doesn’t mean that we aren’t flexible and fluid. To succeed online, we have to evolve and embrace change and growth.


  7. Be Supportive:
    Support your community! Give back and help the community. Supporting your community makes a stronger, more responsive community and encourages the community to support one another as well.

Now, check out the tips from my fellow panelists…

  1. Erin Martin Kane: (Top 5 Ways a Community Can Grow Your Brand or Business)
  2. Rachael Herrscher: (Top 5 Tips for Engaging With Your Community IRL)
  3. Jennifer James: (Top 5 Community Rules I Live By)
  4. Debba Haupert: (Top 5 Community Mistakes to Avoid)

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Written by Janice, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom. You get our feed, right?

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    It was so exciting meeting you at Blissdom! I wish we could have chatted a bit more, but you are one popular lady. 😉

    Maybe next year? LOL!


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