Wordless Wednesday – Remembering Hawaii…


Next week I hope that Susan will post a picture from Italy, but she still doesn’t have her internet up and running yet.

So this week, I decided to remember the only big vacation we have taken since Jackson was born. Two years ago, when Jackson had just turned three, we went to Hawaii. It was so fantastic – Jackson loved it of course! I wish we could afford to go more often – I imagine it will be a long time before we feel the Hawaiian sand between our toes again. But I am so grateful we did get the chance to go – it is such a wonderful memory.

PS – I know these are supposed to be “wordless” but I just can’t seem to keep my mouth shut!

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    Awww . . . I love love this picture! It brings back memories for me, too, as we took our son (also our only real vacation) when he was just 7 months old to Hawaii. We had the best time ever. I know he won’t ever remember it, but the memories we hold in our heart will last forever and I can’t wait to one day explain all the fabulous pictures we took, to him. :)

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    Love that picture! Look at that smile!

    On a sidenote: don’t you find it amazing how the skies in the background of pictures from Hawaii look almost like paintings? We have several like that too!

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    I think it is cool that you explained the picture :) – I have never been to Hawaii, wish we could go some day…Maybe next year for our 25th anniversary…

    Blessings on your Wednesday and always.

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    What a gorgeous picture and what an adorable little boy! We are taking our first big trip ever this summer to Disneyland. Our youngest is 11–the next one is 14 and the 21 year old is coming along too. My poor daughter who just got married last summer is not coming—we keep telling her she got a wedding instead! :) Oh–I should clarify that we have done a couple of cross country trips to the midwest to visit family, but those don’t count as a REAL vacation!

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    That is really an amazing pic. So perfect, unlike mine from the beach, i everyone there is either someone with a finger up their nose, digging out a wedgie, etc. I’m jealous!!!

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    I’d love to go to Hawaii…or just the beach anywhere. My Jackson loves playing in the sand, but I have to watch out because he tries to eat it. :)

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    That is an incredible picture. We’re hoping to get to Hawaii someday. We were shooting for 5th anniversary, but we got triplets instead :-) Maybe for our 10th now.

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    That is a wonderful shot. LOL about the not so wordless part.. guess it was the week for putting words into the wordless wednesday post.. I did it, plus I saw alot of others did also.
    Happy WW

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    He looks just the same as he does today, doesn’t he? Great pic! We loved Hawaii too, when we went on our honeymoon, and have been dying to go back. Maybe for our 10 year anniversary…. in 4 years! ha!

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    It looks like he had a lot of fun there! Hawaii is such a beautiful place!

    BTW– When you click on the link for WW HQ you get a message that says “WW has moved up a level. Please update your bookmarks.” Just thought you would like to know.

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    Not to worry, Janice. No one pays any attention to the “wordless” part. LOL What a cute photo.

    I would love to go to Hawaii. Krissy went there on her honeymoon. Mandy’s going there on her honeymoom in June. No fair. Mom should get to go to Hawaii, too! Right?

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    That’s a GREAT picture!!!! He looks like he’s having such a FUN time!!!

    Guess what – come see our WW this week to see what’s going on fun!!!

    Not only are Aubrey AND I celebrating a birthday this weekend – but we are going to have a new member of the family too!!!

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    Great picture and a yes I can relate I would love to be able to travel more with my kids…our last trip was to Bolivia 3 years ago but the memories are timeless…..I would love to go to Hawaii too…..oh well maybe someday!
    Blessings on your Wednesday

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    What a cute picture!

    I’d love to go to Hawaii but may instead just have to live vicarously through those who go and share their pics with me. *lol*



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