We’re Giving Away A Dyson Slim Vacuum!!!

Dyson Slim

Yes – it is true! 5 Minutes for Mom is giving away a Dyson Slim Vacuum! And we know you want one!!!

I mean come on – the buzz about the Dyson vacuum cleaner is more like a roar, with housewives all over the world begging to hand over their vacuum bags and enter the new millennium of bag-free vacuuming. (I know – I am one of those women!)

So when Dyson contacted us about their newest release, the Dyson Slim, I nearly stopped breathing with excitement. (Fortunately I didn’t completely black out – I mean good grief – we needed to write back and ensure that we could have a Dyson Slim to giveaway to one of YOU!)

For those of you who might not have heard yet about the Dyson vacuums, here is a quick overview:

Frustrated by the poor suction of his vacuum, inventor James Dyson began to dream about how to solve the problem. He went through 5,000 prototypes, but several years later he produced the Dyson cyclone – the first vacuum cleaner that doesn’t lose suction.

Now Dyson vacuums are everywhere, with a wide selection of different models to perfectly match your family’s needs. There are even models specifically designed to pick up pet hair like the DC07 Animal and the DC17 Animal.

The latest member of the Dyson family is the Dyson Slim. The Slim uses the same technology and sucking power as the other Dyson uprights, but weighing in at only 15 pounds, it is a lightweight version perfect for moms who are tired of toting babies and vacuum cleaners up and down stairs.

The Dyson Slim works for all floor types with a button that turns off the motorized brushbar to protect delicate rugs and bare floors. (I love how well the Dyson Slim works on my hardwood floors and especially on the foam play mats I have in Jackson’s play room.)

The Dyson Slim also comes with the Quick Draw Telescope Release wand that easily allows you to reach up to 16 feet for stairs and high-reach cleaning.

I also love that the Dyson vacuums use a lifetime HEPA filtration system that expels clean air while you vacuum.

Oh and did I mention the steering on this vacuum? It is amazing – you can effortlessly maneuver around tables, chairs, corners etc. It is unbelievable!

So how do you get in on this contest?

Here is what you do:

  • First – sign the Mr. Linky with your name and URL by Wedsnesday, April 4th at 1:00pm Eastern. We will announce the winner Wednesday afternoon. Note: we are giving you all a few extra days to let as many people get in on this fantastic contest, but make sure you have signed the Mr. Linky by 1pm Eastern, April 4th. If you are not a blogger, you may still enter. Just sign your name on the Mr. Linky without a URL and then email me your contact information at janice @ 5minutesformom.com (remember to remove those spaces!) Please note on your email that it is for the Dyson contest.
  • Second – on your blog, link to this contest so that your readers can get in on the fun too. You have got to let your readers in on this one! And also please link to Dyson to show we appreciate them sponsoring this great contest. If you are not a blogger, no worries, you obviously can’t link. But if you want, you can tell your friends about the contest. I am sure they would appreciate the chance to win such an incredible prize!
  • Note: due to shipping costs, we have to limit this contest to US shipping addresses. We are so sorry!

Good Luck!

The contest is NOW CLOSED. We have drawn the winner – #1306 – Joanne!!!

Joanne was an email entry, so unfortunately she doesn’t have a blog where you can congratulate her. We have contacted her by email, and we’ll have Dyson send her out her vacuum right away.

Congratulations Joanne!!!


  1. says

    NO WAY!!!! HOW COOL ARE YOU TWO!!!!! :::::crosses fingers that she finally wins something::::: My vaccum is about 5 years old and would love to retire!!! hahahahaha! You girls are awesome!

  2. says

    my husband won’t even let me entertain the idea of buying a dyson, although I have dropped the very blatant hints – including “I WANT ONE DARN IT!!!” It alas – has not worked. I would love to win this one and be like “NEINER!!! I GOT ONE ANYWAY!”

  3. says

    I posted this awesome giveaway on my blog at the link in the comment above from GiveawayProject.com. Check out my other awesome giveaways like this that I have posted from around the blogosphere.

  4. says

    This would be so cool! Thanks for putting this on here for us! I am crossing my fingers! This would be an awesome way to start off our new life together after I get married this summer!

  5. says

    Oh wow! This is just too cool! I have been wanting to get one of these vacuums for a very long time. Here goes my entry into the contest. I shall post about this contest on Monday.

  6. says

    Oh…I MUST WIN! I must! My preciouuuuusssssss!

    I LOVE to vacuum, and mine? Is doing that losing suction thingy that is spoken of. I WANT THIS. I MUST HAVE IT!

    Why do I have to tell others? I don’t wanna! I don’t want to decrease the odds of winning. I WANT it! (Did I say that already?) Fine, I shall tell others. In small font. I shan’t scream it!

  7. says

    Oh my gosh I am so excited!!!!!!! I desperately need a new vaccuum….or else my daughter will be forced to become one (since she is already eating all the left overs that my vaccuum leaves behind. *sigh*) Thank you for being so generous!

  8. says

    Oh, oh, oh…I sooooo need a new vacuum…mine doesn’t stand anymore and, oh yeah, the dog chewed the cord to the wires in one spot. (vacuuming can is a shocking experience around here 😉 I put my son’s blog addy in Mr. Linky by accident but if you go to MY blog, you will find the links.


  9. says

    This is so neat! I could really use a new vaccum. I am using the vaccum that my husband used when he was in college. It has been at least eight or nine years, lol! It is a regular Dirt Devil.
    Have fun everyone!

  10. says

    oh my gosh – you are all a RIOT!!!

    Tanyetta – that would be SOME photo! LOL

    And Angela – you totally made me laugh out loud!!!

    I am sure glad I chose the winner by random draw – cause I could never choose between you all! I wish I could give EACH of you one!

  11. says

    As do most American housewives/moms, I desparately need a new vac. I don’t think my carpets know what it is to be totally clean. My friend Chris at Come to the Table has a Dyson that I occasionally have covetous feelings for. What a fun give-away. Thanks!

  12. says

    A very hairy dog, a crumb producing 1 year old and a tired of driving all over town to find the right sized vacuum bags Mama will thank you kindly if we could please win this contest.

  13. says

    Wow..if I had this, I might ACTUALLY be able to keep my floors clean. Of course, I WOULD have to turn it ON….which I would since the old vaccum I have is like maneuvering a TANK! Thanks for the chance!

  14. says

    Every time I run my stupid bagless Regina, it poofs a huge cloud of dust all over the room. Once I forgot and blew dust all over my poor baby, sitting helplessly in her exersaucer. Sigh. I DROOL over Dysons…it’s soooo cool that they’re giving one away. That’s the best prize ever!

  15. says

    I posted on my blog! I posted a story about how last week, I found myself stuck with a full vacuum bag and no car to go to the store! I hope I win.

  16. says

    Boy do I ever need this! I have too many hardwood floors, a wall vacuum that never works and a Kirby that gives all of us in our family a hearnia! Thank you for the chance!

  17. says

    Not only am I the Queen of Dirty Laundry, but I’m also the Queen of Dirty Carpet. So I could really use this vacuum. Thanks for bringing us this great contest!

  18. says

    My poor carpets haven’t been properly vacuumed in ages, since my current one can’t handle my hair (long hair sheds!) and I’ve been just drooling over my co-worker’s Dyson. Thanks for hosting this!

  19. Shelley says

    Cool contest and cool site! My poor vacuum smells like burning rubber when I use it…make the whole house stink! Pick me, pick me!

  20. says

    Boy oh boy I wish I may, I wish I might, I wish I’d win a Dysonslim tonight!! LOL!!! It’s my birfday on Monday too and what a cool gift this would be and maybe I’d vaccuum more too!

  21. says

    We have a large Dyson now. LOVE IT!!!! It was stellar when my kids emptied a large container of baby powder all over my son’s room. If I win this one we’ll use it as the upstairs vacuum. I’ll feel very spoiled!

  22. says

    My sister-in-law lives in West Virginia – you could just ship it to her —– or I’ll pay for the shipping charges —- Canada’s not all that far away :-(

    Please please enter this canuck!!!
    Please please please… :-)

  23. Terri Allen says

    My son and daughter-in -law lived with us for a time and brought their Dyson with them. Wow! What an awesome machine! I have a central vacuum system- no comparison. Dyson wins hands down! I NEED one!

  24. says

    Since I break vacuums about once every six months because they can’t handle the animals, I would love to get one of these! Great blog by the way.

  25. says

    I know that I have a Canadian shipping address but I will have it shipped to my Mom or my sister (in the states) if I win! :^D

  26. Jen S. says

    What a fun contest!! I would love to get a Dyson and retire my husband’s billion-year-old Kirby.. it only weighs about 87 pounds and the bags are like $9 apiece. What was the man thinking?!.. oh that’s right.. he’s not the one USING IT most of the time!

  27. says

    Wow!!! I sure could use this baby!! :) My husband and I were just discussing yesterday which DYSON we want to get! I said “Purple”. I can’t wait! I will be like a little kid in a candy store!!
    Years from now, people will be saying, “Do you remember your first Dyson!!!!???”

  28. says

    Oh goodness…you have no idea! My vaccum breaks every weekend, without fail. My poor fiance has to take it apart, fix the belt/motor/wheels/whatever. This would be FANTASTIC to win!

  29. says

    I would kill to stop vacuuming cat hair off my rug with my craptastic dirt devil. It actually takes 45 minutes to clean a 6’x8′ rug with that thing!

  30. says

    Wow, this is a prize that really sucks…..in a VERY, VERY GOOD way….I don’t usually like that phrase at all, but it just seemed right here. Thanks, girls!

  31. says

    Oh, my. I am currently using a, um, uh…let’s see, I don’t even know the brand. It cost $50 at Home Depot. Please, if there is a patron saint of sweepstakes, shine your light on 21st and Harvard.

  32. says

    I would. love. this. product!!! I was just thinking today that my vacuum doesn’t work worth a flip and the time was coming very soon when a new one would be in order. This would be perfect timing!

  33. says

    I have friends that begged for one for Christmas! I want one too! I promise I will use it 😉 Thank you for this offer. Off to link to your site.

  34. says

    I have my vaccum duck-taped together……so this would be a dream, considering it is spring, and with many kiddo’s in and out, and tracking in dirt and mud, I could be rid of that messy, mess! [well, at least for a few hours inbetween the next time to vaccum it all up again!]

  35. Ally P says

    My mom has a Dyson and LOVE LOVE LOVES it! My current vacuum is about 5 years older than I am, and I have to repair it every time I need to vacuum (so daily or twice daily) hmmm I could probably get a job at a vacuum repair place with my talents… LOL anyway a new vacuum would be a dream cone true for me… Every time I walk past them in target I have dreams of clean floors, no bags and great suction.

  36. Wendy says

    I could so use this vaccum! I currently vaccum with one dd holding onto the cord and holding ds on my hip. Mine is so heavy that I actually rarely vaccum, a new lighter one would be awsome!!

  37. says

    With a newborn, and a very sheddy cat (I know that isn’t a real word, but he does shed alot!), I would absolutely LOVE a new vacuum. I have to admit that they Dyson has a starring role in most of my fantasies. Sorry, honey!

  38. says

    Ummm….our auto linky number was 666 – we hopes that is a good thing?! Maybe that means we really needs a Dyson ’cause Mommakitty has a “devil’ of a time vacuuming up our hairs!

  39. says

    This is awesome! I’ve linked to you and Dyson on my site! Now I’ll start daydreaming about effortlessly vacuuming the stairs…

  40. says

    Way cool! I don’t live in the States but my Aunt does and you can mail to her and I’ll pick it up! My 42nd birthday is on Wednesday so here’s hoping I win :)

  41. says

    As Imentioned in my blog post about this, Dyson vaccuums are wonderful! They stand up to my kids banging, dropping, overfilling, and still work great — but I could use a SECOND one!

  42. says

    I see there’s another JD on here…I’m JDsurferchick, so as not to get us confused. Would LOVE to own a Dyson! Well, I mean, I don’t LOVE to vacuum, but if I’ve gotta do it, or gotta beg my husband to do it, it sure would be nice to own one of these to make it seem worth the effort! I don’t have a blawg (in the words of boomama) yet, but I left my e-mail address for reference.

  43. says

    No wonder I see the post all over bloggyville. Another long Mr. Linky :)

    Blessings to your week and always…

    Hope your pregnancy is going well.

  44. Julie Douglas says

    Yipee! My sweet husband “fixed” our 10 year old vacuum and, needless to say, I could use a new one. Thank you!

  45. says

    wow, just heard about the contest. sure would love to have a dyson. heard lots of great things about them. gonna take some time to check out your site this week.

  46. Amber says

    We’re in the market for a new vacuum and this one would be perfect! Good thing Dyson is doing this or I wouldn’t have known about this product. Good marketing, Dyson. Thanks 5mfm!

  47. says

    Janice and Susan, this is THE best. I would love to win this vacuum and replace my $35 Dirt Devil. I guess having a vacuum with “devil” in its name should have given me a clue. The Dyson would be an awesome improvement. Great marketing on Dyson’s part!! They get my vote.

  48. The Other Elle says

    Oh, please please please, let it be me! We had a flood in our finished basement two weeks ago and I desperately need this vacuum — one that will be maneuverable enough to get under the furniture, that has a HEPA filter, that I can work on the carpeted basement stairs and in my allergic daughter’s bedroom!

    What a great contest prize!

  49. Amy G says

    It would be a miracle if I won! I’ve never won anything, but I am soooooo looking forward to receiving this.

  50. says

    I’m SO down with winning a Dyson! I think I’d actually pee myself a smidge if I won. From the excitement of it and the fact that I’ve had 4 kids and am a bit lack with kegels! LOL

  51. says

    Oh my goodness!!!!!!! I would give anything for a new vacuum, but especially a dyson – that is just my dream vacuum! Every single time I try to clean with our cheap old one, I wish and pray that we could afford a new vacuum :). You are going to make somebody very very happy, I’m sure!

  52. says

    I’m dying to get a dyson!!! I wish the prices would come down :( I think I’ll have to go with a less expensive immitation model, just can’t afford the high class right now.

  53. says

    I told my husband last week that I need a new vacuum. I have to do surgery on my every time I use it just to get it to suck anything up. Winning this would be awesome!

  54. says

    Wow>………This would be great to win.This could be my own vacuum and my husband can keep his old one.I am heading over to Mr. Linky to join. Thanks, Baba

  55. Ann Clegg says

    Wow! This is exciting . . . with three pets in the house, not to mention three humans, I need all the help I can get!

  56. says

    Oh a dyson me likey. My vacuum drives me nuttsy. To bad you don’t have 943 to give away lol. I need something to help control the 2 dogs I have and there lack of keeping their hair to themselves lol.
    Thanks you guys.

  57. says

    What a wonderful contest! Marketing works, ladies… I hadn’t heard about your site until now, but will definitely be back. And as far as the Dyson – well, with 15 month old twins, a 9 year old, and a husband, I so need one! The babies haven’t had cheerios in nearly a week, and even though I sweep 2-3 times a day, I just found another several on the floor! Please please please…

  58. Lindsay Rae says

    Thank you to Tenniel at School@Home for letting me know about this. My vacuum is 15 years old and we’re trying to nurse it along!

  59. says

    Wow to win a new Dyson vacuum, I think who ever wins this will be in vacuum heaven. We have 3 Siberian Huskys who live in the house which means tons of hair. Wow a Dyson.

  60. says

    Very exciting!!! I’ve heard nothing but great things about this brand of vacuum…right now we have an old upright with a size of bag that’s almost impossible to find in the stores…I would LOVE to win this Dyson!!!

  61. Marilyn McFadden says

    Count me as a “want-a-be” Dyson vacuum. I need one; my carpet is old and so am I. I need a vaccum that works great and easily .

  62. says

    Woohoo! We are moving and we have two dogs with lotsa hair….((praying to win a good vacuum))

    Thanks so much for such a kind giveaway!

    Rebekah S.

  63. Jenn says

    I’m entering to win to give it to my sister. She had to live with us for a while and for her first month’s rent she bought me the Dyson Animal. Now she’s out and living with her fiance and they have the WORST vacuum on the planet.

  64. says

    It’s true I’ve been lusting for a Dyson. My kids, in between all those bottle feedings, diaper changes and snuggles, leave an awful lot of hair and hoof prints around the house. (They are baby goats.)

    But I’m a strong ally to human kid mothers and if I win I will ask that my dyson be sent to Zuska. ‘Cause she really needs it and my babies will be out of the house way sooner than hers will!

  65. says

    Wow! I have never won anything…so, this would be very cool to win a Dyson! I have heard awesome remarks about it! Yeah! Fun! I am sure I could use it! I hope it does good on hardwood floors?

  66. says

    Oh my gosh!! This is soooo cool! I just saw one of these at Best Buy and told my husband I really really needed it! How awesome, you guys are fantastic!!

  67. says

    I never win anything, but I would love to win this vacuum. My husband and kids suffer from allergies to dustmites and this vacuum would help so much!

  68. says

    Not supposed to drool…but this is TOO COOL!!!!
    My daughter is wishing on the wishing star tonight for this for me..ain’t she sweet!

  69. says

    oh my gosh! i love that vacuum & hoping i could be lucky to get this one too!!! i will start making my entry to let my readers know about this!

  70. AkLadyBug says

    I don’t even have a vacuum cleaner, have just been ripping up the carpet all over when I can’t sweep it clean enough with the broom:(

  71. says

    Oh, this would be a dream come true to win a Dyson! I have been just drooling over these since they came out! Thanks for having this contest!

  72. says

    What a cool contest..I’ve admired the Dyson from afar (well actually the shelf at Sam’s Club) because of the price. Alas, the price keeps me from getting one..

  73. says

    too awesome a deal to pass up. You ladies rock w/your contest. My house 10 kids and all could certainly use this one!! I don’t think I’ve had a vacuum cleaner last more than 6 months!

  74. says

    WOW. This would be so very cool to have.
    How did you know this was just what I needed?

    My parts are crossed that I win!
    Good luck to us all.

  75. Kathryn says

    This would stop my husband from complaining about our vacuum that doesn’t even stand up on its own anymore!

  76. says

    My vacuum is slowly breaking…. and I’d love to have a vacuum that actually helped with our allergies!! I can dream, right? :)

  77. jen hughes says

    If I win: no more dog hair accumulating under the coffee table!! no more things sticking to my bare feet!

    we recently moved and chucked our old one that smelled like burnt wet dog and sour coffee when it ran, no matter if the filter cone was new or not… what a dream this would be!

  78. says

    I already Own a Dyson, but if I win, I’m giving the vaccum to one of our friends who is need of one!
    These are wonderful vaccums, we love ours!

  79. angela henley says

    my goodness, can you say DROOLING?
    oops that is ok, come here you little dyson, clean up this mess! :)

  80. Kathy Busche says

    Our daughter recently vacuumed up a sock with our vacuum so we are really, really, really in need of a new one! This would make my day!

    Kathy Busche

  81. Cricket says

    AWESOME! My husband will love using this! 😉 I hate vacumming, but these are so cool I might do it more often, HA!

  82. says

    Oh man…I would sooooo LOVE to win this!! My sister got the animal Dyson for her wedding. I’ve tried it and just LOVE IT!! I haven’t had a properly working vacuum in about 3 years. Yes..my floors are pretty uck. I soo hope I win!! PICK ME PICK ME!!

  83. says

    Over the years, having 5 girls in the house with heads full of long hair has been hard on our vacuum cleaners. Just imagine all that long hair on the floors, in the carpets–everywhere. I’ve yet to find a vacuum cleaner that I like (and can afford!) that doesn’t die a quick death over long hair. I wonder how the Dyson vacuums handle long hair? For that matter, I wonder how they would handle all the fabric scraps and threads all over my sewing room carpet? Yes, I think I need a Dyson.

  84. says

    I hope that my luck turns around soon. We are expexting our fifth addition to our family and will be moving into a bigger house with carpet floors. (military base housing) We currently have all wood floors so not a need for a vacuum. Been having some bad luck lately so hope that Dyson Slim makes its way to my house!!!!

  85. C. Lawson says

    I don’t know why I enter these things…I never win anything. Perhaps it’s God’s way of keeping me humble and thankful for the things I have (including my 15 year old vacuum held together with electrical tape). As thankful as I am – I would be thankful to have a new one, too. :)

  86. says

    What a cool contest!! You guys are awesome. My friend just bought a Dyson animal and she LOVES IT. She had me and another friend come over just to show us how great it does. I was impressed!!! They are pretty darned expensive so I don’t think I can afford to purchase one right now…so maybe I’ll win?? Great idea by the way! Thank you guys. :)

  87. says

    We are in the process of buying a new house….and my old vacuum cleaner died months ago! With four young children (including an almost-mobile 9mo), we would consider it a Dyson a great blessing. I’ve been (admittedly) coveting a Dyson for months now! LOL

  88. Koren says

    I need a vacuum! Wow, this is amazing, and I’d love to win – I never win anything, so I’m not really expecting it, but wow! Thanks so much for having this contest!

  89. says

    What a great contest! I would love to own a Dyson and I just saw the commercial for this one yesterday. It looks great! Thanks so much!

  90. Mitzi says

    Our vacuum story is quite comical. It is a huge joke around our house. We recently went to look for a new vacuum, because literally everytime I use ours, something on it breaks. Rather than growing frustrated my husband and I laugh!! First I ran over the cord and almost ruined it…thanks to my husband for fixing it, next the cord holder, the filters, the plastic piece on the handle, the belt (which I fixed)! Help please!!!!

  91. says

    Wow – thanks for the info about that vacuum cleaner – even if I don’t win, that sounds like the perfect vac for me – especially since my beloved Rainbow is making death noises…

  92. says

    With two cats shedding everywhere, I could sure use a new Dyson! How wonderful would that be?! My birthday is coming up next month so it would be a great present for myself.
    Dianna (sitting here with fingers crossed, sure makes it hard to type that way!)

  93. tpareo says

    That’s wonderful of Dyson; I’ll be sure to spread the news to friends about their vacuum even after the contest is over. This new vacuum would REALLY make my life easier. I often vacuum while carrying my dd, and I have to vacuum the carpet under her high chair every night. My current vacuum is severely heavy and bulky, and takes me 10 minutes just to get in and out of our 1 tiny closet. Plus, the “full bag” indicator on it is broken! Dyson slim sounds like it would solve all of my problems!

  94. Candace Kearchner says

    Oh, I would love one of these! My father-in-law uses these in his cleaning business. He says they are wonderful.. With my 3 kids, a husband, a dog and 2 birds…I could certainly use one (Which would get some mileage multiple times a day!).

    Thanks for the contest.

  95. Tonya Clark says

    As a single mom, the Dyson vacuums are WAY out of my price range right now – but that certainly doesn’t stop me from wanting one!

  96. Judi Ballard says

    I NEED a new vacuum cleaner, like yesterday! However, it has to be light weight and have a mighty suction power for carpet and stairs as I have a puppy dog. The Dysons Slim sounds like just what I need! Thank you Dysons for allowing a chance to win it, wish me luck!

    Best Regards, Judi Ballard

  97. says

    Ooooh, nice new sleek vacuum!!! Mine is an old one from a hotel that has a lot of duct and electrical tape holding it together.

  98. says

    Wow! What a great contest for a great product! Pick me!!! My married daughter has Dyson Animal DC14 and LOVES it. My married son has a Dyson too and they love their’s. I would like a new vacuum, especially to get the dog hair off the stairs, but the old vacuum I have is heavy, so it takes me forever to get to it. PICK ME!!!Jo

  99. Teresa D Wieman says

    WOW! My poor vacuum has been through 5 dogs, 2 teenagers and lots of mud, sand, and other stuff! I have to run it over the same spot over and over and over! I pray that I win! God willing….

  100. says

    ok not sure what happened to my comment and name, but I swear it was there on March 31st. Check out my blog, seriously! People even came from my blog and entered. Great contest anyhow, and I hope I win!!

  101. says

    I’ve entered another contest this week and I lost that one. What are the chance I actually win something big?? I’m not holding my breath! But thanks for the chance!

  102. says

    This is what I miss out on when I start a new job and can’t read blogs as regularly. I totally missed this by a day.

    I envy the person who won the Dyson!!!!!

  103. says

    Congrats Joanne!! Have ya got it yet?? How’s it work? Do you sit and stare at it in unbelief? I just came across this today..I wonder if they have these kinds of things often. Well anyway I enjoyed my time here. Bye everybody and peace to you all!!!

  104. Nicole says

    I think my mom deserves a dyson slim vac.she is worth more than a billion of those and i think just 1 vac will make her happy.with there being 5 kids at first and then her needin to adopt 2 moe kids and then 1 other person moving in thats a big mess!!!so all together there are 10 people in our house.the vac we havei no is probly not even 1/4 as good as the dyson slim vac.believe me i no my mom and she deserves this.

  105. Karla Kinney says

    Dyson, thanks for the give away and for donating a vacumn for such a good cause.
    It’s a win win for everyone.

  106. Billie Davis says

    I recently got to use a Dyson while I was visiting my nephew. All I can say is AWESOME MACHINE !!! I would love to win one.

  107. delores Cofer says

    Having to famly members who have had breast cancer. I sure glad someone
    is donating to the cause, Pink means a lot and I would love to win this

  108. Jennifer says

    One of my employees mom is currently battling breast canceer. She has undergone a mastectomy and has recently begun Chemo and Radiation treatments. We are praying for a full recovery. My employee has moved home to assist her father in taking care of her mom. If I were the “big winner” this is who would get it.

  109. Cheryl Jeanfreau says

    My daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy at the age of 34. My sister was diagnosed at 48 and had a lumpectomy. I think this is a great way to bring attention to how we are all touched by Breast Cancer… Love the Pink Dyson Vacuum Cleaner.

  110. Kathleen Doyle says

    I love the pink dyson. I, too, think it is a great attention getter. This is too pretty to put in the closet. I hope the winner displays and gets people to ask about it and the cause.

  111. kim massey says

    I NEED this vacuum. We don’t have a vacuum right now. We have 5 yes…yes in my house that do not work worth a hoot. My mother in law has a dyson and she LOVES it.

    Pick me pick me!!!!

  112. says

    I’m a 50 year old Mom & Grandma and I need (WANT) more time to spend with my family. I’ve only read GREAT things about Dyson Slim and I would love to see and feel these ‘great things’ for myself. I have tried so many vacuums, but REALLY would love to try yours! If it’s everything that I have read … I will purchase some for other family members as well. THANK YOU for this fantastic opportunity!

  113. Mary Gail Stack says

    I just love your commercial. It hit the nail on the head when it comes to dog/cat hair. THEY have little minds of their own. I have a collie and I know that all those long white, black, and red hairs are not mine. Their in my shoes, on our clothes, and in every crack and crevice around the house, especially on the 24 stairs in my house. I have brushed, racked, and literally clawed these hairs with my fingers to get them up. I have Orecked, Lexaired, Hoovered, Black and Deckered, Shop Vaced, and Rainbowed them twice for years. I DON’T DOUGHT DYSON!

  114. KIT says



  115. says

    I would like to win it because I have an Eureka vacuum that does not pick up anythng and I do not want to get rid of my pups because I love them. But, if I do not get the vacuum I must give them away because of my allergies. ouch

  116. michelle weller says

    This would be nice I have 5 kids plus 5 more with my daycare plus I am a foster parent so with this many kids running around this would be great. Right now i use a broom. Not the best methed, hurts the back.

  117. Jeanine Ortiz says

    my dogs black hair is everywhere! I love him but its driving me crazy! I have balls of hair that look like tumble weed. I try to sweep but then i have to chase the balls around. I had 3 vaccuums break on me this year. one 2 days ago. I am so fustrated. I would love the Dyson vaccuum, everytime i go to the story I always check them out. My husband tells me they are too expensive. I would really love to win a Dyson. It would be put to great use.

  118. Brian says

    A dyson slim can really be used in my household today and for years to come, a dyson slim can mean so much to me right now and at this point and time in my life because of the run in bad luck that has come into my life as well as my family. It started 5 years ago with my mother who past away from cancer, my father went goofey or silly to say and went after the wrong women who played him and took him for lots of things such as money, cars, and of course a new vaccum, it was not a Dyson think God, but still a new vaccum what left us with a vaccum that is over 10 years old. In 2008 we, my wife and I was asked to move in with my dad to provide care for him. we did and 3 months later some more bad news had hit my family as my wife was told she has cancer, this cancer is stage 4, What the dyson vaccum cleaner would mean and do for us as a family would be keeping our home freed from dust and what not so when my wife goes through Chemo she would know and feel the freshness and cleaness of our home when just stepping within our door way! thank you

  119. Laura Buchanan says

    I could really use this. I am a new teacher with no extra money and 3 cats keeping my floors dirty…I’d put this to great use. Bonus , it’s slim and easy to store!

  120. Judy Miller says

    Thanks for putting up such an awesome price. I’ve been enviously eyeballing these vacuums for some time.

    Best of luck to all.

  121. Katie says

    I would love to own a Dyson! My sister owns one and I borrow it every week :) I believe that every women should own a wonderful vacuum and this is a chance of a lifetime to become one!!!!

  122. says

    May I simply just say what a relief to find someone
    who genuinely knows what they are discussing on the net.
    You certainly know how to bring an issue to light and make it important.

    More and more people need to look at this and
    understand this side of the story. I was surprised you aren’t more popular given that you surely possess the gift.


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