Works For Me Wednesday – High Screen Resolution

works for me wednesdaySusan here with a little “Works For Me Wednesday.”

Here it goes…

In geek-speak:
I use a high screen resolution (1280 by 1024 pixels) on my computer monitor so that I can have more screen real estate and improve my productivity.

I make the icons and words on my screen smaller so that I can fit more stuff on my screen at one time and not waste as much time scrolling windows.

Janice may have mentioned before that I am a bit of a geek. In my previous life I was a software developer. And if you check the monitors of all the software developers you can get your hands on, you’ll find those monitors all set to the maximum resolution. The reason is you can get more done when one window isn’t monopolizing your screen. You don’t want to waste time scrolling scroll bars and moving windows around any more than you must.

I am rather shocked by how many people use 800 by 600 resolution. When I put my screen to 800 by 600, it feels like I’m wearing a straight jacket. I can’t move. It’s actually painful.

But for many people, their computers came with that setting, they’re happy and don’t know any different. And that’s okay… I’m not putting anyone down for keeping their icons and words large and easy to read. Perhaps if you have poor eyesight, this might be a good setting. But for most people, it really isn’t necessary, and they’re missing out.

The next step is to move to 1024 by 768. I think that is the minimum that anyone – who is trying to get something done on her computer – should be using.

Now if you’re a power user, check if your monitor can support the higher resolution of 1280 by 1024. (On my widescreen Dell laptop, the highest resolution is 1280 by 800, because the shape of the monitor is not as high but is wide.)

How to Increase Your Screen Resolution:
In Windows, right click on your desktop and select Properties. Then select the “Settings” tab and in the “Screen Resolution” section, slide the bar to the right to increase the resolution to the next setting.

When you first try to increase your screen resolution, you may think, “Yikes, that’s too small… I can’t read it.” But give it a couple of hours and try it out. Then, go back to the previous resolution and you’ll probably think, “Ugh, it’s cutting off all my windows… I can’t see enough stuff!”

Of course, screen resolution is going to come down to personal taste, but 1280 by 1024 “works for me.”

So tell me, what screen resolution do you use and have you ever tried another setting?

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  1. says

    I use the 1024 by 768. I’m trying your screen settings for today, but I have too admit, it will take some time to get use to it! I’ll let you know what I think later…

    PS Do you have anytips on how to type better? I had to hit that backspace too many times!!! (I’m going with more coffee on this one…)

  2. says

    Oh my goodness, THANK YOU. I’m a 1440×900 mom and I simply don’t know how anyone can handle 800×600. It blows my mind when I visit my mom and use her computer. Everything looks so DIFFERENT and BIG and BAD at that res.

  3. says

    YAY I’m not the only geek LOL

    I do this too, I can’t stand having my resolution at 800 x 600, it feels like I’m sitting in a classroom looking at the blackboard, everything is SO huge.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  4. says

    I just changed mine to the max 1280×800, and you’re right, there’s not much difference. Thanks so much!

    my WFMW is up

  5. says

    I am incredibly lame when it comes to the settings on computers, font size and more. I still wait 5 minutes for my Dell to boot up because they preloaded so many programs I don’t need! So if you ever want to put a “Works for Me” comment about effeciently running start up on your computer, I’ll be your biggest fan!!

    Great to see your comment on my site the other day!

  6. Susan says

    Shalee, I sure wish I had tips on how to type better. My backspace key is wearing out.

    Emily, I will try to write something up for you about that… If I haven’t done in it withing the next week or so, please remind me.

    Katherine, your monitor may not be able to handle a higher resolution. Check if you are using the correct driver for your monitor and if you are already, then your monitor may not be able to handle higher.

    Talk soon,

  7. says

    So, what resolution do you recommend for those of us with…uh…more mature eyes. I’m in trifocals, darlin’. Mine’s not at 800×600, but it ain’t at 1280×800, either. I’m on a Dell widescreen laptop, too.

  8. says

    Wow, there are more areas in my life that I could be more efficient in than I ever dreamed of. I’ll have to get brave and start messing with this.

  9. Susan says

    LOL Carol, I’m not sure… I guess whatever setting feels the most comfortable and still allows you to see enough on your screen.

    Michelle, I’m not really sure what you’re describing, but sometimes you have to adjust the manual size controls on your monitor. They may be software controls or physical controls on your monitor that control the size and position of the image on your screen. Do you know what I mean?

    Emily, on second thought, are you just having troubles because Dell preloaded some software programs into your Start Programs menu? If so, you can probably just delete them from there. I’m not really an expert with that feature. I never really add or remove anything from there. I don’t remember Dell having put anything much extra there. If you’re still having problems, you can email me and I can try and help.

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