Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like ThisHey girls, this is Susan here today. Janice is taking a long nap so I thought I’d share about a fun book I just finished reading.

Jenn Doucette’s book Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This reads like a really great mom blog.

With each page I found myself nodding, laughing and saying to myself, “Yup… you got it… I know just what you mean.”

I had to take off my glasses to wipe away my tears as I read her hilarious account of the time her nine-year-old son came to her declaring he’d decided upon his future profession.

I’ll let Jenn tell you the story…

One afternoon, my nine-year-old son approached me with a serious glint in his eye.

“I know what I want to be when I grow up. Seriously. For real this time.”

“Okay, you know about prisons and jails, right?” he began.

Already my mom-radar kicked in. The word “prison” is not something we mothers want to hear come out of our children’s mouths when discussing their potential career choice. I nodded and raised an eyebrow. He continued, oblivious to my growing apprehension.

“Well, in prisons there are the guys who take care of the inmates.”

My encouraging enthusiasm dropped down a couple notches. “Yes, Go on.”

“Well, I want to be the guy who gets to torture the prisoners. Now that would be a cool job.”

Ahhh… the relief of hearing about someone else’s child saying the disturbing and bizarre things that normally comes out of your little one’s mouth. (I could just hear something like that coming from my nephew Jackson in a couple years.)

There’s really nothing better than a good dose of commiserative camaraderie – just sitting back with a friend who knows exactly what you feel like and laughing together about the good, bad and ugly of your everday mom routine.

Jenn has clocked many more cleaning hours and miles in her “nitty, gritty, stinky, sticky, dirty van” than I have and reading her book felt a bit like learning from a seasoned pro.

I’m still new at this mommy gig and I’m still terrible at cleaning my house. (I must admit I’m one of those women who hire out that task to a more qualified individual.) But as I try to learn some domestic diva tricks, it sure helps to soothe the pain of the transition with some laughs, helpful suggestions and tips for taking a break from such a “Mom MacGyver” as Jenn Doucette.


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    I am with you- I love it when someone else’s kids say outrageous things as it is usually one of mine. In my family, I am the one whose kids are called “quirky”. Sometimes I think that that is a way for my relatives to say that my kids are strange and that they are not sure how they will eventually turn out.

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    I’ve seen that book, but thought it was for younger moms, or moms of younger children…I wonder if a mom of 2 teens and one semi-adult could enjoy it…or if it would all be reminiscing…

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    A human taeser. That’s a lofty goal for a 9yo, lol. Although I still like the profession my dd told me she was going to pursue when she was 3. Not much competition and she definitely could have had an edge on the consumer market, -tic tac farmer!

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    Thanks for the recommendation. I have lived a long mommy life (with no end in sight), but I always love reading about others’ misery…uh, I mean, happy mothering experiences.

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    OMG! I only have a 14 month old and never even thought about this stuff yet! I almost peed my pants laughing. Thanks for posting it. I’m running to the library to get the book pronto. 😉

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