Works for me Wednesday – Hand Washing

Puzzle PiecesI hate being sick.
Don’t we all?

Actually Susan and our mom have been hit with the stomach flu today and I am hoping that my family is going to escape unscathed.

So in honor of their illness, my works for me Wednesday entry is about hand washing.

Now in my “six weird things about me” post I admitted to all of you about my OCD hand washing.

(My mom had trained us to be germ conscious and we are all very careful to wash our hands etc. So I am in no way saying that they are sick from not hand washing. Even the most OCD hand washer will fall victim to the stomach flu – especially at a kid’s birthday party!)

But today I wanted to share with you my routine with Jackson about hand washing every time we come in the house.

Now I have always done this myself. No matter where I have been, when I come home I head straight to wash my hands.

So, I have taught Jackson the same thing. Even if we just go out for a few minutes, I keep the routine up of washing our hands when we come home.

He is so trained to wash his hands that when he comes home after an outing with his Dad and I greet him at the door ready for a big hug, he says, “Not until I wash my hands!”

He has the same routine when we get to Susan’s house. He knows not to touch his baby cousin until he washes his hands. So off come the shoes and then he heads straight to wash his hands.

I am not sure how many germs this has cut down on for us, but it is so great to know that my son is aware about washing his hands. He would never leave the bathroom without washing his hands.

For a four year old boy – I think that is quite an accomplishment.

Now if only I had trained him to put away his toys before bed…

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  1. says

    How funny is that?!? Train them young, and they’ll be as OC as you are! I’ll get started right away!

    And your friend’s daughter is adorable!

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