5 Tips for Packing Exciting School Lunches #SnackPackEZO

My kids go back to school next week and that means I need to get back in the lunch making groove… Thanks to Snack Pack for sponsoring this post.

back to school lunches

When it comes to parenting challenges, feeding my kids is right up at the top of the list.

With one extremely picky eater seven year old daughter and one ravenous teenage son, I feel like I am in a constant loop of preparing meals and snacks, trying to get kids to eat, and cleaning up after. Then hit repeat. With barely a moment to breathe between.

My daughter would prefer to live on milk, popcorn, and any form of sugar, and my son inhales food faster than I can stock it in the refrigerator.

So making school lunches that my daughter will actually eat and lunches that will fill up my son and keep him going all day is quite a challenge indeed.

I have to tailor their lunches to their individual tastes and appetites.

Livvie’s lunches are smaller and gluten free because she is borderline celiac.

Jackson’s lunches are much bigger, with hearty soups or sandwiches and extra fruit and protein filled snacks such as string cheese.

Sometimes we get into a school lunch rut and I am desperate for some help to pack exciting, healthy, and delicious school lunches.

When those times hit, here are a few things I do to get us out of the rut and into better school lunches…
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