Where have you taken your #SummerReading? #Giveaway

Power up and Read

Jennifer here bringing you some info and a fun giveaway as a part of a sponsored Scholastic Summer Reading campaign.

Making a plan for summer reading is important for many reasons. Most kids have more free time, and if your kids are like mine, by default that time is easy consumed with more screen time. My 11-year-old son has had way more screen time than I would like this summer, but it’s somewhat balanced by the fact that he’s also getting in many hours of reading each week as well. It’s not too late to sign up, so take a look at the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge now if you need to Power Up your reading.

There are a few times when the reading takes place:


I don’t get any lip from Kyle (well, okay, very little lip) when I tell him to read before he goes to bed. He’s always been a kid who needs his sleep, but in the last year, his body is keeping him awake longer. His body clock does not affect the fact that by 9pm, my “mother clock” has turned to off! I remember when my daughter hit that stage, I told her, “You can be awake, but you need to be quiet and take care of yourself.” Am I horrible?
Getting in some reading before bed
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