How Reading Adversely Affected My Child

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Elizabeth is a reviewer at 5 Minutes for Books. She’s here to share her slightly tongue in cheek thoughts about how reading had some negative affects on her child. Is reading bad for kids? You decide:

Parents get a lot of messages from our society, but one of the least controversial and most ubiquitous is the advice to read to your kids. Read lots. “You can’t read too much,” I’ve been told, although I know that’s not true because I can, and do. (Really. We eat supper late almost every night, and sometimes I’m not as prepared for teaching as I should be and I’m running late because I was reading. The struggle is real.)

So naturally, as an avid reader, I was excited to have children. A chance to experience all my childhood favs through fresh eyes! I read the Narnia books to Elliot when he was a month old, while I was nursing him, which many people found slightly obsessive. When the twins came along, I would read books to Elliot while I nursed them. I had all his books memorized, so I only needed to see what page we were on to declaim, “And now, cried Max, let the wild rumpus start!” or “I would not eat them in a box; I would not eat them with a fox” or whatever book it was. “Now turn the page,” I’d say, and he would, and that’s how I managed to nurse twins and keep a 2 year old happy at the same time.
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