The Ultimate Blog Party is on Hiatus for 2015, but…

The Ultimate Blog Party is on Hiatus 2015

The blogosphere is changing. The world of social media is called “New Media” for a reason… it’s always evolving. And so are we.

So this year, instead of hosting the Ultimate Blog Party, we’re channeling our time and efforts into creating new training content and resources to help you “up your game” as a blogger, photographer and business owner.

We’re sharing weekly tips and ideas in our Become a Better Blogger series and we’re creating more ebooks, tutorials, and courses to build a valuable library of resources to share with you all the knowledge and experience we’ve gained working online for the last decade.

As an example, check out Janice’s recent Photoshop Tutorial here…

We have absolutely LOVED hosting the Ultimate Blog Party for the last 8 years, but sometimes you’ve got to change things up to keep it fresh. So we decided to let the UBP go on hiatus for a year and return refreshed in 2016.

In fact our kids love the UBP so much, we’re still throwing a little party for them because they were devastated at the idea of not having our special “blog party” that we’ve done every year for most of their lives.

As 5 Minutes for Mom evolves and we strive to find ways to help you — our community of readers who are also bloggers — we’ve realized that we should be sharing more of our skills with you.

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  • How we build influence & manage social media
  • How we create effective graphics & photos
  • How we both earn full-time incomes online

We’re also working on additional ebooks and tutorials to improve your blogging, social media skills and photography.

So tell your friends, that instead of hosting the Ultimate Blog Party in 2015, we’re making FREE training content for you…

The Ultimate Blog Party is on Hiatus 2015

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