Creamy Four Cheese Mashed Potatoes with DairyPure Milk

Anna here with another delicious recipe for you. Many thanks to DairyPure for sponsoring this post.

Mashed Potatoes. Is there anything better than creamy mashed potatoes to go along with a grilled steak or southern fried chicken?

Mashed potatoes are pretty much a staple in my menu planning. The entire family loves mashed potatoes, including my crazy picky children.

I’ve made many, many, many variations of mashed potatoes. Simple butter and milk, loaded, various spices, etc. When making mashed potatoes I really just reach in the cabinet and grab whatever and toss it in.

Today’s recipe is Creamy Four Cheese Mashed Potatoes. They were a huge hit with the family just like I knew they’d be.

Creamy Four Cheese Mashed Potatoes make the perfect side dish to a grilled steak or southern fried chicken!

The cast of characters include: Peeled and boiled russet potatoes, DairyPure milk, shredded cheese, and butter.

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