How to Keep Your Kids Excited About Science #SummerScience

If you want to encourage your children to grow up loving science, we have some tips and kids science experiments that are perfect for summer time learning fun. Thanks to Bayer’s Making Science Make Sense® program for their ongoing initiatives to improve science education and for sponsoring this post.

Summer Science For Kids - Fun Kids Science Experiments

Young children all have an innate passion for science — the proof is in every preschooler who incessantly peppers their parents with the question, “WHY?”

Yes, when it comes down to it, the science of science comes down to that one, core question: “WHY?”

But, as kids grow older, instead of nurturing their scientific curiosity, we sometimes begin to kill off these sprouting scientists and their natural interests in “how things work.”

We don’t mean to of course.

But we have our own issues.

Not only are we busy running around trying to do and be everything to our families and ourselves, but we might have our own negative feelings toward “science.”

For some of us, science was an intimidating subject in high school and we began to identify as “bad at science.”

Sometimes the old stereotypes of boys being more interested in science than girls still linger and more boys are pushed to pursue science related careers.
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