Has Your Sleep Gotten Worse Since Having Kids? Watch this Sponsored Video…

One of the biggest changes in my life once I became a mom was the amount and quality of sleep I get.

Can you relate?

Has Your Sleep Gotten Worse Since Having Kids

Before I had kids, I’d decide when I wanted to go to bed, I’d set an alarm and sleep until it went off. Sure, some nights I may have been stressed about work and had trouble falling asleep, but it was still all about me.

Once I had kids, my sleep became all about THEM!!!

When you have a newborn, you’re immediately cast into the deepest end of sleep deprivation and while it gradually improves over the years, you’re never back to the pre-kids days of sleep control.

My firstborn – who is now 9 years old – is an especially poor sleeper and I’ve felt the affect of it for her entire life.
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