What did your mom teach you about friendship? #MothersDay #Giveaway

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Mother’s Day is coming. 5 Minutes for Books managing editor Jennifer Donovan is here to share a new book from Hachette, as well as a $100 gift card giveaway to treat the special woman in your life!

If I could write a book, I’d write a book about friendship. I believe friendship doesn’t just happen; it’s an acquired skill. And like many things in life, we learn by watching our mothers and grandmothers.

Both my mom and my grandmother maintained healthy friendships. I don’t remember us ever having a discussion along the lines of “friendships are important, and this is what you do to build and maintain them,” but that said, I vividly remember tooling around with my grandmother and her friends when my sister and I would spend the summer traveling with their trailer club. She taught me that living life is more fun with friends by your side.
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