5 Minutes for Books

SnapshotIn addition to writing our weekly 5 Minutes for Books column, Jennifer Donovan is a contributing editor here at 5 Minutes for Mom, managing our contests and doing product reviews. She represented 5 Minutes for Mom on the Compassion International vision trip to the Dominican Republic in November 2008. You can also find her blogging at Snapshot and as Managing Editor of our sister site 5 Minutes for Books.

Jennifer is the mother of two. Her four-year-old son already loves books, especially silly ones. Her ten-year-old daughter enjoys mystery and fantasy, which she reads voraciously.

Jennifer has been a lifelong reader. As a child, she took books on every car trip and also to events such as professional basketball games. As an adult there have been seasons in which she allowed her time for reading to ebb, but it is has been steadily flowing again in the last couple of years. Genres which especially interest her are memoir, suspenseful fiction, literary fiction, juvenile fiction and all kinds of non-fiction including travel, parenting, marriage, and Christian discipleship.

At 5 Minutes for Books, we hope to present books that will interest our diverse audience. Most books contain some bad language or sexual situations. You can assume that the Christian fiction does not contain either of these. If it is published by a non-Christian publishing house, it probably contains a degree of either or both of these. So as not to offend those who want to avoid this, if the profanity is intense or the situations are a bit too steamy, Jennifer will mention this in the review.

If you’d like to have your book featured in the column or on the 5 Minutes for Books site, please send an email request to 5minutesforbooks (at) gmail (dot) com.