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  1. I haven’t used this brand before! We recently found our first painted rock and learned about why they are placed and now that’s all my daughter has talked about. She started collecting rocks that she wants to paint now. I’m still learning about the best supplies to use to make sure they stay pretty!

  2. I painted quite a few miniatures over the summer with Testor’s acrylic model paints and was quite happy with how they turned out. I think they are very underrated for how inexpensive they are. If you thin the paints out slightly with water they will not be to thick, and they will also not get grainy like cheap craft acrylics do when they are thinned.

  3. I haven’t tried them yet but would like to get some projects going for my grandchildren for making gifts for their friends and family.

  4. I have never tried these before. We love doing crafts as a family and we could make homemade cards and especially holiday projects.

  5. I haven’t used them yet but we need to decorate my kids rooms as soon as we get a new house so should be fun to come up with some projects! 😀

  6. I have never used them before, but I would use them to make some sort of craft with these (I am not sure what yet!).

  7. I have not used them yet. I’m not sure what we would make. I would like to use them with my grandkids when they come to visit. I kinda liked the journals. That is a good craft idea.

  8. I haven’t used them yet. I’ve seen some glitter mason jar DIYs on Pinterest that I think these would be perfect for!

  9. Yes I have used their paint and love it. It’s really good quality. I love using it to hand paint on shoes

  10. I have not tried these, but would love to because I use spray paints a lot for household decor! We are getting ready to move and we make most of our things, these would be awesome!

  11. I haven’t tried them yet but I’d love to use them to make some signs for the holidays to give as gifts.

  12. I’ve never used these paints before but I’d love to paint some wooden bird houses with them!

  13. We have used Testors on ceramin crafts. We have also used them on large wood crafts for holidays. They are fantastic but we have only used them in the bottles, not the spray cans. These would be great.

  14. Unfortunately I have never used Testors Craft Paints before. If I had the chance, I would give some shelves a makeover.

  15. I have never used these paints, but I have several Summer projects these would be perfect for.

  16. I have not tried them before but were always making different projects that these would be great for like signs for my daughters room .

  17. I haven’t. I would like to use them to make decorations for fall because I am already thinking and dreaming of that time of year!

  18. I haven’t tried Testors Craft Paints yet, but would like use them for summer craft projects with my nieces and nephews. Thanks for an opportunity to win them!

  19. I have never tried these products before but I think they’d be fun to to try. I’d like to use them for a summer project with the kids, maybe make some signs to decorate their bedrooms.

  20. I have not use this before! Looks pretty cool! I would LOVE to use this for Scrapbooking! 🙂

  21. I haven’t tried these paints yet. I think it would be great to try them on my mixed media projects.

  22. no I have never used Testors Craft Paints but the airbrush kids shirt was so cute I would try making one for my granddaughter

  23. I have never used these paints yet! I would like to use them for Christmas ornaments and my granddaughter would love to make a journal! She is 11 and this is right up her alley. My Daughter homeschools her three children and could find many uses for these paints. Thanks!

  24. I have not yet but I would love to use them to paint the small shelf I made out of a dresser drawer!

  25. I’ve never used them before.
    I’d like to give them to my daughter since she’s always creating new paint projects.

  26. I have not used them and would like to try them with transforming cheap picture frames into xmas presents!

  27. I haven’t used them before but my daughter is really into crafts and we all like to journal!

  28. I’ve never used Tester craft paint. But I would love to use them on a DIY chandelier project that I have been wanting to do.

  29. I’ve never used Testors brand paints yet, but I would love to use them making personalized subway art plaques. Thanks!

  30. We haven’t used them, but my daughter likes to turn ordinary things into fake Shopkins, she’d love this

  31. I have not used these before. I over the idea that you mentioned. We just went to the beach and collected a lot of shells and we would use this for a project with those.

  32. I am not familiar with this paint yet we love to use paint for all sorts of crafts! Love your journals!

  33. I haven’t tried Testors Craft Paints yet, but I think that I would like to see how they work on making over old lamps.

  34. I have not used them before but they would be great for the kids craft projects. They love to make gifts for others. Thank you

  35. I am not familiar with this brand, but I use a lot of paint!! We do a lot of crafting around here.

  36. oh yes! I have used Testors paints many times in the past. Back in the 1970’s we used them to paint our model car kits we’d buy at the hobby store


  38. I haven’t used Testor craft paints, but I do use craft paints in my art journals and making bookmarks.

  39. I have not tried tester paints and I am not sure what we would use them for but I feel a pinterest project coming on.

  40. I have used Testors paints for many years. They are by far the best paints to use for all craft projects. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity.

  41. I don’t think I’ve used them, but I may have – I buy different brands of paint when I’m doing a project or when my kids are doing one. I would use them for projects in the home.

  42. I have not tried Testors paints. I would like to try the glitter spray paint – my stepdaughter LOVES glitter. Thanks!

  43. I have used the paint when I was making candle holders out of baby food jars and saucers. It worked great.

  44. have never used these before but I think my little niece would love these and love to craft with these

  45. I have used Testers Paint in my crafts. It is so easy to use. They have such a great variety of colors too.

  46. I haven’t used this paint before, but I would love to try it on some decor items (candle holders, etc.) that need a facelift.

  47. I have heard of this brand of craft paint before, but I’d love to try it. We’re always working on art projects so these will come in handy. Right now I’m doing a name sign for one of my daughter’s using an unfinished wood plaque and letters that need to be painted. Would definitely come in handy.

  48. I’ve never used their craft paint, but I know my husband has used their model paint.

  49. I have never used them, but my kids would love them to paint rocks! Our county has a facebook page that you can keep up with hidden rocks that people have painted, hid, been found, etc. Loads of fun! 🙂

  50. I have not used them. I would use to make special crafts with my children- like their fave cartoon character.

  51. This would be wonderful for many creative crafts. Making birthday and greeting cards, book covers, and artwork of all types.