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Welcome to Day 5 in our 10 Days of Disney Video Tour.

We were blown away by the entertainment on board the Disney Cruise Line!

Take a look…

See the complete list of videos at 10 Days of Disney video tour.

Or click on each below to enjoy the magic of Disney…

And in the nature of full disclosure… Disney paid for our trip and produced these videos. But as you can imagine, they certainly didn’t need to pay us to love and gush about Disney… that just comes naturally. :)


  1. says

    My young little guy only gets a dose of Disney for a few minutes every day, but he loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse more than any other thing I could put on the television. I would have to say at the moment he is truly a fan of Mickey!

  2. Carolyn Barnett says

    Micky and Minnie are the ones my daughter loves.
    I have to watch what she watches so i talk like them too.Oh Well…

  3. says

    My 4 year old is a HUGE fan of all and anything Toy Story (so we’re excited about the big double feature in October and the NEW movie next year!) Our family LOVES everything about Disney, so we’re not going to pick favorites ; )

  4. says

    We love all the Disney characters – they are so much fun to interact with in the parks. On our last trip to Disney, their 3 favorites were Cinderella, Tinkerbell, and Lightning McQueen.

  5. Joetta Freeman says

    Dora The Explorer is one of the most, intellagent and attentive charcters around. My fifteen month old daughter is soo fasinated by the things she do and say’s. Most importantly Dora is a bilingusl speaking charcter isn’t that great!!!

  6. Joetta Freeman says

    Dora The Explorer is one of the most, intellagent and attentive charcters around. My fifteen month old daughter is soo fasinated by the things she do and say’s. Most importantly Dora is a bilingual speaking charcter isn’t that great!!!

  7. says

    Currently, my daughter loves Lightening McQueen and Mickey Mouse. However, her favorites change frequently!

    The cruise entertainment looks great! What a fun vacation!

  8. says

    Toy Story looks like it would be fun to watch! My girls both love the Disney Princesses, but Emily also loves Mickey & Olivia loves Minnie. 😉

  9. Ivy says

    Cinderella is our littlest one’s favorite. (Or as she calls her… Shindelala)

    The older kids (from Oldest to youngest) like Belle, Aladdin and Goofy.

  10. says

    While Toy Story is one of my all time favorites, my kids are nuts over Tinker Bell. I’m loving the fairies books and movies and so glad that they have fairies with different skin tones!

  11. says

    My kids are getting a little bit older…but my son has always liked 101 dalmatians, so his favorite character is Lucky…My daughter is totally into Hanna Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place…

  12. says

    wow – that is a hard one, you want us to pick a favorite disney character? How can we pick when there are seriously so many great characters!! 😉 Some that top the list in our house are Mickey, Buzz, any Princess, and Lightening McQueen

  13. Vickie Couturier says

    Pooh,an Mickey would be the top 2 at our house,my grandchildren each have their faves,but they can agree on those 2 they both love

  14. says

    We’re into princesses here. All the princesses. It rotates on a daily basis between Snow White, Cindererlla, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, and Ariel.

  15. says

    I don’t know that my kids have a favorite Disney character just yet but they do watch Winnie the Pooh and Mulan pretty intently.


  16. Val Pearson says

    OK, for my kids, it would have to be Mickey and Minnie Mouse ….. for me, it’s ALL OF THEM! How cool is Mr. Potato Head! OMG, I wanna be you guys when I grow up! You lucky ducks had so much fun!

  17. says

    We’ve gone through the gambit of princesses over the years – right now though I’d have to say Ariel, Tinkerbell and Mickey Mouse. The big girls love Ariel, my 3yo loves Mickey and they all adore Tinkerbell. :)

  18. says

    Janice and Susan – you both look SO GOOD!! You should be sharing your fitness tips with us all!! :)

    My son is really into Bambi right now :)
    We read the book often!

  19. says

    My 9-year old grandson loves Jack Sparrow while my 6-year old grandson is over the top crazy about the Jedi Master who trained him in Jedi training. I know the Jedi Master is not a character but he’s at Disneyland and he’s all my Star Wars crazy grandson talks about. My grand daughter is our little Tinker Belle but she’s in love with Sully from Monsters Inc.

  20. says

    Favorite Disney characters…hmmm…well, my little girls are still a little young for movies (they are 6 months old and 3 years old). But we DO read Disney books and, lately, my 3-year-old likes Sleeping Beauty.

  21. says

    My middle child loves all the princesses and Stitch from Lilo and Stitch and my oldest loves Dumbo b/c she collects elephants. My oldest also is a HUGE Hannah Montana fan and all my children love all the Disney Channel shows.

  22. says

    Around our house, Ariel is a BIG one, mainly because there are two redheads living in our house. Also, Belle is a pretty big one, with Jasmine close behind. In other words, the Princess are what rule around here, probably because we’re all girls. =]

  23. Shawn C. says

    My daughter loves Snow White! My son’s current fave is Stitch. His favorite for years was Buzz Lightyear, though! Haha! 😉 I love them all, my fave is Mickey and Minnie, and hubby loves Goofy!
    mainlandmama at gmail dot com


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