Win $1,000 For a 4th of July Barbecue of Your Dreams

Summertime and the living is easy. It’s time for sunshine, swimming, parties and backyard barbecues.

My husband and I recently purchased our first grill and are looking forward to hosting several fun backyard parties this summer. In fact, we have one in store for July 4th, and I am so excited.

Thanks to Hebrew National, my 4th of July barbecue is bound to be a blast. Not only am I looking forward to friends, family and food, but I love, LOVE that I also get to enjoy Hebrew National hot dogs at my event.

I have been a fan of Hebrew National since I was a child. It was the only, and I mean ONLY, hot dog brand that my parents would purchase. Now that I have kids of my own, I too make sure that we only eat Hebrew National hot dogs.

All Hebrew National kosher beef products are made with premium cuts of 100% beef and have no fillers or by-products, no artificial flavors or colors.

When I feed my family Hebrew National, I know that I am serving my family the best, all-beef hot dogs for a quality, fun family meal.

This week, as I prepare for my upcoming 4th of July barbecue, I will be sharing with you some fun photos and videos, sure to get all of you in the festive fourth mood.

And believe me, you will need to get festive, because Hebrew National is giving one lucky reader a $1,000 American Express Gift Card to hold a 4th of July barbecue of their dreams.

If you win, not only will you be able to stock up on your favorite grilling meats, including of course, Hebrew National kosher beef products, but you will have enough money to even hire a maid service to clean up after the party is over.

Heck you could even throw in some bouncy castles for the kids or hire someone to do the cooking for you. Invite your co-workers, your friends, even your neighbors. It is sure to be a 4th of July to remember.

To enter, please leave a comment below. You can also earn additional entries: subscribe to our Feed, sign up for our 5M4M Newsletter, add our 5 Minutes for Mom button in your sidebar, write a post and link back to this contest on your blog, and spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, or email! (Just make sure you leave extra comments letting us know. Your comments are your entries.)

I am so impressed with Hebrew National’s “4 No’s” — no fillers or by-products, no artificial flavors or colors. In your comment tell me, what are your “No’s” when it comes to feeding or raising your kids.

Please see our site’s Terms and Conditions of Use for a complete list of our contest and giveaway rules.

This giveaway is open to US shipping addresses only and will end on Sunday, June 28th. We will announce our winner on Monday, June 29th. Be sure you don’t miss our winner announcement on the 29th, so we are sure to get your shipping address right away. We want you to receive your $1,000 gift card in time for shopping for your 4th of July bash.

As our winner, we will also ask you to share some pictures from your 4th of July barbecue of your dreams to be posted on 5 Minutes for Mom.

Hebrew National would also like to give the winner a chance to give back to the charity of their choice by turning your backyard barbecue into a Picnic with a Purpose. You can even use some of your winnings and/or let your guests know that they can make a small donation if they’d like as well, to help a cause near and dear to your heart. Or you could come up with some other creative ways to support a charity.

This spring various bloggers all over the country participated by throwing their own Picnic with a Purpose. Some had their guests donate used clothing, some painted pots… check them out and get your creative juices flowing about how you can turn your July 4th bash into a Picnic with a Purpose.

And yes, I’ll say it again, you could win $1,000 to throw a 4th of July barbecue of your dreams.

Oh, and the 4th of July fun doesn’t end there. 5 Minutes for Mom will be holding a virtual barbecue this 4th of July, where we will give you the opportunity to link up to your 4th of July party posts all week long, for a chance at winning another fun prize. Stay tuned for more details.

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Written by 5 Minutes for Mom contributing editor: Erica from Butterfly Kisses


  1. says

    We’ll be hosting a 4th of July cookout/packing party. Our friends will show up to help us pack up the old house and get ready to move to the new one. We’ll spend the day packing and wind up the evening with a huge cookout and fireworks. $1000 would go a long way in making it a perfect day for us, our friends, and our neighbors.

  2. says

    Oh gosh, I think I’d have to invite my s-i-l and her family over – since she’s due on the 5th, I doubt that she’ll be up for cooking on the 4th!

  3. says

    We are moving soon and my birthday is on the 4th of July. If I was lucky enough to win, I’d invite all of my friends and family for a big birthday/going away bash.

    stickyfeet2 at gmail dot com

  4. says

    True story: Those are the only hot dogs I’ll eat. My Gramma tried to trick me when I was four. I found the empty package in the trash and refused to eat them.

  5. Melissa Nichols says

    Oh, this would be AWESOME for us this year! We just moved to the country and we’re trying to get the most out of the summer outdoor fun! I would love to get a nice grill and invite my family and friends over for some Hebrew National premium cuts and to play in the pool! And maybe get some small fireworks to top the evening off!

  6. Meredith says

    I spend every 4th of July up in Maine with my family (its also my birthday weekend!) This would be great to share with my family!

  7. cassandra says

    What an awesome giveaway! we are having a huge BBq for both families and all our friends – this would definately help!

  8. says

    I would love to win this! Not only are my parents and brother coming into town for the 4th, my husband’s side of the family will also be here, all ten siblings with their spouses and kids. We’ll have a total of over 50 people! Doesn’t that sound like a blast?

  9. says

    I subscribe to the feed, and have a link from my blog. I could add the button though, too!

    I love Hebrew National hot dogs as well. My dad bribed us until well into our teens that if we helped his at Home Depot he would buy us hot dogs from the cart outside the store!

  10. says

    OH Dear LORD.. this is the MOST GENEROUS BBQ Giveaway EVER!! Thank you so much for the Chance to win!!!
    YES YES YES count me in please and thanks so much to Hebrew National for their Generous Sponsorship!!


  11. Jill H. says

    What a wonderful giveaway, we’d love to invite some friends camping at the lake, and use the money to host one heck of a BBQ, and we love Hebrew National!

  12. says

    How exciting!

    OK, I have your button on my site and I subscribe to your newsletter and your feed!

    We are thinking of going out to Salt Lake City for the Fourth of July to visit my husbands family. They miss the grandkids and thought that would be fun! So if we win I will host a HUGE party in Salt Lake for his family and 30 Friends and help raise funds for Cookies For Kids Cancer who I did a Bake Sale for Back in February-April. I volunteer for Children’s Hospital and childrens charities are close to my heart because I have 3 kids myself.
    Picnic With A Purpose would be perfect for my 365 Days Of Purpose blog site.

    Thanks for doing this and I will post about the contest on my site as well and come back for a visit.

  13. says

    This is fantastic. This is one of my family’s favorite holidays and we would love to share it with others by having a huge celebration.

  14. Tawnda says

    wow! Sounds like loads of fun! (now, where would I hold it… well, I’ll work that out when I win… lol)

  15. LauraF says

    I’ve been counting down the days until the 4th of July vacation! Would love to be able to share this $ with my friends as we celebrate at the beach playing volleyball and bbqing.

  16. addrienne mertens says

    ooo a party! i could go for that one! hebrew national has really good hot dogs…they taste much better than the commercial ones. thanx.

  17. Shantel Cannon says

    This would be a great way to celebrate and thank all the people in my life. It’s been a rough year and I owe more than I can tell you. I would love to do something special for them. This would help a lot! Happy 4th of July to everyone!!~

  18. Andrea E. says

    Wow!!! What an amazing giveaway, I would love to win this so we could throw a huge party on the 4th for our close friends! Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. Fran Welch says

    I had a couple of Hebrew Hot Dogs a few years ago at a friend’s house. They were the best and I buy them to this day. The $1,000 doesn’t sound bad either.

  20. brenda helgeson says

    we’re hosting the entire family for a bbq. then in the evening we go to the lake and watch the fireworks

  21. Sandra K321 says

    That would be some barbecue with $1000! We’re actually having a family reunion a couple of weeks later and this would be great to help with the food for that.

  22. Jennifer Elliott says

    My husband and I like to meet up with his side of the family, grill, and watch the fireworks, it’s fantastic, and we grill up plenty of ‘dogs.

  23. says

    I’d like to invite my former coworkers from the non-profit I worked at for 3 years. We don’t get to see them very often, so this would be great! We don’t have a grill yet (we haven’t lived in a house very long), so we’d get that, food, and games to play as a group!

  24. Kimberly Ripley says

    oh my goodness! What an awesome giveaway!! Hubby and I are expecting our first little one and would love to win!

  25. Jodi F says

    My daughter turns 1 on the 9th of July. How great this would be to win and give my little family a birthday/independence day bash.

  26. Carol says

    I am having a BBQ with my son and his fiancee. Her parents are coming here for the BBQ to meet us. I am getting a list of things to have and do before the big day. This prize would really make this day extra special for everyone.

  27. elizabeth p says

    The 4th of July that would totally rock for me and my kids would be to take the $1000 and go see my family. In fifteen years we have been home only 4 times and never for a holiday. My family throws a big feast with fireworks for the 4th and it would be so good to share one with my family.

  28. Renee Concolino says

    We live in a huge neighborhood. The one that all of the kids come to for Halloween. This gift card would make us the most popular family on the cul de sac. We are relatively new to the neighborhood this would DEFinITELY introduce us to everyone with a BANG.

  29. Jill says

    I love Hebrew National but I will not be able to have a 4th of July get togehter. hope I can still enter with no pictures to share.

  30. Kim N says

    I only buy Hebrew National hot dogs because they have no by-products, and because they taste better than most other hot dogs. We will be having a big BBQ on the 4th, as long as it doesn’t rain.

  31. Alice says

    We are having a huge group of friends over, and this would be a great boost to our party! *fingers crossed*

  32. Trish says

    our family has 2 celebrations as i have to work on the 4th, so my husband will bring the boys to see the fireworks and swing by so i can give them a hug! then we have a bbq on sunday with our sparklers! plus we take in parades too!! never a one day event at our house!!!

  33. HOPE TEICH says

    I’d have a MAJOR family barbeque, with my
    kids and grandkids…As my daughter-in-law
    and son are kosher – Hebrew National is always
    our very FIRST choice….

  34. Kathy Luman says

    My 7th Anniversary is on July 4. I’m not sure of our plans yet but it will be great I’m sure.

  35. Angela C says

    This would make not only our 4th of july campout a blast, but my birthday too, which is just a few days later! WHooo oohh! THANKS!

  36. Pat Babcock says

    My 4th of July is actually going to be the weekend of the 20th when the family is coming to visit for my daughter’s annual birthday bash. $1000 would buy a lot of hot dogs and crabs!!!

  37. Theresa Shafer says

    Wow, a thousand dollars will go a long way to buying a lot of food for my family. It would give my budget a very large jump ahead. It would provide relief that is needed.
    Thank you for that chance. I greatly appreciate it.

  38. Jill E says

    Hebrew National hot dogs are awesome and considered the cream of the crop at my house. Right now I only have a wimpy little grill but with $1,000 I could get a much bigger grill and have a freakin Here’s to Hebrew National and a little luck! To a fun and safe fourth of July!!

  39. Margaret Smith says

    What a wonderful, wonderful prize.
    We love Hebrew National Hot Dogs. As a matter of fact, we had them for dinner this evening.
    Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!

  40. MrzRockman says

    My husband, myself and daughter have never been able to go on a vacation due to financial restrain. I really want my daughter to have a good summer this year. We had a rough summer last year.

  41. Jaime says

    I have always crashed 4th of July parties, but this year i will be hosting it. This would sure help my budget. Thanks.

  42. says

    I would love to host a 4th of July bbq, but we can’t because we dont even have a grill, LOL. If I won this giveaway, I would buy my husband the grill he has been wishing for and host a killer bbq bash!! OOh I hope I win!!

  43. Sascha says

    My family will be traveling to Ohio to see relatives who are also out of state. We haven’t seen the extended family together in quite some time. We’d love to have a Picnic with a Purpose for the Toledo YWCA’s Battered Women’s Shelter. The city has just started a cell phone return program to provide cell phones to victims of domestic violence, and I know we can get the whole bunch to clean out their drawers and gather up some unused older cell phones. Thank you and Hebrew National for the idea and the opportunity!

  44. Andrea D says

    Already a subscriber! Thanks for the best giveaway ever! Would sure love to win this to help pay for my kids college!

  45. McDuffy says

    I could think of nothing better than having alot of friends for a barbeque and getting to help a charity at the same time.

  46. Jamie says

    The 4th is our annual bike trip. It’s a round trip bike ride and once we get home, it’s food for the whole gang!

  47. Pat says

    Hebrew National is as reliable as its products are delicious. When I serve Hebrew National hot dogs to my family and friends I have complete confidence that I’m giving them the best.

    Thank you for the contest.

    I’m a subscriber and enjoy receiving your blog.

  48. says

    I have your button on my sidebar. This would be great to win. We could use this as a fundraiser for our adoption. I recently had a Hebrew National hotdog and it’s honestly the best hotdog I have ever had.

  49. SheilaB says

    We love cooking out and having our peeps(family and friends)over especially for the 4th of July (Happy Birthday America) and since our baby boy was born on July 5th (yikes,34 yrs ago this 7-5) it makes for a several days of celebrating for us.

  50. Lori Barnes says

    The 4th of July has always been a big deal in our home and celebrate every year and envite friends and family over and there is definatley Hebrews Nationals grilling on our grill!! This would be so awesome to win this!!

  51. Estelle says

    We’re having a pretty simple 4th, just a little cookout and then off to see the fireworks. I’m looking forward to it.

  52. Marilyn says

    July 4th our family will be enjoying a nice quiet cookout on the beach! I would love those Hebrew Nationals Hot Dogs to be part of it!

  53. Claudette Stone says

    Thanks, Hebrew National. Have to leave a comment, still learning how to tweet and add things to Facebook!

  54. Dana says

    Our neighborhood is very close, it would be wonderful to provide a special treat for the kids like a giant water slip n slide and maybe something special for the adults, like comfy personalized chairs.

  55. says

    What an awesome way to be able to spend the holiday with our family. We could finally host a family gathering at our house, something we have been unable to do. How cool!

  56. MaryAnn says

    I always associate hot dogs with happy times. I enjoyed wiener roasts growing up, and when I grew up and moved away, my mom would always have a wiener roast when I would come home for a visit.

  57. Brian D. says

    Our grill just literally fell apart when we went to use it and it was even on the patio. This would pay for the new grill and the hot dogs too!

  58. REBECCA says

    Had a hot dog for dinner, alas it was microwaved, but with Hebrew National, even microwaved, they are great.

  59. says

    Oh man this would be awesome! We have guests coming in from town from Norway and they can’t wait to experience a real “American” holiday!

  60. mitchell says

    these are my favorites for no other reason than they just taste great to me! thanks! (

  61. says

    We had Hebrew National hotdogs at my son’s recent graduation party and they were a big hit. Everyone says Hebrew National hotdogs are the best.

  62. Darlene says

    What a great contest! The 4th of July is my niece’s birthday so we always have a big celebration.

  63. Scott Bergman says

    This contest would make my year to win. I love Hebrew National dogs, they are the best, especially with good kraut and whole seed mustard. Would love to win this for the holiday. Thanks.

  64. Ret Fortuna says

    I only use Hewbrew National because they are the best! Our picnic with a purpose this year is to take up a donation for Toys for Tots.

  65. John Sweeney says

    Planning on going to Boston for the Pops at the Esplanade – $1,000 would go a long way towards creating a bigger bang!

  66. Renee T says

    Great Giveaway! We spend the 4th of July with relaties and this would make our 4th of July bash ROCK. I love the Picnic with a Purpose idea. I’ll have to start thinking about what we can do.

  67. says

    Wow and doesn’t it seem like even in the hardest times for America with the economy going downward that people are doing more for others than ever before. I see great benefits and charities all over posted and on the news and in my small hometown. Thanks Hebrew National for great ideas to help others.

  68. Tracey Byram says

    I could throw one heck of a grillout with $1000. It would be the grillout to end all grillouts. My family and friends would compare all subsequent grillouts to this one.

  69. says

    Ohhhh what an awesome contest! Would love to win this prize for my husband, he is such a great guy and deserves something as cool as this :) Thanks for sponsoring this ladies!

  70. karen says

    i just moved to el paso texas with my hubby. hes in the military, we come from new york. this prize would be awesome for we have no clue where to celebrate here!

  71. SUZANNA says

    WOW this would sure help put food on the table in these trying times sadly no JULY 4TH here not in the budget

  72. says

    i finally found some Hebrew National kosher beef links (hotdogs) and loved them (until my dh forgot to put them away and the bit dog got the pan down gently to the floor and ate the rest! D…N dog!) we just boiled them but the next time i want to bbq them. use them in a casserole with apples and sourcrout……!

  73. says

    We’re having a deck-warming party on July 4. My husband has been building our new deck for several months. We could use this prize for the party.

  74. 216amyc says

    I am not a hot dog eater normally, but I changed my mind when I first tasted a Hebrew National hot dog. They are the only kind I eat!

  75. Virginia Murr says

    While celebrating the Independence of our great nation merely requires the spirit of freedom and individuality, $1,000 can certainly expand that celebration!

  76. CMC says

    We really didn’t have plans for the 4th, other than watching the fireworks display in town. Of course, that would all change if I won this!

  77. Kathleen Richey says

    This would be perfect,I haven’t seen my family in a month and the first night i get to stay the night at home is the 4th!

  78. clenna in NH says

    We’ll be having family over for the 4th. There will be about 15 of us. This is a fantastic giveawa.y.

  79. Dana says

    Fantastic giveaway; we’ve got family coming in from FL and this would make the 4th of July even better.

  80. Mickeyfan says

    My son and his new wife will be getting ready to move, so a combo going away/birthday (me)/4th of July bash would be just the thing!

  81. donna joyce says


    I am hosting a 4th of July party right here at my home on the holiday….. have lots of peeps coming over to enjoy the festivities, and this would just put the “puddin’ on the pie!”


  82. Laura says

    We LOVE Hebrew National hot dogs and eat them all summer long! They will definitely be served with all the fixings at our 4th of July BBQ.

  83. carol says

    we have been using Hebrew National hot dogs for as many years as I could remember since I was a little girl…also their Salami…Thanks for the great giveaway

  84. Patricia says

    Hebrew National hot dogs are the best tasting hot dogs on the market. They are made from all natural ingredients and you feel confident feeding their products to your family. This is one of the greatest giveaways this summer! Thanks. Everyone have a safe, happy and healthy 4th of July and remember our men and women in uniform.

  85. says

    I just subscribed to your newsletter. This would help out so we didn’t have to watch the fireworks from our roof tops…our city doesn’t allow fireworks…keeping my fingers crossed.

  86. says

    My grandson could take or leave hotdogs until the day his grandpa bought him a Hebrew National Hotdog at Sam’s club. When He found out we could actually BUY the hotdogs and make them at home he was in heaven. Now he expects Hebrew National at our house ALL the time.

  87. Carol G says

    I suspect our 4th is going to be rather quiet, since several members of the family have been unemployed for awhile. But we will still do something to celebrate, probably going to the city fireworks show. This would really help though!

  88. Debra F says

    Holy cow…what a 4th of July this could be!!! I love the idea of a picnic with a purpose and giving to charity is a great way to celebrate Independence Day. thanks for the giveaway.

  89. Becky Sanders says

    Ooh! What a wonderful prize! We are having a huge 4th of July party this year and cannot wait! Family from New Orleans, Nashville, and Georgia are all coming for the big weekend! We just got a Big Green Egg Grill to grill up this Fourth by the pool! This prize would be so great for my family this year as we all come together to celebrate!

  90. Mellissa says

    I would love to win. I love July 4th. My husband and I, our first date was on July 4th. My sons birthday is July 3rd and we always celebrate it on July 4th. Would love to win!

  91. says

    I’ll be spending the 4th of July in NH this year…along with 500 of my closest friends! LOL I’ll be at a fun convention themed around Independance Day- so we’ll have a blast! Thanks!

  92. Denyse says

    Holy smokes, I was just released from the hospital yesterday and will have $1000’s of in bills coming in. This would help so much!

  93. says

    This is a terrific giveaway — thanks for offering it. We will be spending lots of our summer with our friends on the gulf coast of Florida (we’re in central FL) and I know that this will come in handy feeding the hungry men and kids, not to mention the doggies.

    Happy Summer everyone!!

  94. Mary Lynn Hayes says

    I get the newsletter. I host the 4th of July party every year and this year funds are tight. This would sure come in handy!

  95. Jessica T says

    We are Canadian (with a US Shipping address) but this year we are staying in the US for the 4th at my grandparents cabin! We are looking forward to a great party, and this would help!

  96. says

    I agree – Hebrew National makes the best hot dogs! I’d love to win this contest – with two growing boys, it’s hard to keep up with feeding them! This would help!

  97. Lacey McBride says

    I would LOVE to win this!!! Every 4th of July is the same for us….we just take our chairs and go watch free fireworks somewhere. I’m always dissapointed because we don’t have the money to have a big cookout I wanted. We don’t even have a grill for a cookout! lol. My family, and friends would really really appreciate this! We would be more then happy to take plently of pictures to share with everyone! I have a 2yr old daughter, and 7yr old brother, and I would love to be able to rent a moon bounce for them. Please pick us!!! =)

  98. Patricia Lawrence says

    Yes, I would love to win this I can invite all of my family and husband family usually is unable to do that because his family is so big didn’t have enough money to make sure everyone eats. I have a big yard and I can picture the kids playing in the pool, bouncies or even volleyball with the adults. I love hebrew nationals as well I got hook when I was dieting and was told about the hot dogs then.

  99. Arlena says

    I always have a July 4th BBQ/swim/fireworks party. I only buy Hebrew National hot dogs. This would be a wonderful prize. Thanks.

  100. virgomomwriter says

    Early July is always special for us…Our son’s birthday and our anniversary (on Bastille Day!) are two of the important dates at that time. Oy vey, this would make a nice celebration!


    I only buy Hebrew hot dogs when they go on sale……but they are delicious!…so tasty……….. and yes, for the 4th of July markets usually have those picnic items on sale.


  102. Ted M says

    I can see it now, a nice tent to keep off the heat (or rain), someone to do the actual cooking and lots of guests.

  103. Ellen C. says

    We love Hebrew National dogs. This prize woudl definitely make for a great fourth of July. Thanks for the chance.

  104. Kenneth Scoville says

    Best Hot Dogs in the WORLD. With seven to feed, just fire up the grill and have at it. EVERYBODY loves them. Thamks for the contest.

  105. James Whitbord says

    I could invite those less fortunate.I will be on the beach in Oceanside,Ca.I have a recovery group that meets each Tuesday.

  106. Bev Harrison says

    We have a neighbor hood picnic every July 4th. I am buying the meat this year…we will have National Hebrew for sure(my favorite)

  107. Jenn Madigan says

    WOW, I just stumbled upon your site and I’m so hooked. I love contests and this would sure be a nice one to win. Thanks again for sharing with us.

  108. Deborah S says

    Many times my husband has to work on the 4th of July but we always work around that and have a cookout before or after. We could have a neighborhood cookout with this giveaway!

  109. Arlene Vogel says

    I was thinking of having a July 4th picnic; now I will for sure! Wouldn’t that be fun have a party and then go see fireworks.

  110. Catalina K says

    Oh, my God! This would be the most amazing 4th of July my family and I have ever had! I am extremely grateful to both the sponsors and the organizers of this contest for the chance to win an absolutely great prize!

  111. says

    Wow, this is awesome! I’ve been wanting to do a BBQ for friends, family, and coworkers! This would be an amazing way to do that!!

  112. Patrice P. says

    What a great giveaway! I’m a very frugal shopper and I could buy so many different things with this card–things that I normally can’t buy. It would be wonderful to go shopping with it. Thanks!

  113. Carol Priddy says

    I love barbeque…and I would love to win this contes…win, win situation….I want so bad to win….everyone love a good bargque!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. says

    Wow, this is an awesome prize. I’m with you, Hebrew National is the best. We’ve tried their lower fat ones and I don’t like them as much.

  115. Lauren HopkinsSheridan says

    We have been hosting a huge BBQ for Homeless Families living with AIDS for about 12 years now. We take some small donations from some of the people at my Church and we have them cook the sides and desserts. We usually have 100-120 people show up. We are a little worried this year because donations are down because of the economy and homelessness is up because of the economy. A $1000 would buy a lot of Hebrew National Franks, Not worring about how we are going to pull this off this year would be a dream 4th of July.

  116. says

    Here is my general comment… besides my additional entries…

    Our family could really use the $1000. My husband started a new job Monday after being out of work nearly 6 months.

    I’m so grateful to all the support I found in my online community. It’s sponsors like this that give moms in all sorts of situations a little ray of sunshine on an otherwise gloomy day.


  117. Rimanda G. says

    Oh wow what a terrific contest!! who wouldnt want to win this..Of course I hope I win but who ever wins have a wonderful bbq with all your freinds an Relatives!!

  118. says

    This is an awesome giveaway! With five children, I could definitely use a thousand bucks to give them a holiday to remember! Our youngest daughter turns one on Saturday and we are having her birthday party the 4th of July weekend since our family will be visiting. Wow… $1,000 to kick off both celebrations would be fantastic! :)

  119. Ushpa says

    Even though I keep hoping that they join some other hotdog brands and come out with a nitrate free product, I still love Hebrew National and they continue to be the only brand I buy.