Our Ultimate Cocktail


The Signature Cocktail of the Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Do you like to enjoy a cocktail while you relax and mingle with friends?

Last year we shook up some sweet Cosmopolitans, but this year we decided to come up with a Signature “Ultimate Blog Party” Cocktail.

Our friend Theresa — who sadly does not yet have a blog for us to send her link love — created this special blend just for us…

Theresa’s Raspberry Cocktail

1/2 ounce Lychee Liquer
1/2 ounce Framboise Rasberry Liquer
1/2 ounce Raspberry Vodka
Splash of Grenadine
Club Soda

Serve in a Martini Glass
Raspberries & Oranges make fun decorations.

Now, before you start thinking Janice and I are heavy drinkers, tossing back Vodka every night while we blog, I’ll let you in on few random and rather humorous facts about us…

  • Neither Janice nor I have EVER been drunk. Seriously… even in our teenage years, Janice and I had a profound hatred of throwing up and an oddly advanced understanding of consequences and sense of responsibility.
  • Neither of us ever got around to acquiring a taste for wine or beer.
  • We like our drinks tasty and generally what you might call “chick-drinks”. Cosmopolitans, Bellinis, Margaritas… that type of thing.
  • We didn’t have any of these ingredients in our houses, and had to purchase them all for this event.
  • We only own two martini glasses that we purchased for the Ultimate Blog Party 2010 when we made Cosmopolitans for the first time. (Again, having to run to the liquor store to purchase all ingredients right before the party.)
  • Both last year and this year, we had our mom actually make that liquor store run and mix the drinks as we were scrambling to get ready in time.
  • This year during our Live MomTV Webcast we actually FINISHED drinking our cocktails and didn’t use them only for photo props. (Both last year and this year while we had our “Ultimate Blog Party” photo shoots we were both up late working on the party posts and couldn’t afford to get too relaxed.)
  • We both really loved our Ultimate Cocktails and will likely be enjoying many more throughout the year.

So, while our crazy busy week comes to a close, I think we’ll be spending many more relaxing evenings in the coming weeks sipping on an Ultimate Cocktail and blog hopping through the thousands of links in the Ultimate Blog Party 2011.

Join us… the Ultimate Blog Party 2011 Linky Lists are here to stay. So while it may soon be time to pause and hand out prizes, the partying can go on and on.

Can we get you another drink?


Psst… did you remember to enter to win one of the awesome prizes?

Deadline is Midnight Eastern Friday April 8th, 2011.


  1. says

    You sound like me – I see a yummy cocktail, I go buy the stuff, and the remainder of the bottles sit in my liquor cabinet (aka the cabinet over the fridge) until they near evaporate. We still have rum in the cabinet from our honeymoon 13 years ago. But, I’ve bookmarked this one – to make, at least once :) Thanks for sharing and for hosting the UBP!

  2. says

    Don’t feel bad. I couldn’t mix a drink if I wanted to. I too have never been drunk for the fear of throwing up. Loved the UBP!!

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