My Sleeping Girls

There’s nothing more peaceful than watching your children sleep. But I almost never take any pictures of them… and I lament that fact daily. This poor quality shot doesn’t do their sleepy cuteness justice.

Julia and Sophia

Julia and Sophia co-sleep with us and when I put them to bed at night, they sleep the first few hours with just each other. Most of the time they stay out of each others way, but sometimes I’ll catch them snuggling together.

You’ll notice that Julia is wearing pajamas that are two sizes too small. Those are her beloved Dora pj’s that she received from Santa when she was two. Many nights I have had to endure her temper tantrums that she can’t wear her Dora jammies because they are in the laundry.

For her birthday I went crazy looking everywhere for red Dora pajamas to replace these ones, but I couldn’t find them anywhere.

Written by Susan.


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    I understand the Dora PJs! My 2yo was given a hand-me-down Dora nightgown (size 4), which she did not want to pack away and save until she was 4! She wears it whenever it is clean–she is wearing it as she sleeps tonight.

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    How precious!

    I’ve taken so many pictures of my children sleeping you’d think that’s ALL they do! But really, is there a better time to get such adorable shots? :)

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    What sweet little ones. How cute that she loves those PJs so much that she will continue to wear them, no matter how small they are. I think we all had something like that. For me, it was a Rainbow Bright T-Shirt. :o)

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    Beautiful photo. I love how her hands are resting on her sister’s back. Too sweet! I love sneaking into my son’s room to take a peek at him sleeping. When he was a baby and would smile in his sleep, my mom said angels were whispering to him. He’s four and still smiles in his sleep. I believe the angels are whispering to him. Take care and happy WW.

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    So cute – great capture! My little one would already have been wrapped around the other person.. she likes to super cuddle.

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    I love watching the kids sleep. I never want to take pictures because I’m afraid they’ll wake up (especially the baby)! Lame, I know. I think tonight I’m going to take some pictures.

    Love the Dora pjs…and especially how they’re two sizes too small.

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    So cute. I don’t think my girls could fall asleep together like that. My oldest also hs her favorite pajamas, but in her case they are ballerina pajamas.

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    I couldn’t agree more. I love pictures of my sleeping little ones, too, but I’m always afraid the “click” or flash will wake them so I don’t want to risk taking too many pictures.

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    So cute – my son is outgrowing his favorite pajamas right now – I know he will be none too pleased when he can’t wear them anymore so I’m kind of pretending not to notice. The shirt is unfortunately a button up so it will be retired soon.

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    How sweet! My mom has a couple of cuddling sleeping pics of me and my sister as little girls, and I love them so much!

    And wow! Look how long Olivia’s hair is getting!

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    They are so adorable! Great shot. I so understand the too small pajamas. I didn’t even really notice at first because I have to make PJs mysteriously disappear around here and then I say, “What’d you do with them when you took them off last time?”

    I have mastered the “oh sorry, puzzled mommy look.” LOL!

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    Check eBay for the pajamas!!! There are lots of red ones on there. Maybe if you should them to her and tell her she gets to pick, she might give up the skin-tight ones! :) :)

    My daughter is the same way…loves Dora and has a hard time giving up certain articles of clothing! :)

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    Ha I didn’t even notice the pj’s were too small until you mentioned it. That’s hilarious! I took a picture of my son sleeping next to me one’s the sweetest thing in the world, isn’t it?!!

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    You’re absolutely right: sleeping babies are the BEST.

    Here’s a question for you: did you turn on the light to take that shot? I always want to capture my 2-year-old sleeping, but I worry that the light (of the room or my flash) will wake her…and I certainly don’t want to do that! 😉

    P.S. When did your girls start sleeping together?


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