That was easy…

Are you overwhelmed by the daunting task of editing and publishing videos online?

To be honest, I often am. Janice and I have a fair number of videos on our YouTube channel and while some we’ve shot ourselves on our two different camcorders, many of them we’ve had professionally shot and edited.

Well, today I tested out an unbelievably EASY way to shoot, edit and upload a video.

I used the Kodak Zi6 pocket video camera that I received to review in conjunction with our Kodak Father of the Year Challenge.

I took Olivia and Sophia to the playground, I pointed the camera, pressed the red button once to start recording and once to stop. Then I came home, grabbed my laptop and loaded the free ArcSoft software CD that comes with the camera. I pressed a little round button on the camera to pop out the USB connector and plugged the camera into my computer.

I simply followed the prompts and the ArcSoft MediaImpression for Kodak software imported the video from the camera, let me watch the video and allowed me to easily trim down the video to a short snippet. I saved the video and pressed the Upload to YouTube button. All within the same free software program.

I cannot get over the video quality… It looks great even in YouTube. And I didn’t even have to know anything about what settings to use!!! The software did it all automatically.

Easy Peasy.

Now I have no excuse.

(Psst… If you want to win one of these cameras, check out our Kodak Father of the Year Challenge. We’re giving away 10 Kodak Zi6 pocket video cameras.)


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