It’s time for dessert…


I am all about dessert.

I tend to eat a rather healthy diet and watch that I don’t overdo the calorie intake on the day-to-day. But Girl, when I go out for dinner… you’d better believe I’m reaching for that dessert menu.

And those Italians, they know about more than just pasta and wine… They know ALL about how to do dessert!

I mean… Gelato, Tiramisu, Panna Cotta… need I say more?

So to finish up our fabulous four week Olive Garden culinary workshop, we are delving into desert.

Yes, Chef Marie is teaching us how to make a phenomenal Panna Cotta that will wow your dinner guests. And you can learn which wine to serve along with dessert.

My Italian culinary know-how has come a long way in the last few weeks. I used to be intimidated at the idea of making pasta sauce from scratch. But after learning first hand from the Olive Garden’s Chef Marie Grimm, I realized how simply I can create healthy and flavorful sauce that tastes like Susan’s Italian mother-in-law made it. And now I’m ready to create Panna Cotta.

Watch more great videos at Olive Garden’s
Culinary Institute of Tuscany YouTube Channel.

Thanks to Chef Marie, we’ve learned s ton of family-friendly food tips like sauce layering, pairing food with wine and sauce with pasta, a fresh herb how-to, olive oil and garlic primers, and a crusting technique.

And she even opened Olive Garden’s cookbook and gave us recipes for Tuscan Garlic Chicken and Panna Cotta!

We want to thank the Olive Garden for sharing such fantastic information with us and for inviting a dozen of our Twitter Peeps to dinner at the Olive Garden in Orlando and for giving so many of you Olive Garden gift certificates.

Please help us thank the Olive Garden and let them know how much we bloggers appreciate their involvement in the blogosphere.

Leave a comment on our our dedicated Olive Garden page telling us if this Olive Garden culinary workshop has inspired you in the kitchen.

Your comment will give you one more chance to win a $100 Olive Garden gift certificate.

Oh yes, and you still have a chance to win an 8-day guided trip for two to Rome and Florence with a visit to Olive Garden’s Culinary Institute of Tuscany.

Grazie Olive Garden!


  1. says

    Gosh I had the devil’s own job getting this to load……..anyway, we love the Olive garden but unfortunately the long wait time usually makes it our second or third choice……I suppose that’s the price for popularity.

  2. Mikki says

    Looks like you had a wonderful time. Wish I could have made it that night. :-(. Don’t forget about me next time your in Florida though :-)

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