How Prepared Are YOU?

In the case of an emergency how prepared would you be?

Did you know that upwards of 15 states have had a significant portion of their population lose power for a day, and in many cases, more? Much more.

How about those who have had to grab their bug out bags and flee fires and hurricanes?

What about the families who have lost jobs? Their homes? The shirts off their backs in the stock market?

It’s been a rough year. And not just in the USA. Worldwide riots, floods, earthquakes have left their marks.

If you found yourself in one of these situations how prepared would you be?

Tammy has started this great discussion over at 5 Minutes for Special Needs. Families with special needs have extra work to get prepared, but all families need to take preparation seriously.

Jump over and join the discussion…


  1. Kay M. says

    We live in a mobile home, so if it catches fire, it will go in a heartbeat. Both of our boys know to test doorknobs, and if they cant get out that way, to break the window, double the blanket over the sill and jump out. They know to go straight across the street to their brothers house and wait for us there. All my pics are backed up to a photo site (Kodak) so I wont lose any of them. Lives are the most important thing, and we try to be prepared.

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