We’ve Found the Puppies a Hand-Picked Home!

I had no idea so many of you would want to adopt these (stuffed) puppies!

I spent hours going through all of the posts and comments trying to choose which home would be the perfect match for these three homeless pups.

Choosing is the hardest part.

There are so many of you who deserve these puppies and who would provide wonderful homes and have children soaring to the moon on their beams of happiness. (There were over 70 entries in the Linky, and over 300 comments!)

It’s heart-breaking for me to have to select just one recipient… but the one thing that helps is that I know Christmas is coming, (and there are always birthdays too) and that we do keep the price of these pooches as low as is possible.

So hopefully, some of you whose children would love an almost-real dog for a pet, can still make your children’s wishes come true. (But if you’re ordering for Christmas, don’t wait too long as the breed you want may sell out long before Santa can finish shopping.)

Okay… so… the new adoptive parents for the three pups are:

Deanna’s three children — from Hand Picked with Love.

Deanna was entry #60 in the Linky.

Her three children are also all adopted and have beautiful stories of how they found each other and formed a perfect family.

Below you can see photos of the three children and read Deanna’s winning entry.

The Precious Pups

The three pups together

The Proud New Puppy Parents

The new dog owners

The Winning Entry


The hardest part often in adoption is the waiting to be selected by parents who will entrust you to care for their precious ones. We have been through this process several times and did not think we would begin the journey again at least not so soon after Samuel. He is only a year old and continues to work hard with his therapies and makes progress daily. But we are asking yet again for individuals to consider us for a very special adoption.

This time our focus in somewhat different… through the wonderful world of blogs we discovered that there are 3 life size stuffed puppies needing homes. The kids have been wanting a puppy but have no time to feed and walk a puppy so we have told them to wait. Well the wait may be over. These puppies immediately tugged at my heartstrings due to their markings.

The first is your typical dalmation when we adopted Timothy we told the lady that we did not care if he was black, white or polka dot. He is bi-racial and now that he is 5 he says sometimes that he is just like the firehouse dog black ad white.

The second puppy needing a home is also black and white as is Claire who is also bi-racial but the one that tugs at my heart the most is the brown and white spotted puppy.

Samuel our youngest has what is called a mosaic disorder which caused underdevelopment of his brain.

When he was first born the original adoptive family left the hospital once they realized that he may not be “healthy” and he “looked different”. That’s when we got the call we were on the way no matter what he was our son. Now his coloring is somewhat spotted and discolored but that does not bother us at all and he was hand picked with love to be a part of our family.

Please consider us to be parents of these adorable puppies I believe that they too were hand picked to be a part of our family and with on going therapy appointments, kindergarten and preschool they need just the right amount of care I can offer. Unlimited hugs and kisses from the kids and Claire may very well try to get them a bowl of food in case they become life like only for a moment :)

Please take a moment to visit Deanna’s blog Hand Picked with Love and help her family welcome their new pets.

Thank you all for joining in this search to find these puppies a family.


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    Well, I was hoping to win but after reading this entry I think you picked the right winner! Those three kids will give these puppies a lot of love!

  2. says

    Congratulations to Deanna. I can imagine this was a very hard choice to make, but the three new parents look like they will be loving. Great choice! 😉

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    Ditto. I thought ~we~ deserved the puppies and I guess maybe everyone does deserve puppies like that; we just need to BUY ours!
    Congratulations; I’m so happy they went to loving owners.

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    As much as I wanted to win, I think you made the right choice. I wouldn’t ever want to have to pick! I think they are going to wonderful homes. Congrats Deanna and family.

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    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! My eyes are full of tears and I was shocked to learn that WE WERE CHOSEN yet again to be adoptive parents. When we first entered the world of adoption it was a roller coaster and we have had our heartaches over the years. Infertility has been such a blessing to our family. I do believe that every child has been hand picked with love for our family and these puppies are just the same. I am going to wait and share the stories with the kids when the pups arrive. I promise they will be great parents and thanks for all the amazing comments they made me smile and even cry that someone stepped into our lives and liked what they saw :) Thanks so much again for choosing our family and helping it to continue to grow. Now with a puppy for each precious child and Samuel and his puppy will battles their challenges of being different but adorable and loves for years to come!!!

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    Me and my typos oops pushed enter too quickly- Samuel and his puppy will battle their challenges of being different but adorable and loved for years and years to come!!!!

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