Seriously… this has become my daughter’s security toy…

Susan and I are Rayovac sponsored bloggers, which means we tend to talk a bit about batteries and flashlights!

BUT, the reality is — our kids are OBSESSED with flashlights. I think most kids are!

So, Rayovac or not, we tend to post a lot about the games they play with flashlights — and our never ending need for more batteries! LOL

Lately, Olivia has decided to SLEEP with a flashlight next to her on her pillow.


No security blanket or teddy bear in sight. Just a flashlight. LOL Sometimes she even falls asleep holding it, telling me it is her second nightlight.

I can understand sleeping with a flashlight when we are at our cabin or at camp where the dark nights loom, or during storm season when the power may go out during the night.


But in spring, with not much danger of power outages, it makes me chuckle that Olivia has decided to snuggle up to a flashlight!

What about you?

What are your kids’s security items?
Are your kids afraid of the dark?

Please Note: We are Rayovac Sponsored Bloggers. But our kids don’t care! They are obsessed with flashlights all on their own! You can find coupons and more at Rayovac’s Facebook Page.

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  1. says

    my son has a flashlight as well :) actually he has a few… and he always has one in his hand, or pocket or something, especially at night.

  2. says

    Oh yes. My daughter has TWO flashlights that she sleeps with (you know, in case one doesn’t work-???). She has also been know to sleep with a rubber lizard, an orca whale (the size of her), and a doll.
    She has even taken to bed a thermometer, and hot water bottle and ice pack (simultaneously).
    I finally made her a bedside organizer for all of her many treasures and comforts.
    Be ever so thankful it is only 1 flashlight! LOL


  3. says

    Very sweet. I’m sure it gives her comfort to know that she has control over this and it’s right nearby where she can grab it in an instant.

  4. says

    My oldest (10) sleeps with a freakish pink and white “dog” who she loves, #2 (8) sleeps with no less than 13 assorted stuffed animals piled around and under her head, #3 (3) is a boy, so he is constantly trying to sneak cars into his room at night to snuggle with, and my tiniest nugget who is just now 1 has a fat penguin (which looks just like her, to be honest) that she loves to hug at night.

    Keeping track of all the lovies on road trips is no easy task!

  5. says

    My baby girl isn’t old enough to choose a security blanket yet. But I put a liitle lamb sound machine in her crib that she falls asleep to.

  6. says

    My daughter loves flashlights also. Her security item(s) are her loveys a bed full of stuffed animals (not dolls- she refuses to play with baby dolls)… she sleeps with at least 20 of them just barley enough room. She is so not comfortable but wakes as soon as we remove any.

    That is so cute that she sleeps with the flashlight- love how their little minds work.

  7. says

    Yep…they’re flashlight toting kids! My youngest she does not have any one particular night time sleep aide ~she selects the ‘chosen’ item before she climbs into bed…my oldest on the other hand has the same blanket and stuffed doggy she sleeps with every single night!

    Oh, and I had to succumb to re-chargeable batteries!!!

  8. says

    That is so precious! My youngest sleeps with a keychain (no keys, just the one little keychain thing) and her pink blankie. The stuffed animal she NEEDS varies from day to day. My oldest also sleeps with a stuffed animal of choice. :)

  9. says

    My son sleeps with his swim trunks. Not on. Next to him. As if they were a beloved teddy bear. And sometimes his toy rifle. No stuffed animals for us! :)

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