One Little Ballerina…

As fall approached, so did the anticipation. Olivia and Sophia were both about to turn THREE and getting ready to attend Preschool and Ballet together.

But sadly, for Sophia, the novelty of attending classes quickly wore off this September. After a few days of preschool, she could no longer bear to be separated from her mommy or her nanny, and Susan withdrew Sophia from Preschool.

Olivia was a little ruffled not having her cousin next to her, but was proud that she was able to keep going.

Last week, Sophia decided she no longer wants to go ballet. Tiny Sophia, who is two weeks younger than Olivia but often seems much, much younger, just isn’t ready yet. And that is ok. Goodness knows there is enough time ahead of her to go to school and ballet class. (And Sue gets to save some money too!)

As well, Sophia and Olivia’s little friend Avery decided to withdraw from ballet class, postponing until next year. So now, Olivia is the only ballerina left of the three of them.

But Olivia is unphased.

She adores her ballet class. And although listening to teachers isn’t always her forte, our little ballerina is relishing every leap and pointed toe.


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      Yes! I am so proud of her!

      When I was a little girl, I wanted to attend ballet and gymnastics but Susan was a tomboy and didn’t want to. I wouldn’t go without her and was sad forever. :(

      So I am SO glad that Olivia is confident and independant enough to be on her own! :)

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      Thanks Amber! Yes, Olivia is adventurous! She sometimes gets a little sad and misses Sophia for a minute, but then she jumps into the activity and has a wonderful time. :)

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    So interesting to watch them both make up their own minds about what they are and aren’t ready for. I could learn a thing or two about deciding what I’m ready for and going after it!

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      That is a great point AJ! When I was little I wanted to go to ballet and gymnastics but wouldn’t go without Susan! I am so thrilled that my Livvie is much braver and independent that I was (and am!)

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