Our BlogHer 2010 Sponsors — Kmart Design

Last year, at BlogHer ’09, Susan and I re-discovered Kmart.

Kmart Design, the sponsors of our BlogHer ’09 Videos Interviews Series, took a group of us Mom Bloggers to their headquarters for a personal styling and a chance to see what we had been missing at Kmart.

We were all impressed that we found clothes and accessories that fit and made us feel stylish and ready to hit the conference with confidence!

In fact, Susan was wearing her Kmart jeans when we interviewed Tim Gunn — and even Tim was impressed! Tim Gunn said Susan’s jeans looked RAPTUROUS!

Here’s a fun video of our Kmart styling session with our blogging friends Steph, Jennifer, Esther and Erica that Kmart Design shot and produced last summer:

Yes, Susan and I spent BlogHer ’09 dressed in Kmart — even choosing their accessories to go with our evening wear that we wore during our interviews.

This year, we are thrilled to announce that Kmart Design is 5 Minutes for Mom’s exclusive sponsor for BlogHer ’10.

Today, I sorted through samples from Kmart and headed to our neighborhood tailor to make a few alterations. (Some of the clothes were samples from the fall line and so they had to send us medium sized tops and Susan and I need smalls. So our tailor is working her magic to transform mediums into smalls.)

kmart-route-66-jeans-attention-shirtI love these Route 66 Jeans and Attention shirt. (The shirt is from the fall line and is not yet available for sale.)

On Tuesday, in my Tackle it Tuesday post, I will show you a few more peeks of the Kmart Design clothing that Susan and I will be wearing during the conference. (Our evening wear is our own as Kmart Design does not do evening wear.)

But, if you are wishing you could have some new clothes for BlogHer ’10, (or for anything!) the outfits I will be wearing average about $40!!! The shirts average about $16.99, the jeans are $19.99, the purses are $19.99, and the necklaces average between $3.99 and $14.99!

These are clothes that work with almost any budget! So if you want a little clothing pick-me-up, head over to Kmart — Sue and I will be wearing Kmart Design too!

Written by Janice Croze, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom. I would love to talk with you on Facebook and on Twitter.

Please Note: Kmart Design is our BlogHer ’10 sponsor and this post is part of that sponsorship. As well, Kmart Design is providing product samples. As usual, our opinions are always our own.


  1. says

    What a great opportunity! I’m in love with Kmart shoes and always am browsing there for new hats, bags, accessories. You go girls!

  2. cwaltz says

    I remember being a teen and going to Kmart for my Chic Jeans and jelly shoes(which caused blisters but Hey! they were trendy). The Sesame Street apparel for the toddler subset is adorable, durable and affordable(ahhhhh how I miss the days of dressing my little ones up in elmo and cookie monster or Thomas). However, I wish Kmart offered more for the tween set and teen set. Route 66 is adorable and versatile for my age group and my daughter’s (she’s 16)but the Piper and Blue is a bit of a disappointment and don’t get me started on trying to find clothing for my small 11 year old and 13 year old. I’m really enjoying the new rewards program(I’ve managed to acquire almost $8) and I’m thrilled they kept layaway. However, if you have any pull with the folks who design furniture can you let them know that there are folks out here with more than two kids who need kitchen tables that fit a medium smallish space(although they certainly aren’t the only big box retailer who seems to believe everyone has a family of 4).

  3. says

    I see the Kmart ad every week and with they were just a little bit closer for me to go to. They are up in Everett; which isn’t too bad, but still not exactly convienent. Which one do you guys go to?

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