Glee Keeps Rocking The Hot Topics


Glee blew my mind tonight.

I’ve been in love with this show since 30 seconds into the pilot, but tonight’s episode made me proud to be a Glee fan.

If only other shows on television could and would hit the important topics with such creativity and heart.

The script, dance routines and the actors creatively and respectfully highlighted the true desire of people who have special needs to be treated equally.

It is crazy the influence of prime time shows and to witness that force being used for good… well… it almost brings me to tears.

If you watched tonight’s episode of Glee, you’ve gotta tell me what you thought…

And if you missed it, you must go watch it on Fancast or Hulu if you’re in the US and Global if you’re in Canada. (The latest episode called “Wheels” should be available soon at both those sites.)

You can also read about the episode on the LA Times and the Globe and Mail. And of course follow the tweets with #glee.

So come on… let’s hear some lovin’ for Glee!!!


Written by Susan, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom
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  1. says

    I completely agree. Glee takes on topics that other shows don’t even begin to address. The show is so well written and acted it blows my mind. As the mom of a special needs child , I loved last nights how.

  2. Poppy Filipponi says

    I Tivo’d it and I am just watching it… Fantastic! I do love this show!! Also, in a totally different direction Cougar Town is pretty funny if you are a woman over 35! I still only claim 29 though… ha!

  3. says

    I had to stop DVR-ing Glee because my husband likes Cougar Town better and it is on at the same time. I need to watch episodes of Glee online and catch up.

  4. says

    Love Glee! While I felt they telegraphed Sue’s “big reveal” a mile away, I still thought everything was handled wonderfully. Hubs shies away from this show as he has NO desire to revisit High School… I like the humor, interaction of the characters. And who doesn’t like the musical numbers?? Takes me back to drama club days…

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